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The /lum/ directory

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Welcome to the new home of /lum/

With the reboot causing panic across /a/, and /ar/'s UY thread feeling stale after months and months of being up, I feel like it's about time /lum/ gets back on track. This board will host a faster UY general along with related threads. >Why is this not on /ar/? This is to give the board it's defining features: a 50 post and 14 day bump limits. This ensures that threads feel fresh and lively. >Can you discuss the reboot? Yes. Just know that if you start going on a schizophrenic rant about nipples, I'm going to tell you to take your meds and ban you. >What kinds of threads will be on here? Here's a list: >/lum/ The classic UY general. Not much more to say here. >The new weekly UY storytime It's been over a year and a half since I started running my original UY storytime back on /a/. I have no desire to give hiro more eth just to run a storytime on a board flooded with isekai spam, so I'm gonna be running it here, with the benefit that the threads will be up and accessible for two weeks (even though there is a 50 post limit, since I can upload multiple files in one post there will still be a good amount of room for discussion. This will run on Fridays. >OC contests We will be running OC contests, probably biweekly or monthly, to encourage the kind of creativity that allowed the original /lum/ threads back in 2020 and 2021 to flourish. These will be stored on an image gallery that everyone can access. Also, we'd always appreciate banners! >The /lum/ directory This will be a pinned thread posting links to various UY sites around the net, including archived versions of some of my favorite UY threads. >Streams and other community events I will also run occasional UY streams, becides the 24/7 /lum/ stream that's been running for over 10 months now. >Other stuff You're free to make your own threads, but I'm limiting the total amount of threads on here to 10, and about half of those will be those mentioned above. This is to ensure the board isn't full of dead threads. By the way, all of these threads will be archived to ensure they're accessible afterwards. I hope you all enjoy this! While /lum/ on 4chan may be a desolate warzone, I hope that /lum/ on here will bring a new golden age of lumposting. -ranchan

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this guy and ten in a room. You have a pistol with one bullet. Choose wisely /lum/

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I love my wife Ran-chan!

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Urusei Yatsura Community around the web.

Discuss the UY Community. Are there problems? Or is it going well?

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/lum/ recruitment

Let's face it. /lum/ is comfy, but slow. We need to spread the word about /lum/ so this board can truly be a worthy successor to old /a/ UY threads. I think we should get some real nice OC and spread the word both on the nu lum threads on /a/ as well as r/uruseiyataura, and maybe even other places. Any of you have ideas?

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Ryuunosuke Appreciation Thread

Thread dedicated to the one and only Ryuu-chan.

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Shinobu > Lum Discuss

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/nulum/ Reboot containment thread

Discuss the reboot.

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The Cars of Urusei Yatsura.

Cars from Urusei Yatsura. Post 'em

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Ideas thread

This is just to collect ideas from the community. Here's an idea I had for this: Maybe a user editable wiki? I realized with the directory that it would be better if other users could edit it, and I could also reupload all the saved horus media that's up on e-hentai (probably converted to webp to save file space)

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Urusei Yatsura Fanfiction

Got any interesting ones to share? The Senior Year is really famous but i haven't read it, anybody can give some feedback before i dive in 50 pages of 90s ff autism?

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Urusei Yatsura

pretty Ran deservers to be here I love you Ran
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