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>>/lum/353 >>351 She could be less retarded, if her dad wasn't such a psycho. I hope she made it eventually
>>/ar/1976 >>1975 Yeah, it's a real shame the manga is taking ages to be translated though. Hope it gets an anime sometime.
>>/ar/1975 >>1901 Candy and Cigarettes is definitely flashy enough and lolicon enough to be Sonoda-core.
>>/a2k/231 >>230 >I watched this and I legit don't remember anything from it. Funny, neither do I. I just remember enjoying it a lot.
>>/a2k/230 Anyone remember Birdy Decode? Late double OO but I feel like in spirit it fits in pretty good. Plus the openings and endings are
>>/ar/1973 >>1972 I'm basically inserting the characters into WWII officials but your analogy makes way more sense lol would rubinsky be h
>>/ar/1972 Reinhard is German Napoleon what are you even talking about Rudolf Goldenbaum is the blatant Hitler analogue
>>/ar/1971 >>1969 UY will always be the comfiest anime but KOR is good.
>>/ar/1970 >>1969 Would you read or watch it? The art makes me want to watch Ranma 1/2.
>>/ar/1969 if you haven't read or watched this you're doing yourself a disfavor, this shit is the comfiest anime ever (except the movie, th