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Daily GIF posting thread 08/15/2023 (Tue) 15:13:44 No. 45
No matter where /kind/ goes it's always good to keep traditions.
877.65 KB 704x400 Yunocchi.gif
>>45 True!
329.68 KB 500x279 1681266170828.gif
56.34 KB 220x164 shy-blush.gif
1.20 MB 1015x1000 glasses sayaka.gif
1.26 MB 500x282 bully.gif
3.93 MB 640x480 Maracas.gif
1.34 MB 540x540 1685044212267331.gif
528.67 KB 480x366 1631168554186.gif
1006.22 KB 500x700 141043.gif
3.80 MB 357x512 1599034145487.gif
363.97 KB 469x311 1439298168967.gif
1.11 MB 640x480 1683856963000-1.gif
2.23 MB 540x303 my love maira.gif
3.35 MB 632x334 dansu.gif
>>93 >>105 Very cute anime.
1.71 MB 270x138 1668992067364.gif
2.55 MB 300x338 1584047843964.gif
914.46 KB 500x281 1419197549616.gif
1.27 MB 400x346 1668995642103.gif
2.61 MB 500x281 pat_050.gif
3.74 MB 498x494 1692657999541.gif
2.61 MB 256x362 Stoic Dog.gif
737.75 KB 500x700 1416734699638.gif
510.38 KB 512x512 MYANEEE.gif
366.67 KB 280x304 1424245_12209994.gif
1.79 MB 498x280 bell-cranel-hestia[1].gif
499.65 KB 394x198 1432502688371.gif
696.52 KB 559x315 ryoko wink.gif
16.12 MB 640x634 hug-hugs.gif
1020.64 KB 500x281 bad timing.gif
328.35 KB 600x392 DKicBq-UMAAE6nm.mp4
23.14 KB 320x180 main.gif (1).mp4
21.10 KB 294x320 main.gif.mp4
1.14 MB 498x498 38392929.gif
2.01 MB 854x480 c58.gif
6.36 MB 720x405 e5AuE0[1].gif
480.08 KB 480x270 664012769.gif
371.28 KB 640x384 Dance Miku.gif
1.41 MB 542x640 nod.gif
962.93 KB 300x250 1480689534922.gif
3.47 MB 854x480 tanzi2.webm
>>191 I loved this swf!
1.59 MB 600x663 1514227061217.gif
>>192 Hallo, Bernd.
155.14 KB 720x405 happy-akari.webm
>>197 I don't speak German, the original flash was called Tanzi.swf.
>>198 I see, sorry about that. Tanzi has been used on German imageboards as a word for dancing since more than 10 years, so I thought I spotted a German because you saved it with that name.
2.90 MB 498x280 red-panda-animals.gif
28.06 KB 220x331 yuru-camp-nadeshiko.gif
5.01 MB 271x480 1647337082230.gif
509.33 KB 498x498 cirno-touhou-4167818078.gif
233.46 KB 360x480 Dance Desu.gif
1002.33 KB 500x281 1694300809129.gif
899.97 KB 500x500 1694316571437.gif
988.57 KB 500x371 3479713548.gif
1.50 MB 498x373 eepy.gif
391.82 KB 165x384 1445552934537.gif
531.90 KB 498x398 2834499524.gif
845.42 KB 360x360 1514780356191.gif
99.79 KB 640x360 hagu.mp4
1.51 MB 480x270 anime-victory-gif-9.gif
885.91 KB 500x281 onlyyesterday.gif
307.77 KB 176x164 Dance Moonman.gif
1.83 MB 480x270 1481413112819.gif
692.30 KB 254x450 126685366.gif
Have a nice sunday, everyone!
958.60 KB 500x300 combat skirt.gif
912.76 KB 662x480 1695517361124-0.gif
663.81 KB 730x450 shredding.gif
>>385 That's a nice-looking offset guitar.
1.52 MB 500x314 ryoko bow.gif
475.24 KB 500x257 IA.gif
1.85 MB 498x309 dirty-pair-anime[1].gif
702.87 KB 500x375 doremi.gif