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111.59 KB 1000x563 ridingbean.jpeg
anon 11/23/2022 (Wed) 20:36:18 No. 998 [Reply]
Just watched this. Pure badassery in animated form, Gunsmith Cats was fun but I think this edges it out. Any more Sonoda stuff worth checking out?
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>>998 >Any more Sonoda stuff worth checking out? Nah, just the manga of GSC and Bean Bandit the 7 minute kick started anime where only around 4 minutes is actually animated and the last 3 are credits. A shame too since it's exactly what I wanted from a modern Riding Bean. I know a lot of people dislike the manga for certain reasons, the ending of Burst is kind of stupid and unrealistic but overall I enjoyed what I read just because it's fun in general. I also enjoyed the insights into guns from Sonoda, guy knows his stuff despite living in Japan. I'd say if you enjoyed something like GSC/Riding Bean, here are a few other things I enjoyed that had a similar vibe, both retro and not: Read or Die Dirty Pair Golgo 13 Lupin (kinda) Armor Hunter Mellowlink (also kinda, more mecha) Candy and Cigarettes (manga) Outlaw Star Cowboy Bebop Black Lagoon

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>>999 Candy and Cigarettes is definitely flashy enough and lolicon enough to be Sonoda-core.
>>1000 Yeah, it's a real shame the manga is taking ages to be translated though. Hope it gets an anime sometime.

kimagure orange road anon 01/29/2023 (Sun) 11:52:59 No. 924 [Reply]
if you haven't read or watched this you're doing yourself a disfavor, this shit is the comfiest anime ever (except the movie, that's just depressing)
>>924 Would you read or watch it? The art makes me want to watch Ranma 1/2.
>>924 UY will always be the comfiest anime but KOR is good.

lumfren 01/22/2023 (Sun) 23:41:45 No. 1588 [Reply]
I love my wife Ran-chan!
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>>1603 Let me dream
>>1606 How about I let you weep. jk, fantasize whatever you want bro.
>>1607 I choose to dream of Lum
103.62 KB 1242x865 1659646944689914.jpg
>>1605 As if Lum wouldn't shock Ataru to death by the time he reaches 30. No matter their differences Shinobu and Ataru would be able to smooth everything out and understand each other as two humans. Something a psycho space alien would never get.
If Lum is a princess then her father is the king right? So if Ataru and Lum marry each other wouldn't that make Ataru king consort of the planet Oniboshi? I suppose that the Earth would just be given as a gift to the Oniboshi royalty in exchange of the marriage. In conclusion, if Lum and Ataru marry each other the Earth is screwed.

Do you have good taste in anime and manga? anon 11/27/2022 (Sun) 22:47:47 No. 1397 [Reply]
Do you have good taste in anime and manga?
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>>1397 i sure don't
>>1399 Make sure you're hiding it.
>>1397 yeah i do. my taste is the only truth in this world
>>1404 Not if it'sthings like dorohedoro
>>1408 What's wrong with Dorohedoro? I personally am following the 'Daily Dorohedoro chapter' threads on 4chan's /a/ and I'm enjoying it greatly

972.47 KB 500x381 DreamHunterREM.gif
Dream Hunter REM anon 04/24/2022 (Sun) 15:25:49 No. 912 [Reply]
Rem Ayanokoji a cute
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157.78 KB 648x480 1578613271355.jpg
>>912 Rem Ayanokoji is a lesbian
419.39 KB 320x240 untitled.gif
>>918 Important information, I almost risked watching it before learning this.
>>919 Your loss, pal.

244.44 KB 1847x461 sploitation.png
anon 12/18/2022 (Sun) 04:48:13 No. 904 [Reply]
Saw this on Heyuri. Would you say this is true?
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>>906 Not to mention astro boy was made in 1952 which besides GORT was before most famous 50s movie robots. I think anon is overthinking on What kind of influences were impacted on the industry, entertainment is entertainment.
>>906 >>907 But I think you're both being a little inattentive here. Anon doesn't actually mention the '50s or anything around the Astro Boy era, so debunking his point in light of that is kind of useless. He seems to be zeroing in on the '80s as the 'start' of modern anime since some still present tendencies first appeared in that era, and from there poses the hypothesis that it was inspired by b-movies from the '50s through to the '70s, which would probably mean all that stuff that came after Astro Boy. It seems like he's saying something like: "The generation of creators who grew up between the 50s and 80s grew up watching sci-fi b-movies and sex comedies and thus took inspiration from them in developing the newer wave of anime starting from the '80s onward, and that influence has lingered on until today"
>>908 I would broaden it to American pop media in general, given 80s American action films and Bruce Lee defining FotNS plus other male-demo anime, or the cultural juggernaut of Star Wars showing up in everything. Hell, the homage culture Dirty Pair and Trek has is well documented by Trekkies.
>>908 I can kind of agree with what you're saying but still meh. Most of these comparisons hes talking about don't work very well. It's obvious this guy only watches ecchi shit because he treats all of anime like it's only ecchi. He mentions sex comedies, yet explicit sex in anime hasn't been around since the 80s and even the explicit ones were stuff like Wicked City, not comedies. Nowadays the only anime comparable to what hes talking about is ecchi where the most you get is implications and some boobs if youre lucky. Even shonen doesn't go beyond some innuendos or panty shots at most. And I'd say the majority of modern service (that isn't ecchi) is more comparable to stuff before the 80s. I can remember panty shots in 70s stuff like Lupin, Galaxy Express, Gundam, and Ashita no Joe to name some. Anime has always had that light, gratuitous side that isn't ecchi or sex comedy stuff. If anything, the 80s was just a phase of that side and modern ecchi may be inspired by that, but definitely not anime as a whole, which has always been gratuitous (Tezuka was into animal girls ffs). Then there's the examples he provides to support his claims. First, Kimagure Orange Road. Well even that doesn't match because Madoka (the character hes talking about) is a huge anomaly as an anime love interest. She is nothing like your typical modern day anime love interest and so to say shes proof of the connection is negligent because she doesn't even match the typical anime love interest. His second example is how much cyberpunk anime is based off of Streets of Fire. Again, anime has been doing scifi since before B movies (Astro Boy for example). As well as this, cyberpunk anime doesn't exist anymore nor many remnants of it, that could just as easily be remnants of the pre 80s scifi boom. But even in the 80s his claims don't hold very well. You could use pretty much any Western scifi movie as a comparison to 80s anime and, in this case, there exist much better comparisons that don't fit the B movie criteria. For example, Mad Max 2, Blade Runner, 2001 Space Odyssey, etc.. Is it more likely that cyberpunk was inspired by Blade Runner (1981) or Streets of Fire (1984)? Well if you cherrypick Megazone 23 and Bubblegum Crisis as the whole of 80s anime (which he does) it's known that Streets of Fire inspired these two, but even these and many more were more inspired by Blade Runner. It's not a stretch to say that every cyberpunk anime, either set in a apocalypse or in a futuristic city, is inspired by Blade Runner or Mad Max. Finally he mentions power suits and StarShip Troopers, which is just him cherrypicking Bubblegum Crisis again. Well, Super Sentai has been around longer than Starship Troopers and after the 80s I can't even think of a real robot suits series since. Finally he mentions all his generalizations which only really apply to ecchi and his little gripe on "normalfags" which doesn't even make sense. No one says ecchi or moe shit is "meaningful art" they say stuff like Lain is meaningful art and pretty much none of his criteria matches with stuff like Lain. >>909 No offense, but at that point it kind of becomes pointless to make the comparison because of how "no shit" that comparison is. Like even my friend, who'd never seen anything pre 2000, picked up on Kenshiro being inspired by Bruce Lee when I showed him FotNS.
I'm not so good at sorting thru and putting down my own opinions here, but I think The Notenki Memoirs by Yasuhiro Takeda is a good book to read, for insight: He was a founding member of Gainax and grew up in the era under discussion. Here's an excerpt: "When I was a kid, I don’t think I was quite the geek I am now.As far back as I can remember, television was always a part of home life. The same goes for comic magazines like Shonen Magazine and Shonen Sunday, which made their debut in this world long before I did. Since much of the anime and manga of my formative years leaned toward sci-fi themes and settings, that genre became (and remains) my favorite. I was drawn in by the strange and powerful lure of futuristic stories—the future seemed so sublime, and filled me with longing. For a kid in those days, this kind of thinking was par the course. But there were plenty of fun things to do besides watching TV and reading comics, and I certainly didn’t spend my entire childhood wrapped up in anime and manga.In fact, there was really only one difference between other kids of that era and myself—I liked reading novels. I’ve already forgotten what sparked that interest, but it was in the fourth grade or so when I became an avid reader. While other kids were running around the schoolyard, I was running back and forth to the library. (I don’t think it was a time when you bought the books you liked—if you wanted to read one, you just went to the library.) I was hooked on sci-fi and mystery. Of course, the stories I read were adapted for gradeschoolers, and I simply devoured them. To name a few, there were titles like Lupin and Sherlock Holmes, and authors like Arthur C. Clarke⁠⁠3 and Robert A. Heinlein⁠⁠4—sci-fi novelists from the mid-’60s, whose works were considered required reading. That’s not to say I didn’t read other works. I explored almost every aisle of the library… with the result that I became a library assistant by the time I was in the fifth grade, simply because I could stay there for hours on end. All I ever wanted was just a little more time to read. Looking back on it now, my only regret is that I never sought out anyone to share in my little world." Interesting to note that he namedrops Robert Heinlein as 'required reading', so maybe the Heyuri guy isn't so far off as he seems. But I'd have to read the whole book to really get it. You can find it here:https://gwern.net/docs/anime/eva/2002-takeda-notenkimemoirs#osakathe-whole-future-was-sci-fi

Takarajima (Treasure Island) anon 11/16/2022 (Wed) 07:42:33 No. 889 [Reply]
This anime was incredibly good. I am surprised nobody really talks about it especially with other adaptations of Treasure Island being dug up because of recent memes.
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Treasure Island's great. I watched it with some friends back in 2021 and it's just so....fun. It's just got this great sense of adventure and every episode just flew by. I love that Jim has a leopard cub and that Benbow grows up so at the end Jim is just this guy walking around with a leopard like it's totally normal. And it's got my favorite Long John Silver in media. I'm going to pick up the official release for sure, I hope it gets more people watching it.
>>890 I also have a real soft spot for child main characters when they are done right and Jim was definitely done right. It was an extremely surprising series since it did so many things that I wouldn't expect to see in a story based on an old adventure book like a morally gray antagonist who kind of wins in the end or most of the conflicts being battles of wits. I was fully expecting it to be cheesy swashbuckling action like those old pirate movies my great grandparents used to watch. Silver is quite possibly my favorite anime antagonist of all time. I am definitely going to have to read the book some time soon. >what recent memes Those soviet Livesy memes have led to some people in the animation community digging up other weird European Treasure Island adaptations and reevaluating stuff like Treasure Planet.
>>892 Treasure Planet is incredibly bizarre and half the time I couldn't make sense of what I was watching, but I have to give them some props for that ending.
I've had the show on my radar for ages; where I'm from (Arabia) it was extremely popular. Even saying it's popular doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. Weird anecdote: my dad's an amputee so all his friends call him Long John Silver because of this anime.
>>892 Yeah, and not too long ago I watched the muppets rendition, still funny after all these years

Urusei Yatsura Community around the web. lumfren 01/16/2023 (Mon) 08:30:56 No. 1611 [Reply]
Discuss the UY Community. Are there problems? Or is it going well?
>>1611 It's nice here but slow. On 4chan only 1 out of every 10 /lum/ threads is actually good, the rest are always destroyed by schizos /r/uruseiyatsura is well, reddit. I don't know about any other communities, but this site is really the only one I have any hope for
>>1612 Discord exists, but that's actually worse then r/uruseiyatsura. There are a few forums, but those seem to be rather dead.

Urusei Yatsura Beautiful Dreamer anon 12/28/2022 (Wed) 00:34:32 No. 1614 [Reply]
Does anyone know about a particular deleted scene that was allegedly showed only in Japan theaters were Ataru was hit in the head with a mallet and had a dream where he was a old man. I can't find any leads on this.
How'd you hear about it in the first place?
Not sure if this helps, I cant remember where I found it.

3.51 MB 4952x3480 a3pos_001.jpg
/lum/ recruitment lumfren 01/03/2023 (Tue) 23:22:57 No. 1617 [Reply]
Let's face it. /lum/ is comfy, but slow. We need to spread the word about /lum/ so this board can truly be a worthy successor to old /a/ UY threads. I think we should get some real nice OC and spread the word both on the nu lum threads on /a/ as well as r/uruseiyataura, and maybe even other places. Any of you have ideas?
39.70 KB 316x319 lum.png
>>1617 I'm gonna be honest. I think we should really think on how we should spread this board. Spreading it /a/ gets you banned for 3 days plus /lum/ is full of schizos, so it should be ruled out in my opinion. As for reddit, honestly it's not worth it either. R/uruseiyatsura usually produces low quality content (plus they just repost the same shit over and over again) and having redditors here would ruin the comfiness of this place (just like with /a/). I advice you to spread it to old anime forums and such. They would probably attract more interesting people to discuss the anime.
>>1618 >I advice you to spread it to old anime forums and such. They would probably attract more interesting people to discuss the anime. Agreed. Will gain a few interesting people without increasing traffic to spam levels as well. People tend to forget half of the reason why smaller IBs are "comfy" is due to the fact they aren't extremely fast. As long as there's a steady flow of posters without the website being "dead", that's fine on my end.