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Retro vidya anon 04/24/2022 (Sun) 14:38:43 No. 45 [Reply] [Last]
Anyone wanna talk about any retro vidya they're currently playing? Currently going through Tales of Destiny on the PS1. I finished Tales of Phantasia (PS1 fan translation) back in March and really enjoyed it (except for the awful encounter rate) and thought I'd start on the next game in the series. Tales of Destiny has been an interesting experience because the encounter rate feels worse and the gameplay also feels like a step down (it's an earlier engine than Phantasia) which makes it a horrible chore to play sometimes but the characters and story are really good. I like the idea of "Swordians" in the world and find the characters to be quite endearing with some interesting backstories behind them. Learning of the histories and twists of Rutee, Mary and Leon really surprised me. It's a real shame this version didn't translate any of the skits that the characters had in Phantasia (since this is an official translation as opposed to the fan, so they probably had time constraints) since it would be nice to learn more about these characters. Skits also remind you where you're going a lot of the time, so you don't have to mindlessly walk around new locations until you figure out where to go. The gameplay is honestly boring even when I try. I run from normal fights a majority of the time and cheese boss battles by using magic and interrupting the enemy magic spells. The encounter rate is dreadful and ruinS the game for me a lot of the time. Even with spells that cut it I feel I get into one encounter every 10-15 steps. The visible enemies you can see in some locations that run into you to start battles are even worse, one location in the game was just narrow pathways with enemies running about on them so you're forced into around 40 battles in that one tower alone. I also find the puzzles in this game to be really frustrating sometimes, one puzzle even has the wrong clues to it and I had to check a guide to find this out. Really close to finishing the game from what I gather, I also discovered that the PS2 remake was pretty much fully translated and I could've played that version instead. A shame, but I guess I can always play it sometime down the line when I wanna give this game another playthrough.
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>>97 > console list is not higher than PSP Netbook or some old laptop (thinkpad lmao almost anything from 2006-8 is fine) is a better option in this case imho. Steam deck is an overpower and overprice for such emulation. This valve's monster is designed for modern games and modern console emulators after all
>>95 Buy the steamdeck if you have the money. A turnkey solution which you can take yourself to the sofa will be a joy after all the messy shit you have to do to make programs work programming.
>>78 >Monkey Island I love the first two games so much, even if 2's ending is really weird. They got a good voice actor for Guybrush in the remasters, he fits the role really well in my opinion. Anyway, how appropriate, you fight like a cow!
1.30 MB 2000x1000 ClipboardImage.png
>>100 >I love the first two games so much, even if 2's ending is really weird. Yeah, it's a shame we'll never truly see what Big Whoop was in the end, I'm surprised Ron Gilbert was fine with just dropping that series to start his own, I get it made him millions in the process but it wouldn't sit right with me to leave a creation I made to someone else without finishing it off first. I think after finishing Curse, it might be my favourite of the bunch. I love the idea of this absolute idiot having someone's life in his hands that he was the cause of. The first two games felt quite selfish in that Guybrush wanted to do things for himself (be a pirate, find Big Whoop) but this time around it felt a lot more interesting as there's an actual stake involved in saving Elaine and I was a bit mixed on her falling for him but I think he's earned it by the end. I adored the artstyle by around 2 hours in, it was like watching a Dreamworks movie with how it looked, it's a shame we never got a movie in the 90s, would've been cool to see. The music was fantastic and a huge step up from the Adlib stuff from the DOS versions. I was able to work the game out without having to rely on a guide *too* much (I think around 10 times) and I was really annoyed at myself and the game for the times I did use the guide since the logic was either 90% there for me (did everything required for the gold tooth puzzle but couldn't figure out that I had to fly it out the window by inhaling helium and blowing a bubble with bubble gum the tooth is attached to) or something I would've never done (putting the portrait in front of a porthole and going on the other side to make Guybrush look like he's a family member). Still, it was a very enjoyable game even when I did have to check a guide and I was able to finish it quite quickly by checking when I was stuck instead of attempting everything possible. I did find the game had a similar vibe to the first one with how similar the actions you take were, such as finding a crew and the insult sword fighting but that wasn't really a bad thing, rather a "oh, I'm doing this again" feeling. I think it's the funniest Monkey Island game by far and had a similar vibe to Golden-age Simpsons. I can remember laughing incredibly hard when Guybrush died, escaped the coffin and I was thinking to myself "oh yeah, I buried Stan in a coffin in the last game, wonder how he's doing then opening the next coffin I see and having him pop out with his trademark theme start playing. The final battle with LeChuck was incredibly frustrating and a downgrade from 2, even if the logic is mostly the same. Just a hassle to figure it out while he's following you around. Still very much like the first two games, I think I'd rank it 3 > 2 > 1 so far. I heard Escape isn't very good but I'll still give it a shot anyhow. >They got a good voice actor for Guybrush in the remasters, he fits the role really well in my opinion I love all the voices, a real shame Earl Boen died recently. I always wondered who LeChuck was and I can't believe he was Silberman from Terminator, made me even more sad after that. I'm currently playing through Escape (well, I've only played about 10 minutes of it) and I hate how they've changed Elaine's voice.

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>>60 Why can't I get any Digimon besides the poopmon I swear I didn't have any care mistakes

548.90 KB 764x868 1540270363252.jpg
anon 01/25/2023 (Wed) 08:59:00 No. 190 [Reply]
Tewi on the front page!
Delicious sex bunny

anon 01/25/2023 (Wed) 01:57:40 No. 195 [Reply]
>>doesn't know about the retro altchan that recently launched a touhou board
No soyjacks
>>196 This. No jaks needs to be a rule.
>>197 I think it's already an unwritten rule that soyjacks are not allowed here
>>196 >>197 >>198 bantoids BTFO

54.48 KB 800x561 0029_01_l.jpg
anon 03/10/2022 (Thu) 22:31:35 No. 208 [Reply]
Favourite retro computer? Mine is the Fujitsu FM Towns, mostly for its pioneering use of CDs and its Japanese computer games being superior to their PC-98 counterparts, although it died off a lot sooner. Just another blip in the Japanese computer scene.
I like that CD slot.
3.71 MB 4032x3024 hello wap.jpg
>>208 One of my favorites is my Macintosh Centris 650, mostly because it's fun to have a hybrid Mac/Unix machine to mess around with.
Edited last time by ranchant on 07/30/2022 (Sat) 14:31:00.
4.41 MB 4032x3024 apples.jpg
Here's a really dumb setup I put together for a few future videos. Three different UNIXes on three different architectures, all with some shared history.
>>211 The pizza boxes deserve monitors that match.
>>208 Yeah, FM Towns is pretty stylish. >Favourite retro computer? Well, I can't name one, because I like many designs; also I like aesthetic of old tech in general. But I think that the most favourite computers for me are PC-98 (because of hentai touhou games and it's weird architecture) and some soviet computers (Agat and Poisk especially).

Classic Resident Evil anon 09/18/2022 (Sun) 16:51:03 No. 36 [Reply]
Discussion of the early days of RE, which includes >Resident Evil (1996) >Resident Evil 1.5 (1997) >Resident Evil 2 (1998) >Resident Evil 3 (1999) >Survivor (2000) >CODE:Veronica (2000) >The SD Perry Novels >Resident Evil Zero (was shown off in '98) And we'll ask the question that always gets asked. Where did it all go wrong?
I've been meaning to give the early games a try. I played a bit of 4 and hated it. The earlier games look good though.
Only played 1,2 and 4, never understood the hate for 4. I mean yeah it changed the series forever and might be a bit overrated too, but for me it felt like the natural evolution of RE. Played 4 on Wii, incredible experience with the wiimote aim and waggle for the knive attack. That said, back to the topic, I'm working on the other retro RE games, going to play 3 soon. Also whats 1.5 like? First time I hear about that.
>>38 >Also whats 1.5 like? First time I hear about that. It's just the scrapped concept for 2 that made it 80% of the way through development.
802.19 KB 828x703 ClipboardImage.png
>>36 I completely forgot I was meant to respond to this thread, time to do it now while I have some time. I remember playing REmake back in 2014 (not classic I know) and loving it a lot and when I heard the popularity of REmake was going to give us a REmake 2 I held off on playing 2 until quite literally, one day before REmake 2 came out. I played RE2 in one 8 hour sitting and absolutely loved it, it's my favourite RE game tied with the remake of it. I didn't think I'd play both stories but after playing Leon's I just had to play Claire's. Leon is a fantastic character along with Claire and I wish we got another game in RE2's style for him. It's been so long I can't remember much about why I loved it but it just oozed with atmosphere, had fun gameplay and environments and a fantastic soundtrack. Tank controls are something I still quite enjoy for being a unique take of games even if it's a bit outdated, awkward controls can also make a lot of fights scarier since I'm not fully in control of my character. I played RE3 around a month later and also enjoyed that, I remember finding the city to be a really cool area and felt much bigger than it actually was. I also loved how it was set a day before RE2 happened, there's just something really cool about RE2 and 3 taking place so close to each other and being able to explore areas in 2. Kinda like Silent Hill 3. Carlos was a fun character and I liked how the game never stayed in one place and I was constantly moving around Racoon City. I'd rank it just below RE2/REmake 2 imo. Perhaps the same as RE1. CV is something I played over two months but don't remember much of sadly, had a great save theme though. I disliked RE0 a lot, the idea of not having an item box confused the hell out of me for hours until I finally figured out you're literally meant to use items constantly and not horde them made it faster, so wasting them is a good idea and leaving stuff where they are helps a lot. I dumped everything in the main hall and after around 5 hours decided to just leave it all there and pick things up as I go, I left weapons and shit behind because the game WANTS you to. It's a weird mechanic that didn't work well for me but I do wish they instead had item boxes but as a separate entity from each other and maybe having their own items in there that other people in the game world placed in there. I finished this is another 8 hour session because I disliked it so much I just forced myself to finish it. I can't even remember the story of it but I loved how it looked, glad Capcom saved the backgrounds for this game And a short opinion of the other RE games, thought RE4 was a bit overhyped and not as good as everyone made it out to be but still good, disliked RE5, loved Leon's story in RE6 but hated the rest of the game, thought RE7 was good and RE8 was better than 7.

2.11 KB 256x224 1389titlescreen.png
2.14 KB 256x224 1389screenshot3.png
66.35 KB 700x613 gfs-18260-2-5-7.jpg
anon 11/13/2022 (Sun) 18:52:18 No. 150 [Reply]
Just found out there is an Urusei Yatsura famicom game. Probably sucks but as a wapchanner I feel obligated to play it anyway.
>>150 It's a port of an arcade game which supposedly was meant to be based on UY before some licensing issues forced them to remove all references to it (except the music for some reason). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuOTqc4TsAY There are also various adventure games released on consoles/PCs, notably there's one on the Sega CD which got a fan remake in english: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/perfectedition/viewtopic.php?p=72576#p72576 Also managed to found this list of all UY videogames & related stuff, seems to be pretty throughout: https://www.furinkan.com/uy/misc/videogames.html

Laserdisc games ranchan Admin 06/25/2022 (Sat) 01:24:59 No. 133 [Reply]
Have you ever played any retro anime Laserdisc games? Never found a cabinet in person, but I've played them on an emulator before. Big fan of Thunder Storm (Cobra Command in the west). https://youtu.be/Q7E7HGL0TWY
>>133 Only one I have played is Time Gal's Mega CD port. But I would love to own Pioneer Laseractive since its not only a laserdisc console, but it lets you play Sega MD, MCD, 32x and NEC's PC Engine and its CD addon games through use of game pacs.
>>133 https://youtu.be/fZkGFfUy3MM Strahl is a great one as it was made by studio Bebow and Tomonori Kogawa designed the characters. Anyone who loves those 80s Tomino shows with Kogawa designs will find lots to love in it.

808.51 KB 2806x3000 1638233828737.jpg
/CRT/ thread anon 08/09/2022 (Tue) 22:08:18 No. 214 [Reply] [Last]
Colgate Ray Tube thread /g/ and /vr/ refugees welcome
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2.56 MB 600x450 1610305411065.gif
>>296 offcourse, because more g2 puts more stress on the tube. basic logic
>>296 >>292 On the contrary, I tested it on my Nokia monitor, and it seems to be brighter with high G2 and brightness to 0%. However, this was all done by eye, so take it with a grain of salt.
What's a good balance for brightness, g2 and contrast for having a good picture and increasing the longevity of my monitor? And is there anything I can do to get the best calibration possible?
>>299 dont touch g2, brightness belongs where blacks are pure black and contrast not above 80% if possible. Anything else is not according to protocol and may decrease the lifespan of you terminal monitor or telivision reciever
>>300 stfu retard

43.03 KB 759x768 Hgwwy.jpeg
1.71 MB 842x841 Cover.png
/vr/ music arrangements anon 09/20/2022 (Tue) 05:11:14 No. 23 [Reply]
500.85 KB 721x716 ClipboardImage.png
1.98 MB 1000x1000 ClipboardImage.png
939.15 KB 3840x3360 ClipboardImage.png
>>23 Really love the Super Mario World arrangement done by Soichi Noriki. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yh-lVFUQ8g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOW-8mIQNUg Also, while this isn't really an "arranged" soundtrack, I'll include it because it's quite cool. From what I understand since the SNES used samples for the instruments in the music, people found the original uncompressed/unaltered samples/instruments used and "restored" a lot of the music for a few games like Super Metroid and Donkey Kong Country. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e12KntT3o7w https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riCDOHaaF90
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQemjPDIw3I Love this remix, even though I don't think it's actually a song from Super Metroid.
>>24 >Super Mario World arrangement done by Soichi Noriki Good stuff, definitively one of my favorites as well. >>25 >I don't think it's actually a song from Super Metroid It's the Ending theme for the original Metroid. Might as well post a few more picks: ActRaiser Symphonic Suite https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qF6YctrQWFE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7JsX4U7HuI Vapor Trail https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrQxJiSAEtY

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513.72 KB 2000x1600 25205616.jpg
Favorite obscure games anon 09/20/2022 (Tue) 01:15:58 No. 21 [Reply]
Tell us about the weird games you love no one else has ever heard of. For me, it's Psychic Force 2012. It's a remarkably fun and unusual fighter that doesn't play like much else, but does what it does with aplomb. I still have a great time zipping around throwing fireball at my opponents. How about the rest of you?
1.67 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png
1.83 MB 1280x1280 phantom crash high res.png
1.95 MB 1028x742 ClipboardImage.png
>>21 Oh hey, I bought that game a few years back for no real reason. I only played a bit of it but thought it was interesting nonetheless. While I do play a lot of vidya in my spare time, I actually don't delve into obscure games as much as the more popular ones, but here are a few I've finished over the past few years/from childhood. >Metal Max Returns Found out about this back in 2020, really cool JRPG that mixes the gameplay of the OG Dragon Quests with a world like Mad Max. Had tons of fun exploring the world and going from town to town repairing, upgrading and customizing my Tank, great little soundtrack too. Only suffers from a weak story and even weaker party members, a real shame they lose ALL of their personality the second they join your party. Great game though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BI1XqEyVowo >Phantom Crash Really unique mech fighter game released on the original Xbox. Fun combat, an okay story, a really cool world but the one thing about this game is that it has an incredibly unique and amazing soundtrack. One of my favourites in gaming. I never finished the game though, despite owning it from when I was a kid. Really should get back to finishing it one day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5otbc54hEg >Mendel Palace Really cool puzzle game from before Game Freak made it big. For an NES game it's surprisingly short and easy, would honestly recommend it to anyone despite its age. I actually found out about it by doing a /vr/ gauntlet last year, never finished the gauntlet as I was given fucking Hatris to complete which was impossible for me, but I'm glad I played it just for Mendel Palace. The soundtrack was also composed by the Pokémon composer so a lot of it sounds like lost Gen 1 tracks.

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