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97.33 KB 1080x1089 1679952056963887.jpg
čudan textboard anon 05/07/2023 (Sun) 10:40:16 No. 892 [Reply]
>If you host a site alligned with our kind of content and want to be added to our friendly site list, please make a post on /meta/ about your site. Good morning, kind Sirs! https://textboard.lol – modern textboard for hackers and weirdos If you wanna be frens, backlink is guaranteed here: https://textboard.lol/about.php Thank you and have a wonderful day!
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>>895 So, if you decide to exchange links, let me know ITT and I'll add https://wapchan.org into cudan's frens list. Cheers!
804.77 KB 500x280 printer.gif
>>896 Hi, I do have a lot of respect for those who actually write their own board engines (maybe one day I'll write one for wapchan but making a powerful imageboard with decent moderation tools one is a ton of work). Other board is far too unhinged for my taste (are there any rules?) but I'll link the programming board for now, as it seems to be a lot more civil. I hope we can be good friend sites.
>>900 Thank you! I see you added the prog to the friend's list. I'll add wapchan shortly. There are usual rules (no illegal stuff, no spam, no offtopic on topic boards, etc.). Maybe, need to copy them somewhere on a static page from here: https://textboard.lol/thread.php?id=64386d50db17c&p=1
11.43 MB 320x569 hot.gif
Added wapchan to the Friends list on cudan about page. Cheers!
>>906 i love you admin

48.54 KB 500x500 im really lazy.jpg
Discussion on policy for /qa/ type memes ranchan Admin 05/03/2023 (Wed) 15:44:33 No. 866 [Reply]
This thread is to discuss what the rules should be for /qa/ type memes (frogs, wojaks, soyjaks). Currently there has been no hard rules against these, since very few members of the existing userbase post them, but ever since the recent raid, we've been getting them more often, and it seems many users don't like them, so i'd like to make site policy firm on these kinds of memes. Here are some ideas. >Ban all frogs/jaks sitewide >Ban only soyjaks >Ban soyjaks and restrict other memes to a containement board I wouldn't even be opposed to a meme/old net culture board, but I would much prefer it to be classic 90s/2000s style memes, not the strange and abstract modern kind that has nothing to do with this site.
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>>875 >That's heyuri No, not really. At least not anymore. Modern Heyuir culture is more of an amalgamation of cultures of different old communities. I’m a former /jp/sie and in my posts I aim for the style of the old /jp/. But other anons all bring something different to the mix. And it’s not only stuff from other 4chan boards, right now for example we’ve got an urban exploration thread on page 0.
>>884 But let’s not derail your thread; you’re discussing creating a chan mascot, right? Best of luck! Heyuri-chan can’t wait to meet her new sister.
I am not an active user here, but I say you don't need to make a hard rule and can just delete them as you see. Unlike Heyuri this site does have a certain topic: anime Soyjaks or frogs aren't anime(or 2hu, or vidya), so that's enough to delete them. >>885 Heyuri-tan* Sister can get taken badly by some, I propose calling her friend. BTW, captcha is b0rkd on the .onion address
I don't see anything positive with creating a soyjack board outside of spamming and ruining the quality site, now i am not saying you should ban them that's a decision you should take since you are the admin, just don't create a board that attempts to imitate /qa/ because it would just evolve into an unfunny shitposting spam. >>879 this sounds like an excellent idea.
11.91 KB 283x261 gigantor.jpg
>>866 Never seen anything good come out of a frog post, let alone jaks, so I'm okay with kicking them out

2.08 MB 640x360 uy2bra.webp
Clarification on NSFW policy ranchan Admin 05/03/2023 (Wed) 17:01:03 No. 869 [Reply]
This thread is to discuss the current NSFW policy, since that's part of what caused this whole recent debacle. The current policy is that NSFW content should be censored, but I may have given off the impression that this is a prude website or something with that. Really I just dont want any of the boards to look like /h/ or /e/, but to have /a/ style rules on that. For example, this gif is probably about as explicit as you can go without censoring. Hopefully this makes things more clear.
2.07 MB 468x351 5f32c796e6dcf712696480.gif

anon 05/01/2023 (Mon) 19:26:54 No. 853 [Reply]
Soyteen here where the fuck is a manga board i would like do discuss jojolion 4cuck a just calls me retarded for liking it and sharty calls me gay
>>853 jojolion is currently out of context for /ar/ or /a2k/ due to being from past 2010. a modern anime/manga board may be made at some point if there's enough interest
>>854 Atleast 4 and 5 can be talked about i dont get toomuch fight on 4cuck about them however
>>853 Total soydeath
>>853 Just made a b thread for it
>>856 Thats mean doe

1.96 MB 480x360 apush.gif
anon 05/19/2022 (Thu) 15:57:30 No. 442 [Reply] [Last]
How do you think we're gonna get more traffic around here?
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>>807 >tfw all the activity dried up Wapchan bros....how will we ever recover?
9.33 KB 220x164 zzz.jpeg
>>839 The site's in a bit of a limbo right now (mostly becaue I haven't had the time needed to roll out a bunch of changes), but I think we'll recover. I've proposed ideas for more site publicity before (like a social media presence or more collaboration with other retro anime communities), but starting in late May I should finally have the time to roll out these changes (though I might have time to do some of them beforehand) >New UI >Revamped boards >Proper regex spam filter >TF2 Server >Fixed post notif bot (one that has a spam filter built in) I have further ideas but these ones being implemented should go a long way towards site growth. I should also have time to finally restart doing my own retro anime youtube videos on a more consistent schedule, which could help with site growth as well.
8.03 KB 215x235 question cat-2.jpg
Why does anime/aughts exist there, but not vidya/aughts?
21.07 KB 176x220 Marble_blast_gold.jpg
64.62 KB 473x500 61YxMcJz8WL.jpg
49.80 KB 500x453 51NX5R7PCXL.jpg
>>847 No particular reason why we don't have that board besides no one asking for it. Good idea though, i've always thought that era had some real cozy pc games.
385.42 KB 386x565 change of heart.png
>>839 I'm new to this board. I'll try to contribute something, now it's late and my processing unit demands downtime.

Greetings from https://www.mootxi.co! Deus 04/25/2022 (Mon) 01:55:48 No. 406 [Reply]
I come to formally introduce ourselves to the WapChan community as a response to our IRC discussion to your greeting and introduction on our site. We are an imageboard born of the honest fun that once dominated the Internet. We rejects the current ironic culture (cringe/based, etc..) of the Internet and instead aim for a more traditional, oldschool approach that we think the Internet is desperately in need of right now. Following our discussions, we will be adding a link to your site on our site and will gladly participate in your future events should we be invited. We are not many right now but hopefully we can both grow to a respectable size together as one in the near future. We look forward to collaborating with WapChan! With honest respect -Mootxico staff
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56.68 KB 1266x1800 5k555.jpg
>>410 Sure!
9.21 KB 512x512 cocked.png
get COCKed lol!
246.17 KB 600x434 nyan.gif
1.84 MB 3150x3150 s4s longcat collage.jpg
>>413 Lol funny The [s4s] Longcat collage square I drew when she died had one in it, along with the sky king.
>>406 Seems cringe

anon 01/23/2023 (Mon) 15:52:39 No. 806 [Reply]
Hey ranchan, I can't report threads. When I try to solve the captcha it says a captcha is 6 letters long as error even though I input it right and in fact input 6 letters.
Hm one day later it works weird. I guess it's solved? Just as info im on Win10 and Chrome.
>>809 Occasionally it doesn't work, idk why really.
1.02 MB 480x360 1651128099573.gif
Not OP, but hijacking the thread to ask what is the difference between "global report" and "report" ?
>>814 "Report" means to report a post for breaking the rules of a particular board while "global report" means to report a site for breaking site wide rules. This feature of the engine is meant for sites where users create boards and moderate them seperately from the administration like 8chan. Just use global report around here (ill try and find a way to disable the other report button).
>>815 Not sure if this is the right place to ask but what does trash post mean? I was trying to figure out how to hide a comment, so first I clicked delete (which works just like 4chan's delete go figure), but then I tried out trash post and got a flooding warning (after that I figured out that you click the circular symbol to hide posts). Is "trash post" the old report button that you mentioned? Also do you get notified of flood warnings like the one I accidentally triggered?

218.51 KB 2550x3300 recruit.webp
221.00 KB 2550x3300 recruitSHIB.webp
STAFF RECRUITING DRIVE! fig57 Admin 10/12/2022 (Wed) 14:57:16 No. 701 [Reply]
Hello anons of wapchan! We have been under attack from automated spam for a while now, and I'm not always around to clean it up myself. If you want to keep this board comfy, tidy and captcha-free, consider applying for staff and help make wapchan the best retro board there is! https://www.wapchan.org/.static/pages/staffapply.html
43.99 KB 600x603 jannie.jpg
Hey ranchan, I'm willing to be a janny. At least to delete obvious spam and cp. I don't want to be a moderator, I would only like to delete obvious spam and illegal stuff.
>>810 That's fine, just send me a message with the same contents as the mod app (All the current mods don't do any event organizing, they're basically jannies)

19.77 KB 600x1080 FUKZ-BVXsAEbizT.png
anon 06/07/2022 (Tue) 19:42:23 No. 478 [Reply]
Create /touhou/ perhaps /2hu/ or even /th/, right now
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Yes! We need /th/ very much!!
>>793 Doesn't /vr/ cover that topic now?
>>794 Well, it does. And it doesn't at the same time, because 2hu is not only games, but also music, manga, fanfiction and even anime... Not to mention that almost all touhou stuff is made in 2000s, while many boards here are about retro stuff.
>>795 Oh I see, was never a 2hu guy, only know it started with games and that there is a huge fanbase for some reason.
>>795 Been meaning to play more of the games myself, and we haven't had a new board in a while so I'll give it a shot. Should be up in a few hours.

1.83 MB 1553x852 wapchan.png
anon 12/05/2022 (Mon) 07:37:35 No. 764 [Reply]
why is it called wapchan?
>>764 Definitely not because of that song. From the FAQ and History page ( https://wapchan.org/.static/pages/faq.html ) >The name "Wapchan" was inspired by the term "wapanese" that used to be common on the internet in the early 2000s that meant "white japanese", or someone obsessed with japanese culture, which eventually fell out of use and was replaced by "weaboo" due to a 4chan word filter. Since wapchan focuses on the older aspects of anime, it's a fitting name. Also, I didn't come up with it, as that honor goes to this anon ( https://desuarchive.org/a/thread/229564359/#229604844 ) I kind of always knew this comparison would be made now and again, but the name stuck out to me more than something like "oldchan" or "celchan"
Edited last time by ranchant on 12/05/2022 (Mon) 16:25:36.
>>765 plz fix the IRC cert
>>766 I closed down the old IRC server due to not having the time to properly maintain it, we moved back to Rizon irc://irc.rizon.net:+6697/wapchan?key
67.50 KB 640x395 1639801714886.jpg
>>767 I see now, very well! FWIW it seemed the channel wasn't registered because someone was surprised at being OP, I hope they'll be willing to transfer it? Or maybe you opped them idk. Either way I'll idle around a bit. Also, I can give you a code to replace the CyTube chat with Rizon's IRC directly and not have to share two separate chats with a relay bot if you like. Up to you doe, of course.
>>772 >I can give you a code to replace the CyTube chat with Rizon's IRC directly and not have to share two separate chats with a relay bot if you like That would be appreciated!