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News Thread ranchan Admin 11/04/2022 (Fri) 15:57:42 No. 713
I redid the front page/top of board news to be pulled from threads, so all future site news will be posted here. Feel free to give feedback/responses , since only staff posts will be shown on the front page.
Edited last time by ranchant on 11/07/2022 (Mon) 18:30:00.
980.10 KB 500x379 madoka.gif
Now that things are freeing up for me, I'm thinking of organizing another watch p/ar/ty, since we haven't done one in so long, probably on the 19th or 20th, with the theme of "bad dubs".
347.13 KB 400x300 pastel.webp
How would everyone feel about wapchan having a social media presence to promote the site, like on twitter? I feel like if we want this site to expand, we need to start looking outside imageboards.
>>719 I don't mind. I think you should do whatever you have to, I think interests like old anime are enough to filter out undesirables. Anyway do whatever makes you happy anon, this hasn't been a good start but I am rooting for you. I will keep on dropping here from time to time. Take care and don't sweat things.
Isn't pretty much anyone on twitter fucked in the head? The only twitter users that weren't, were artists posting some of their stuff for advertising. The users are mostly uhm... special.
>>721 >The only twitter users that weren't, were artists posting some of their stuff for advertising. *in my experience at least
>>720 >this hasn't been a good start I think it's been fine, it was always gonna be tough getting a new non /pol/ niche imageboard off the ground these days. >I think you should do whatever you have to I just like to get people's perspectives on things before I make big changes to the site or stuff surrounding it. >>721 >Isn't pretty much anyone on twitter fucked in the head? A lot of people are, but it's also a lot of the modern retro anime discussion happens, at least in English.
>>723 >I think it's been fine I didn't mean it in a disparaging way. Just that it's not easy to get something like this to work out and you shouldn't feel bad if it takes time or doesn't work at all.
>>719 >wapchan having a social media presence to promote the site Depends >twitter Mixed opinions, I'd be concerned about crazies as >>721 pointed out. Reddit I think would be your best bet. Maybe try to find some Web 2.0 anime forums that are still somewhat active? Absolutely stay away from facebook though, there's nothing good about that place.
>>719 It's worthwhile, I don't think there is a reason to blanket a whole group of platform users, there are always some good and bad. Unless you are doing private invites only you always risk bringing in bad people, that's just inevitable. I would wait until 2023 on Twitter though, just because Elon Musk just took over right now and lots of the people who you (presumably) wouldn't want on here are very vocally upset and talking about leaving Twitter, so they are looking for places to go, if it's not all just hot air. In a month when everything is basically the same they won't care anymore.
1.76 MB 498x376 sunrise.gif
Well, that was certainly an eventful 36 or so hours. Things looked bleak for a while on my end, but luckily everything ended up working out. This post is gonna serve as a bit of a FAQ about the whole situation. >Why did the site go down? As it turned out, I had misconfigured the software on here, so even though images were being "deleted", they still remained in the filesystem. This allowed a malicious actor to file a report about some illegal content previously though to have been deleted, which caused our host to take down the site temporarily. I take responsibility for not catching this beforehand, but this does not change the fact that this was a deliberate attack on the site. This has been fixed and all relevant material has been deleted, hashbanned and reported. >Changes moving forward One of the biggest changes is that I am going to setup off-site methods for communication. While wapchan has tried to self host many services, it is clear that this is a single point of failure. The revival of the old Rizon irc channel is the first part of this, and I'm planning on setting up a Steam group in the near future (which will also help organize some game nights). I'm also going to setup a proper way for staff around here to stay connected and organized through IRC, so that we can better respond to events like this in the future. Also, captchas are coming back for now, as deterrents against spambots. If we have enough staff in the future to clean this up manually then they may be removed, but I hope you can all understand that there must be compromises made to protect this site from further attacks. Also, in case you ever want to visit the emergency website again, I put it up here https://www.wapchan.org/.static/crisisArchive/index.html With that in mind, I hope you all once again enjoy posting on here. The wapchan spirit lives on.
I'm still shocked that actually happened. Like, why? We only have a handful of users and don't talk about any offensive stuff, no politics, porn or other degenerate stuff. When I saw the bot, that usually just advertised some products, started posting pizza I was already worried and considered applying as janny, a day later the site was down already. Are you sure that someone targeted this site on purpose, or could it also be that dunno some agency or something scanned the web for illegal images from their database and found the contents from that bot post? No idea how this works. Either way, getting real tired of bot spam, saw a lot of those on other image boards and lately on gelbooru and similar sites as well. The new hot thing is to post AI generated stuff so I guess you can ban image hashes as much as you it will just make more questionable content. No wonder the small sites all disappear if you have to deal with shit like that.
>>739 >could it also be that dunno some agency or something scanned the web for illegal images from their database and found the contents from that bot post Technically that could have been possible, but the file name was extremely cryptic (for example the link to the filename to the image I posted above is https://wapchan.org/.media/8510bf993c364af620b8853d097e31821d90706e42820f45d1243a89544e543d.gif ) as well as the fact that the report that was submitted to the host was from a third party (ie not the feds themselves). >Like, why? Some people are shitty and hate fun I guess. This happens fairly regularly to altchans (you can go on /g/ and find many similar stories), since these degenerates know that most don't have the proper staff to moderate them unlike bigger websites. >No wonder the small sites all disappear if you have to deal with shit like that. This has always been the toughest part of running a website where you let users upload content, especially when you can only identify them by their IP addresses, because at the end of the day I'm the one responsible for making sure this site isn't used for distributing pizza or other fucked up shit.
Edited last time by ranchant on 11/16/2022 (Wed) 14:19:59.
That is sadly one of the main issues admins have to face when hosting anonymous imageboards. You don't need to have a controversial site or anything to trigger these malicious people, a lot of small imageboards get shut down because of CP spams followed by reports to host/registrar. Who knows what are their motives or who are they, some claim it's the work of three-letter agencies and some claim it's just bots spamming on all imageboards... Good to see Wapchan somehow pulled off from it
>>738 I'm really sorry you had to deal with all this crap but I'm glad wapchan is back. Hopefully this wont repeat any time soon.
1.25 MB 1600x1200 ranuni.png
It's been interesting seeing the influx of users heading onto Mastodon. I've always had some interest in the fediverse, but never really used it much myself (I have an account on a Pleroma instance but rarely used it). With Twitter going down the drain, maybe the best way forward for growing Wapchan is setting up is setting up a Pleroma instance and having it run alongside the imageboard, since it would allow us to communicate with all the other recent ActivityPub instances while still keeping our content hosted internally (having both an anonymous community and one with users). Let me know what you all think of this idea. (I might cut out the BBS and textboard in the process since both of those are pretty disconnected from the rest of the site by now) Also in case anyone's wondering why a lot of images are missing, I dumped the image database a few times when I was trying to find and delete the illegal content on here. Sorry bout that.
430.07 KB 708x474 Er9KNOHXcAASRRb.png
>>743 Bringing in a social media tie in is a bad idea. Imageboards are an alternative to social media, older and with a different purpose. Just like with forums the inclusion of social media into that space will turn it into a ghost town. When was the last time you visited a forum?
>>743 >Mastodon >fediverse >Pleroma Thats like a selfhosted twitter yes? Regarding >>719 >social media presence to promote the site I changed my mind and would now agree thats a good idea. My reasons are: a) I tried to advertise the site a bit by mentioning it every time I thought someone might bite, but it didnt really bring anyone here, even though some people said the site looked cool and interesting etc. Probably due to how slow it is around here? b) I was afraid that social media presence would invite shitposters and bad actors that attack the site etc. but as we've seen we had bot spam and other harmful shit happen either way. Perhaps we could try it out and if we notice it brings "undesireable" posters here we just stop? Worth the risk imo, better than becoming yet another dead altchan. Let me know what you think anons.
107.25 KB 640x480 1616595654303.jpg
>>745 > a) I tried to advertise the site a bit by mentioning it every time I thought someone might bite, but it didnt really bring anyone here, even though some people said the site looked cool and interesting etc. Probably due to how slow it is around here? Are you aware that some of the successful altchans had this period in their beginning where they had basically no activity? Even a better idea takes time to spread, people are creatures of habit and difficult to break.
Did a few minor changes today. Finally setup cloudflare for this site (to help prevent spam) as well as fixed the TOR link that's been broken ever since the server move. wapchanssuskaph2zlit2wx6vs6u6rih7xnosg4cqt3uin7sl5cpf5yd.onion
>>751 >>752 Sorry, this should be fixed soon. I had to setup a new subdomain that wasn't proxied (irc.wapchan.org), and I should get the cert up soon
Ok, irc is fixed. New subdomain is irc.wapchan.org Also fixed the radio.
>>755 Whatever you've done also made all threads removed all newlines, so a lot of posts have no spaces between paragraphs. Dunno if this is fixable but just a minor thing that has made reading some threads and posts that were long a bit harder now.
>>756 Whoops, minify was enabled for some reason. Fixed.
We're not all burgers around here, but I hope everyone has a great weekend regardless.
230.46 KB 350x263 4523ewt.gif
>>755 Connection failed (* Verify E: Failed to validate hostname? (-1)) RANCHAAAAAAN
283.51 KB 984x712 tele85_003.jpg
Well, it's already December. Can't believe Wapchan is already going to be 1 soon enough. Anyways, I know the site's been breaking on and off recently, and that's on me for choosing to self host so much of the stuff on here. Also, I know I've been proposing a lot of radical changes to the site, and honestly none of these are really necessary, so I'll try and cut down on all the blogposts here. Here's some plans for this month: >Announcements will be fixed sitewide shortly, I've just been lazy about this one honestly >IRC is moving permanently to Rizon. While it's been interesting running my own IRC server, I can see now why literally no one else does that these days: it's a giant hassle, especially for one channel. Hopefully this change makes chatting more convenient for everyone >I'll be hosting a few "fireside chat" events on IRC, on the 3rd and 10th, to get some feedback for the direction of the site. I'll be posting summaries of those after the fact on here. >I'll also run a wapchan birthday stream on New Year's Eve, most likely in the morning EST (with my voice), which will be a similar format to the IRC events but hosted on youtube (with a cytube option) >I will try to fix the broken images at some point. I do have a backup with most of these images intact, so this should be feasible. >Moving forward into next year I'd like to do a lot less radical changes and mostly just keep everything running smoothly as it's gotten to by this point, as well as generally be more "hands off" with the way this site's run, allowing a more organic culture to develop. Also nu ran sucks
>>760 >nu ran sucks BASED
171.38 KB 500x374 lumsnow.png
Yesterday's the first day it really snowed around here this year, so it really feels like the holidays now. Hope you've all been having a good December!
8.97 KB 1137x385 chatstuff.png
If you've been posting around here for a while, you're probably aware of how much of a disorganized mess IRC has been. I've decided to completely overhaul how chat is done around here, and made a post notification service in the process! >Wapchan Unified Chat (or just wapchat) We now support four chat services: IRC, Discord, Matrix, and Telegram. All of these are bridged with each other so users can use whatever service they prefer (NOTE: The IRC channel is different now, this one's actually registered under my nick) >IRC: ircs://irc.rizon.net:+6697/wapchat >Discord: https://discord.gg/crNSm7cQRz >Matrix: https://matrix.to/#/#wapchat:matrix.com >Telegram: https://t.me/wapchanchat The chat is deliberately barebones for now - IRC is the baseline after all. >Wapchan Post Notification Service Let's face it - not everyone here is eternally online, refreshing this page constantly. Since this site is slow, I've made a bot that sends a notification every time a new thread or post is made on here, so you can always stay connected to what's happening on the board! This can be accessed from the same set of services: >IRC: ircs://irc.rizon.net:+6697/wapnotif >Discord: https://discord.gg/crNSm7cQRz (same discord server, different channel) >Matrix: https://matrix.to/#/#wapnotif:matrix.com >Telegram: https://t.me/wapnotif>>771 I hope the new chat and post notifications will help inspire more discussion around here. If you have any further suggestions, I'm all ears. (Also, for anyone worried, the Discord server is just two text channels, one for the chat and one for the notifs)
it's snowing also, decided to go by "redlum" around here now since that's a bit more distinct than ranchan (explanation on the about page soon)
1.80 MB 450x338 star placement.gif
I hope that (you) find joy today, no matter your circumstances.
2023 marks the first anniversary of wap... things are going to be hands off (at least from my end) for the most part as i focus on other projects. i can't guarantee how things will develop here but hopefully we can develop more of an original site culture and get more users. also, maybe potentially changing the site name? ("wap" has been a source of confusion for a while)
>>787 >maybe potentially changing the site name? I think it should stay as it is. Who would be confused by "wapanese"?
>>789 i think it's more to do with a certain song called "wap"
>>787 >hands off (at least from my end) Oh noes ranchan abandoned us ;_;
>>791 im still around (especially to deal with spam), i just don't have any big plans for the site currently and would rather let it grow organically while i work on other projects
3.51 KB 400x300 yukkuri.png
I've added a new board: /th/ - touhou. I haven't played a ton of the games myself yet, but hopefully you all enjoy the board. Also we could use some original banners for it, so if you've got any ideas put em up!
AI Art is now banned sitewide, read on for an explanation. This isn't something that I really though about before on here, mostly because I am not much of an artist myself (I draw occasionally, but I have a long way to go), but I have always had an interest in the doujin scene, especially concerning UY fan works. We all have artists we like (one of my favorites is https://twitter.com/H7Ihm ) and truthfully, a lot of the time AI art is used in bad faith to directly rip off artists and by megacorps to profit off of users of their software rather than to actually generate interesting pieces. My old policy was to turn a blind eye, but then I talked to someone in the scene and realized that this wouldn't solve anything - like the ban on politics here, this is to ensure our discussions are kept in good faith, and so the site can develop an organic artist culture. I hope you can all understand why this is being put into place. -ranchan
215.94 KB 929x1000 Dirty_pair_gallery_027.jpg
Wapchan has settled into a pretty comfortable niche... but at the end of the day, the site still feels hacked together (because it is). Over the next few months, I intend to redo a decent amount of the site's interface, some features, and some of the "extra" services associated with the site, which should hopefully give the site a more unique and retro feel. I've given this the tentative name of Wapchan 2 (or if you prefer: Wapchan, too). I will be adding one thing to the current site, though: A regex spam filter to replace the current one (this shouldn't take too long to develop) To start off, I want to redo the boards. The current selection of boards is really just stuff I thought people liked, with a few requests mixed in. However, I feel it is important to make the site representative of the userbase, and a lot of users have no interest in japanese culture, and want more boards catered to other topics. This is honestly great - I think making this site more cosmopolitan is the right direction. So here's my proposed changes to existing boards: >/ar/, /a2k/, /th/ These boards I feel are fine in their current incarnations for serving their respective niches, though I might change /ar/ to /cel/ and /a2k/ to /digi/ (trying to move away from initialisms). >/br/ This board will probably be removed, mostly because it's way too broad yet limited at the same time (being pre 2k only). Most threads will be moved to some of the newer boards. >/clv/ This will be renamed /hob/ - hobbies, mostly just to make the board's purpose clearer (or maybe we can take a page from kissu and do seasonal hobby boards? that could be cool) >/lum/ This will be renamed /rumi/, since while /lum/ getting it's own board was cool and all, it makes more since for it to be about all of rumiko's stuff (that's how everyone treats rumi threads anyways) >/meta/ No changes other than renaming it to /wap/ >/vr/ No changes other than renaming to /pixl/ (or a different better name) And proposed new boards: >/tech/ For modern and retro tech of all kinds. >/art/ Dedicated visual art board (including photography). >/lit/ For books. Reading is good >/mus/ (or /music/) Music board, for both listeners and creators >/etc/ A sort of replacement for /br/ without the retro restrictions (but not like /b/ either, we're better than that). There's no plans for a /tv/ style board at the moment, but that could be added as well if people want it. So the boards list would look like this: >「cel / digi / rumi / th / pixl」 「art / hob / lit / mus / tech」 「etc / wap」 Tell me what you think. I will probably push these changes in a few days if everyone likes them. Also, I will be setting up a working test site for the UI rewrite, which will be accessible at https://test.wapchan.org. This site has no guaranteed uptime, since I will be pushing changes whenever I get the time. Here are some general ideas of mine for this: >Be written in HTML4 with minimal javascript (to increase compatibility with older browsers - as part of this a subdomain will be setup giving site access over non secure HTTP, though obviously webm/webp would be broken on old browsers) >Have unique CSS & logos for each board (this will be elaborated on) >Chatbox on the front page (not IRC based like the old one, more like a one thread textboard) and possible depreciation of the current chat system >Flash support though Ruffle (flash is currently broken on here) >Emotes (old BBCode style) >Total reworking of wapfm (the net radio service) - one idea is to have /mu/ users vote on it monthly in an automated format >Public ban list (This is not a native feature of the engine but I can probably make it work) >WAP support, at least on the front page, mostly because it would be funny ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wireless_Application_Protocol ) >TF2 server at some point >return of movie nights As you can see this is a lot of changes. I'll be setting up a page to track where I am with these soon. All the best, -ranchan
1.14 MB 2456x1792 cel homepage.png
959.00 KB 1464x904 cel thread.png
I've been working a lot on the initial design of the first few themes, so here's a preview of them. >Shrine (for /cel/) This is meant to look like an old web shrine. I was able to find some really nice bitmap style vector fonts. Hopefully the pattern isn't too obnoxious.
334.57 KB 2464x1418 digi homepage.png
379.35 KB 1656x910 digi thread.png
>Yotsuba (for /digi) This is meant to look like 4chan circa 2003. The other themes are progressing but are not as far along yet. If you want to follow along with development the instance I use for development/testing is live at https://test.wapchan.org/
>>822 this one is the best. Can't wait for it
>>821 All the new styles are very good, i like them especially for the fact that they not only change the colour/background of the site but also the layout. the /th/ one is my favourite because it really embodies the style of the game.
1009.16 KB 2642x1688 pixel.png
1.73 MB 2680x1796 rumic.png
2.15 MB 2670x1790 touhou.png
Happy corporate love day to you all. Make sure to buy cheap chocolate tomorrow. >UI Refresh Update There's been a lot going on in my life at the moment (it's actually been real great) so I haven't had as much time to work on polishing a lot of the themes yet, but progress is being made. I should be able to finish it all up and launch it by the end of the month. As always you're free to post on the test server, though all posts will be wiped when I push the UI to the main server.
312.75 KB 2048x1367 20230220_062958.jpg
A titan of the manga industry, Leiji Matsumoto, has passed away at 85. With the first anime convention held in the states being dedicated to the legendary Space Battleship Yamato, as well as him being responsible for other interstellar classics like Captain Harlock and Galaxy Express 999, he was really at the heart of what this site is all about, and will truly be missed. Also, his work with Daft Punk is pretty amazing, if you haven't seen it before. https://ourstarblazers.com/vault/317/
289.98 KB 960x1054 021.jpg
Happy march. It finally snowed a lot around here. Sorry for the UI refresh development slowing down, but there's been a lot going on in my life (still real good). I have spring break in a week so I can probably finish it up then. Keep it comfy in the meantime, alright? -ranchan
>>832 take your time dude. We'll all still be here :)
4.17 KB 159x65 renewal.png
Hey all, this is just to let you know that I have renewed the site for another year and am as committed as ever to wapchan. Went to Anime Boston over the past weekend, will have a update about that later (got my first cel) Take it easy everyone.
>>838 Wait, what do you mean by site renewed?
>>841 This site is hosted on a VPS, so I have to pay the annual invoice to keep it up (every april since that's when the move to the current server happened), and the domain every january.
>>842 Thanks for keeping the site up and running!
671.76 KB 1024x757 420.jpg
blaze it, nerds
885.43 KB 500x267 IMG_2233.gif
>>842 Well hey thanks for keeping this alive and dedicated, don’t give up. Also testing to see if this works, apparently I’ve had trouble posting images on 4chan ever since I updated my iPad to IOS16
>>845 Well hey it works here at least lol, don’t know what’s going on but I’ll figure something out
166.36 KB 1445x1080 seriously wtf.jpg
seems like a few soy teens tried to raid the site - that's been cleaned up. if any of you that got banned want to actually contribute around here you're welcome to join the discord/irc. i recommend going on a hike instead of spamming boards with jaks.
204.09 KB 700x465 1614811897301.jpg
>>852 You know you finally made it when people are trying to raid you.
>>852 well, this explains the insanely large daily posts graph.
3.55 KB 75x100 wapxie.gif
Hey all, thought i'd give a proper update post due to recent events, as well as answer some lingering questions >Why was heyuri & mootxico removed from the friends list This was mostly due to the culture of the sites drifting apart. While I try to keep this site mostly SFW and generally appealing to those who don't typically browse imageboards, those sites have a somewhat "looser" style where NSFW content (some graphic) is fairly common. To keep this site comfy for the foreseeable future, I've decided to only have relatively SFW sites on our friends list, such as kind.moe and 04.sbs. I want to state that there is no bad blood between us and heyuri/mootxico, and we wish them the best. More information here https://img.heyuri.net/q/koko.php?res=63615 >Why are there soyjaks on here now We were raided the other day by some users on soyjak.party. While both soyjak.party and heyuri are affiliated with Kolyma, I severely doubt that heyuri had anything to do with this raid. Anyways, a few users decided to stick around, and have proposed a "retro soyjak" containment board on here (only ones from 4/qa). This would probably be pretty unpopular with most users, but I figured I would mention it, as soyjaks/frogs aren't banned on here, but a containment board might be the best solution for all this, as well as prevent future raids. >When will the cp bot spam stop Hopefully soon. I've been testing a regex filter that will detect those cp bots, since they post in a predictable way. I'll run some tests on here soon before implementing it and releasing it to the public, so other sites can be protected. >When will the UI refresh come out Hopefully within the next two weeks. Regex filter will come first, but after that I can apply the finishing touches on the UI refresh, as well as make a fun retro style "promo video" that will be on the front page (more to come). This would also include /v2k/ (2000s vidya) and the potential /soyr/ or /qar/ containment board. >Will you start making youtube videos again Once I'm done with my finals and move into my new house I'm renting for the year I can. >One more thing Our friends at /kind/ are planning a watch party next Saturday, more information at https://kind.moe/kind/res/3324.html . Maybe during the summer I can actually find the time to run a few here. Also, I made this image edit for the UI refresh a while back. Figured I'd share it with you all. Have a good one, lads.
Edited last time by ranchan on 05/02/2023 (Tue) 15:27:06.
457.84 KB 1217x736 Don't worry.jpg
>>862 But we can still visit here from time to time, right?
138.01 KB 552x561 total domination.jpg
The old friends are back. Celebrate with breadsticks! We should do a big watch party sometime.
48.71 KB 800x600 Heyuri Hijinks.png
>>865 >We should do a big watch party sometime. That'd be very cool. Unfortunately not this week, since we already have our own watch party planned around the time you and /kind/ have yours.
1.89 MB 498x318 ataristarwars.gif
Happy may 4th. How many of you have actually played the vector atari star wars games? I can get through the first few rounds until they start putting a bunch of bars in the trench.
1.90 MB 460x345 gun.gif
Frogs and jaks are now officially banned sitewide. They don't fit the theme of this site at all, and hopefully this encourages more original meme formats.
>>889 >Frogs and jaks are now officially banned sitewide. They don't fit the theme of this site at all, and hopefully this encourages more original meme formats. I like this decision.
475.25 KB 1057x793 its-the-people-that-decide.png
>>889 Democracy wins again, yangbros
876.37 KB 500x379 1588173741317.gif
>>889 Nomad here. I'm happy to see this become a trend among smaller imageboards. Hope you guys establish yourselves and fine your own identity.
>>891 >white subs
>>907 Who are you quoting?
>>907 Weird thing is he doesn't even say this in CA subs.
713.75 KB 500x375 hikarumobile.gif
Hi all. It's summer for me at last, so actual site work can begin for the first time in ages. Finally realized I could block most spammers with a few DNSBLs (domain block lists) instead of making a complex regex filter, so hopefully this cuts down dramatically on the spam received. Also, I'm finally going to implement proper guidelines on ban lengths and reasons, since pretty much all previous bans have been permanent and the reasons I wrote down at the time were poor (half of them are just "kill yourself"). I have redone the moderation tools so that we will have four levels of ban: >Warning: For first offense on breaking most rules, besides those relating to politics or illegal content >3 day ban: For second offense on breaking most rules, besides those relating to politics or illegal content >1 week ban: For third offense on breaking most rules or posting /pol/ type content (there will be no warning on that) >Permanent ban: For fourth offense on breaking most rules, second offense on /pol/ type content or any sort of illegal content. As well as actual selectable reasons for being banned. Also, images removed will automatically be hash banned for now on (figured out this setting). As part of this change, all preexisting non image bans have been lifted, so that all bans in the logs will actually make sense now. We'll probably have to re ban some users, but with the new filters probably not many. Next on the agenda: finishing the new UI and migrating everything over. Should be done soon (actually)
2.90 MB 835x934 baked.png
>>910 Stuff will be slightly broken for a few days as I reconfigure the boards. After five months in development, hopefully it will have been worth the wait.
>>911 I must say it is very nice to visit the site and find the redesign implemented.
>>911 comfy
>>910 Its definitely hard to decide on moderation reasons and ban lengths. I pretty much still insta-ban anything explicitly not allowed and a warning then a ban if its more vague. That image hash idea is a good one, i'll have to look into something similar for my forum. >>911 Thank you Gabe.
4.08 MB 540x405 slapped.gif
The site's going to go up and down semi frequently over the next few days while I fine tune the new UI for better readability. If it goes down, just wait a few minutes and try again. >>914 Hopefully it works out for you all. We've had relatively few rulebreakers outside of all the illegal content bots.
did friend boards get removed?
also, all links to the meta board lead to /wap/ instead of here
>>916 This was unintentional and will be fixed soon >>917 Honestly I just forgot to finish the board swaps. I'll get to it tomorrow
102.67 KB 1280x960 miyake.jpg
The site should be mostly stable now. There's probably still some CSS weirdness going on, which I'll get to over time, as well as redoing the classic theme to feel more like the old UI. I also finally got around to updating the theme git repos, for anyone who wants to look at the code and give feedback. https://github.com/figamin/WapLynx is the previous theme, while https://github.com/figamin/WapLynx-Neo is the current theme. I will try to find time to do further work on the site, but I am doing a number of other things this summer (including a job, redoing my personal site, upcoming youtube work, and generally just living my life), so things might be slow, as I am the only one really doing work on the site (backend & frontend). Hopefully you all enjoy posting on the new UI.
Edited last time by ranchan on 06/08/2023 (Thu) 03:37:29.
8.71 KB 96x96 wood.gif
For better organization, I separated the themes into individual CSS files. This made it much easier to actually get the board-specific CSS working. Still a few issues to fix, but next on the agenda is frames!
54.70 KB 272x226 welani.gif
For all you real oldfriends out there, I added frames.
33.00 KB 1609x562 woodle.png
Ever since the move to the new UI, I've wanted to bring back the drawing feature, so starting today you can access Wapchan Doodles at https://wapchan.org/doodle . This is based on POTI-board EVO, a popular Japanese script for oekaki bulletin boards. I'll be integrating the board more with the rest of the site soon enough.
1015.86 KB 500x375 munched.gif
Well, the new UI is pretty feature complete at this point (besides emotes, but I'll get around to that at some point). I hope everyone likes the doodles! Now that nothing is obviously broken anymore, I hope the site can grow its community while I finally get back to making videos. If you want this place to thrive, spread the word.
369.04 KB 3000x1000 waprectCURVED.png
14.42 KB 3000x1000 waprectNODISTORT.png
I spent some time today making a new logo, since the current "knockoff adult swim" wasn't doing it for me. Since yellow subs are a hallmark of old anime, I used those as the basis for this new look.
472.29 KB 720x720 ranEmote.png
Well, I figured out emotes finally. Wasn't actually as hard as I thought it was. This uses a similar method to the one at hikari3. Anyways, I loaded a few proof of concept emotes on here to start off with. If you all have suggestions, let me know.
>>975 Oh sweet, adds some more soul to this place. How do you do them?
>>976 Just add :: around certain strings, like how it was done on old bbCode forums. I've added 'ran', 'lum', 'shinobu', and 'ataru'. I'm going to make this more obvious in the reply box soon, as well as add a bunch of classic smilies.
Let's see if these work... I loaded ~80 or so emotes from an old forum I used to frequent back in the day (joe.to)
>>978 Trying again
I wonder if its not working because its on a line without text. Text more text
:astonish: yay!
1.92 MB 2432x3432 rubook006.jpg
Now with emotes working, Wapchan is officially feature complete in my book! (you can view them all at https://wapchan.org/.static/pages/emotes.html ) There's still work to be done on cleaning up some of the interest board themes and loading on a few hash lists from some 4chan archives to cut down on the illegal image bots, but now the focus turns to growing the site. I've resurrected the Wapchan Twitter account (https://twitter.com/wapchanorg ), which will be a part of this. Enjoy the site!
>>982 Hopefully the twitter will bring more activity here I will follow!
92.32 KB 1280x899 post075.jpg
Welcome to July! I've been doing some housekeeping around here. >/hob/ is being folded into /chill/, which is being expanded into a general board >Board welcome posts rewrite Also, I'd like ideas on how to make the site stand out more. I recently came across a thread about imageboards on https://afternoon.dynu.com, and one users comments in particular stuck out to me >"small imageboard with anime images posted on it" really pales in comparison to many other cool entries ITT. Wapchan kind of falls in that category, which I'm fine with, but I'd also like to try more novel concepts around here - anything that gives users a unique way to interact with each other. Don't be shy!
105.65 KB 512x649 baronbaldriccover.jpeg
>>986 Yeah, "anime images" are all well and good but if that's all someone wants, there are a godzillion sites and anon boards aren't even the best source for those any more. For me what caught my attention was punching "retro" into the search on allchans.org and getting directed here. Decided it was worth hanging around a while thanks to the politics-discouraged policy, I rejected most of the other boards that had a lot of "retro" interest because they were either explicitly or de facto more about people who want to complain about how [insert hated group X, Y, or Z] ruined their pastime/their life/the world than about celebrating what they actually enjoy. Like, I get it, most enjoyers of old stuff are, no surprise, salty old fucks, I certainly am myself, but I want a place where I can recommend stuff / be recommended stuff / reminisce in an anonymous posting environment without a lot of other bullshit and drama (which also have ample other sources for those who want it). tl;dr I think if you play up the retro-interest aspect you'll find people who are interested by that.
>>986 i think you need to massively cut down on the number of boards, and then enable user board creation. otherwise this site is going nowhere fast
283.60 KB 1280x900 calen88_cell_11_28.jpg
Happy birthday America. Been thinking about the age old question "how do we make this place actually have activity", and >>988 brought up a good point - the site could use some consolidation for now. I (ranchan) built wapchan with a very top down model, as in I'm responsible for pretty much everything sitewide, besides a few banners. I thought this was the necessary approach to keeping this place comfy, but at this point it seems the site is going to languish forever unless we do some more radical changes. Here's a preliminary plan I have. >All interest boards will be consolidated into /chill/ for now >Otaku boards will stay as they are for now, but will be looking for user volunteers to maintain them at some point going forward >User board creation will be enabled, but with some oversight so we don't end up like 8chan (keeping boards aligned with site culture) Retooling the site to be more "bottom up" without losing it's core values could give it new life - so I set up a poll. I'm not going to give a big vote threshold or anything, since the current site population seems to be super low... EDIT: poll ended in favor of no drastic changes
Edited last time by ranchan on 07/06/2023 (Thu) 00:15:51.
>>989 You could do something like how it is now but have people that are chosen to maintain each board and keep it active (although I still think interest boards should still be consolidated into just /chill/ for now and then expand it into a board if it's requested a lot ) >>988 >enable user board creation. otherwise this site is going nowhere fast I feel like there would be less direction if this was enabled. If we just have a bunch of dead boards with BO's that don't put effort into maintaining their board, there's gonna be a lot of wastelands. + The idea wouldn't really work because the site's that have user-boards don't really have a focused topic and are more general (This site is focused mainly on retro anime and such) I think if users want a board, they can request for it, and they can be the BO, but you'd have to make sure they'll actually put effort in their board.
>>989 >>989 I disagree with the idea, I think the boards in wap has atm are a good starting point. You just need to spread the word of wapchan effectively. Wapchan needs to be MARKETED to the right websites in order for it to prosper.
33.19 KB 700x379 patlabor-the-movie-3.webp
>>990 >>991 Thanks for your feedback. You two made very valid points - sometimes it just gets real quiet for a while around here, which makes me feel like I gotta do something drastic to get things moving - but as you've said, that would hollow out the site's identity. >Wapchan needs to be MARKETED to the right websites in order for it to prosper. That's key. I could do a lot more when it comes to advertising beyond other ibs.
Please change 04.sbs on the links page to use http instead of https. https just gives an error when you try using it.
Even though I labeled this site "feature complete", there's still a lot of roughness - I kind of rushed the new UI onto the site without actually polishing it, so the next few updates will be focused around this. First of all, the quick reply menu was done to be more compact (modeled after 4chan X). The gallery interface now has instructions and an exit button, and I've been doing some stylistic tweaks to themes, mostly for better readability. A few of the themes (art, chill) will be totally redone because they're really raw at the moment, and mu's theme will get a major revamp. >>994 Fixed
330.13 KB 615x447 zqnktkyede_o.jpg
When trying to post the pop up reply box give me "captcha can only be 6 letters" despite only typing 6 letters. The reply box at the top of thread post with no issue.
test post
>>996 Thats' strange, just tested it and it worked. There is an issue where sometimes the first captcha loaded will say it's expired/wrong though, so I'll look into that.
195.94 KB 600x200 NewBanner5.gif
Finally got around to making a few new banners, as well as putting them on the banner page. Also, this is still "ranchan", I just figured I should use the same name I use across the rest of the net (only used ranchan because I was worried about getting doxxed ages ago)
922.52 KB 1053x1431 026.jpg
I don't really have any news to give, but it's the 1000th meta post! Check out the doodles by the way, there's been some real cool art posted recently.
>>1000 That's a good thing. Also, is it me or did the traffic on the site increase for real?
>>1001 I am not going to post my art here if I will just get permabanned on a whim. Glownigger trainees just can't seem to help themselves.
>>1002 Don't really give out permabans much anymore except to CP bots. But I'd appreciate if you posted in good faith and didn't fill your messages with slurs, we're trying to keep things comfy here.
>>1003 I heard the same thing from every other imageboard LARPing about community and comfiness. I post in good faith, faggots move in and shit up every thread with politics and coomer spam, yet i'm the one who gets permabanned in the end for merely reporting them.
150.43 KB 1108x1478 20230703_114714.jpg
>>1004 We aren't the first board to go on and on about "comfiness", I'll give you that. But since day one we've banned politics and NSFW content is limited (early on some users asked for a hentai board which I struck down because moderating that would be a nightmare), and we've had a pretty low amount of bans aside from the automated spammers. I'm just trying to make a nice site for people to post about some niche topics.
422.15 KB 1236x1382 Screenshot_20230716_221726.png
Hi all. I was reading the kissu imageboard happenings thread ( https://kissu.moe/qa/thread/4165 ), and some of the recent posts were talking about lynx UI design, especially on using a sidebar focused UI, especially this comment in regards to hikari3 >Is amazing how empty some imageboards feel without a sidebar. >Like lynx stuffs everything into a comment box or hides it away behind an icon, kissu makes it all just stand out at a glance. I always know what I'm doing and where I'm going. Lots of features, but they're all right in front of you. >It's a well styled site, but it doesn't make me feel like I have any competition in terms of usability and community management. Now I've used lynx mostly because it's got good moderation tools, and we're way too small to consider writing our own backend, but the frontend design is pretty flexable. Anyways, I thought this was funny, because when I switched to using a tiling WM full time last November (qtile), I actually also switched to using side tabs as opposed to being at the top of the browser, and honestly, having the site UI be at the side makes a lot of sense in the same wawy that tabs on the side do. So I'm going to do some work on the test server and come up with a side UI. This isn't the same as frames, mind you - it'll be full featured, and hopefully more streamlined than the current UI (The mobile UI will also be a bit redesigned). I'm also going to work on reducing all the redundant elements in the UI, so things look cleaner! Just like the CSS rewrite, you can come on test.wapchan.org to give things a shot while I refine it.
>>1008 Unrelated, but I've noticed some font visibility problems floating around the various CSS stylesheets. For instance, greentext is nearly impossible to read on Shrine, or Book gives me black text on a grey textbox in the reply box. Classic Yotsuba B works well enough so that's what I'll stick with, but you might want to look at some of those cases.
>>1005 Seems true to that policy so far. Doesn’t seem like much activity happens here at all.
>>1011 It's hard to say what can really be done about that becides asking users to tell others about it. I'm doing another round of work on the UI to make it more usable in general, especially on mobile, and help the site stand out, as well as building a nice board based on a concept from a site that's no longer running, but I obviously can't just overengineer this site forever. I've been thinking of making some of the boards more broad and having less of them (especially the interest boards), and maybe putting more focus on the doodle site (which is about as active as the entire rest of the site put together).>>1011
>>1012 Quick reply seems as broken as it is on anon.cafe. Where it wont accept a captcha entry from quick reply. You could merge a few boards together as they fit similar themes and are about as active as a single thread or two.
>>1013 qr test
>>1013 seems this is specifically a mobile problem. will take a look
117.93 KB 1303x653 Screenshot_20230718_145657.png
here's a very rough overview of the sidebar, only really having the "latest posts" functionality implemented. had to mess around with the lynx backend to get the dates to work, and hovering over the latest posts now pulls up a preview, just like backlinks on threads. feel free to mess around with it on https://test.wapchan.org blogpost below on a more personal note, i am beginning to run out of steam when it comes to actually working on this site as much as i have so far - part of that may be due to how impersonal everything feels. i like the anon format, but for a site this slow and small it's really not doing it any favors. a lot of it is probably just me being sick of having to do everything. i tend to hoist responsibility on myself and eventually get burned out as a result. wapchan isn't my first project that's like this. it's tough because i want to spend less time sitting at my computer and my phone typing away, move more focus into my creative passions, reading, hiking, video editing - other stuff. especially living a healthier lifestyle. working on this site at 3am when i have a job at 8am isn't sustainable. but this is extremely difficult because i (and the few jannies) have to log on constantly because some degenerate cp bot will have posted again and i'll have to go in and delete it and report it. day after day. i don't want to spend my fucking life moderating pizza. maybe i'll modify the lynx backend to take md5 hashes so i can load a fuckton from 4plebs and desuarchive, since FoolFuuka (the software behind most ib archives) has an api where you can pull all their banned hashes. >what does this mean for wapchan not much, really. the site isn't going anywhere. i just wanted to express how i was feeling.
2.17 MB 1373x2000 0009.jpg
>>1016 Hi all, Hope you didn't mind the melancholy earlier. Anyways, I've been thinking of consolidating the boards for now. The site just isn't active enough to warrant all these boards existing, since it makes the place feel empty. >Merge /cel/, /digi/ and /rumi into /ani/ >Merge /pixl/ and /th/ into /vid/ >Merge /art/, /lit/, and /mu/ into /media/ This would reduce the number of boards from 12 to 7 - and the site focus would still be on old stuff. Personally, I'd like having less boards if they're faster, especially since we don't currently have separate board owners - so its hard for me to give enough attention to each of them. Let me know how you feel about this.
>>1017 I think that's good idea, many IB's make the mistake of 'too many boards' early on so consolidate when possible, and obviously it's up to you but I would hesitate to consolidate the last 3: art lit and mu should stay their own things, even if they get low traffic, they have have distinct vibes. from my personal using habits, I'll always go to the /mu/ board when I visit an ib, it's nice have all the music in one place, the same with lit, these are very specialized interests that have something very specific to say about your community.
>>1017 It's a good idea!
179.21 KB 858x1200 FzFIR3ZXsBYd76X(5).jpg
The boards have been packed in. Hopefully this inspires more discussion! More UI work to follow.
>>1022 It feels a lot more organized and clean now!
>>1022 you should bring /cel/ and /aught/ back. combining the others was a good idea, but a place to exclusively talk about 2000s or 80/90s anime is what gave this site personality.
>>1024 I understand, but I'd like to give this a shot for now. a2k/digi had only around 200 or so posts in more than a year of being up. The board is still retro for the most part (besides remakes) it's just a bit broader, and you can talk about the same topics.
>>1022 I feel like some of the boards are a bit too condensed, but I think for now this is ideal for having slow growth. If any one topic dominates a board you could always make a board to splinter it off like the old days.
697.59 KB 720x540 IMG_0778.png
>>1026 Test
>>1027 Well that worked, something was off about quick reply. Anyway as I was saying seems like /ar/ is gone and now it’s just essentially /a/2.0 except much more positive and not nearly as shitposty or cynical as /a/ today(which I honestly don’t understand why they think that way) but I do fear on the long run this move could result in Wapchan’s loss of its original identity. I will I say do absolutely applaud you guys for outright banning frog and jak posting, that alone will do good for this site on the long run
71.93 KB 640x480 1624850944196.jpg
>>1025 I thought the point of the site was to be a pre-2k place and you only threw up a /dig/ board to catch the occasional post discussion spill over. Naturally the post-2k would have low post count because people came here to post about pre-2k anime. Not criticizing you just thats what i thought.
3.80 MB 540x405 madoka.gif
>>1024 >>1028 It's more like the other boards were merged with /ar/. I don't want this to be a long term solution. >>1029 That is how it started, the only real issue with that was that the low activity was turning people off from regularly posting, so the site topics were gradually expanded, but the activity still wasnt high. Don't worry about criticizing me either - I'm just some guy trying to make random people post on some niche board, so the feedback is appreciated. This is honestly just me trying something different to potentially get the site more active without compromising it's identity. It's not a good sign when there's like 5 separate threads on here about "how can we get this place to be active". Maybe if we had users who wanted to manage a specific board or coordinate events that would also help a lot - I haven't done a watch p/ar/ty in ages, so maybe I can start trying to do them again too. It seems like the merging of the anime boards was by far the most controversial change though, understandably so since these boards are the core of the site, so I made a poll if you want them to be split again. http://poal.me/cwsglf
544.54 KB 713x723 poll.png
Thanks to the five of you that voted. It seems the change was really unpopular, so the boards will be split again. I'm gonna be messing around with stuff less for a while and work on other projects and the UI changes. If you believe in the potential of this little site, share it around or just post a lot, since an active board is a healthy board. Also, I'd like to star doing monthly watch p/ar/ties again - let me know if you all are around on the 29th or 30th, as well as viewing suggestions.
234.04 KB 650x867 akarin.jpg
It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to /kind/. Kindmin was always a friend to wapchan and to myself - in fact he volunteered to be one of our jannies a while back, and his version of /kind/ was somewhere that you could truly take it easy. Unfortunately, running an anonymous board is time consuming, demoralizing (especially when dealing with spam), and I fully understand his reluctance to use heavy moderation when trying to shape the board culture (it is something I struggle with as well). I will setup a refuge board for the time being, since kind (and previously 2kind) have been long time friends of wapchan at this point, and I would hate to see the board's culture vanish altogether. If someone (kindmin or otherwise) would like to help take care of this, message me at [email protected]. Otherwise, I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.
>>1039 >board what spam kind people dont spam. and he blocks a ton
>>1039 Never was an active user on /kind/ but I likes there were places like this and appreciate you keep the flame here. Wapchan is a comfy chan and hosting a /kind/ board is a good decision for the kindanons refugees.
>>1039 Never used /kind/ at all sadly, but will post on the /kind/ board whenever I see some traffic there.
865.81 KB 1808x1231 011.jpg
Hi all, I'm thinking of taking a break from coming to this site so often for a bit, mostly because I've been spending way too much time on boards and not enough time living my life. To be clear, wapchan's not shutting down, but I've been thinking about what's next for wap - maybe a different site format other than imageboard? I've thought about this before: >Cleaning up CSAM sucks, and it's not something I (and the jannies) want to do forever. >There's no easy way to auto moderate this. These predators just change a pixel and now I've got to apply a whole new hashban >The whole altchan sphere just isn't terribly great in my opinion, there's a lot of extreme stuff out there that sickens me or that I just don't care for. Keeping this site independent of "the webring" and other boards has worked well, but we still get spam from other sites unrelated to that. Cutting ties with "chan culture" might be the best path forward. Above all though, I'd like to make this place a community, not just a collection of threads. Maybe a forum could work - we already operate much closer to one than we do to most imageboards, and being able to kill the anonymous CSAM problem once and for all would make me personally a lot more willing to recommend this site to others, because let's face it - with IPV6, I'm going to be playing wack a mole forever with VPNs and mobile IPs, and this board isn't my whole life. Would accounts drive away some people? Definitely, but it's not like having an account means you gotta doxx yourself. I'd like us to be somewhere both different from mainstream social media and the chans, but still being a retro community. I'm going to ruminate on this for a while, maybe a week or two. I'll still be visiting to clean up spam. Feedback/suggestions are welcome as always. EDIT: spelled "recommended" wrong, lol
Edited last time by ranchan on 08/16/2023 (Wed) 01:28:05.
>>1049 Turning the site into a fourm seems like a good idea, as this site is basically an anonymous forum. I feel like there would be more of a sense of a small community here if everyone had an identifiable username, the anonymous nature of altchans can work for some sites but I don't think it suits wapchan well. I also feel like turning this site into a fourm could give this place a more "retro" feel like old 2000's anime discussion sites. User registration might make it harder for bots to spam as well, I'm not totally sure as I've never ran a site before. If you were to change the style of this site from an anonymous image board to a forum I would hope the CSS for the boards were kept, as I think they're really sick! I like this little site and I hope it can grow more soon. (maybe I should stop lurking so much and post more heh)
>>1049 Do want you want man. I for one will still be here at least.
>>1049 I'll still be here regardless of your decision, but I think we should stay an imageboard. This site is just a little over a year old, I think switching to a forum would be a bit too radical of a change for such a young site. And just because we're an "altchan" doesn't mean we have to have anything to do with "extreme stuff", there are traditional forums that are also "extreme" so I don't think that really makes a difference in that regard. If you do decide to switch to a forum, I definitely agree with >>1050 that it should still look the same as the current imageboard format. If CSAM is the main issue, and hiring more jannies doesn't help, perhaps you could just require accounts for posting images but leave text-only posting untouched? In case you are open to more jannies, I'm going to resend my application I sent ages ago.
I can sympathize with not wanting to deal with spam and the bad reputation *chan sites have tended to develop, but I'm not sure if I would stick around if I had to post under a persistent identity. Hidden registration, maybe, since site admins can already see IP addresses anyway. But if I wanted to post on a traditional forum I'd be doing that.
>>1054 >Hidden registration, maybe, since site admins can already see IP addresses anyway. That sounds like a more appealing option than persistent identities to me.
Is it possible to run an imageboard that requires accounts for posting while still being anonymous? Does lynxchan or others have this functionality? Can the same be done for forums? anonymous posting?
120.60 KB 1176x952 sheepish.jpg
First of all, I'd like to welcome our newest friend site, SheepishPatio. They're a small hobby forum. Thank you to Lumeinshin for reaching out! Anyways, I've been reading all the feedback about the future of this site, and I'm probably gonna stay the course and keep this site as an anonymous imageboard. Also, the staff application page was missing for a while, I've added it back on the front page. If you would like to help keep this site running, please consider applying. >>1053 Somehow I never got this the first time you sent it, but I responded just now. >>1054 Totally understandable. >>1056 Both of these are possible if needed/desired in the future. I will try and fix the quick reply box soon.
>>1049 >There's no easy way to auto moderate this. These predators just change a pixel and now I've got to apply a whole new hashban When I get good at programming I'm going to make an AI image filter that prevents frogs, 'jaks, or nudity from being uploaded to imageboards or forums (or anyone who wants to use it).
>>1049 The only long term solution is accounts to post images. In addition, you can do trust levels with those accounts. https://blog.discourse.org/2018/06/understanding-discourse-trust-levels/ I would be happy to help you, though it depends on the tech stack (should be enjoyable to work with). I can create another GitHub profile and work through GitHub. I thought to reach out through a post here rather than a formal email. I think often about creating my own forum but I don't like the idea of hosting and being a janny. This seems like a nice compromise.
>>1059 Of course, everything remains anonymous still. It's just an "account" which verifies you're human effectively.
1.38 MB 2901x4096 FVyuPm4WYA0RFlY.png
>>1060 Hi all, Hope everyone's doing alright. The /kind/ folks have settled in nicely, being by far the most active board we've had probably all year, and I hope they stick around for the long term. I wonder what's next for this site, since I personally don't want it to feel stale, probably why I keep floating ideas to change it. Maybe we could focus on specific authors or works to dial in the conversation more, or even have part of the site covering related news? Let me know what you all think. By the way - no idea who this character is in this piece by Yuji Moriyama (it's not A-ko), but you can always count on him to deliver some damn fine character designs.
>>1069 >Part of the site covering related news What you mean by that?