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873.59 KB 889x1745 Arthouse_(Entry_Level).jpg
anon 02/03/2022 (Thu) 18:52:54 No. 6
How many of these have you watched? How many do you like?
>>6 M , Stalker, Seventh Seal and Joan of Arc. I think they are all good enough to recommend, but M and Stalker are the ones I will come back to.
>>6 From that chart, I've seen: >Stalker Boring, not as good as the book or the game. Not very pretty either, except for the final sequence. A film with absolutely nothing to say that isn't said better or in a more interesting manner somewhere else. >Seven Samurai Good fun, not sure it's really "arthouse" though. Basically just an action film but old and japanese. >Chungking Express The first story is absolutely wonderful, one of my favorite bits of any movie ever. Sadly the movie spends most of its runtime on a dull second story that doesn't come close to the highs of the first.
>>8 A hot minute since I saw that one.i think I know what I will watch today.
>>6 >>9 >Sadly the movie spends most of its runtime on a dull second story that doesn't come close to the highs of the first. Holy filtered https://youtu.be/n6acks-wQ1w
>>11 Hey man, using one great song a lot doesn't save that story from being a boring nothing. I can (and do) listen to California Dreamin' on my own, I don't need to watch an uninteresting romance plot every time I want to hear it.
>>6 >Posting Chungking Express >Not posting In The Mood for Love Why?
>>13 >In The Mood for Love good taste anon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWVDZ98AFhI i love the costumes and camera work, there are some really expressive shots
>>6 >Breathless Eh, I preferred Le Chinoise >8 1/2 Wasn't as into it as everyone I've heard of the movie from seems to be, but that's probably just a taste thing. >Seven Samurai Love this one, not really arthouse though. >Cleo from 5 to 7 Keep trying to torrent this one but there's never any peers >Daisies Love this one. It was probably my first "arthouse" film >Le Samouraï Actually about halfway through this one, gonna finish it tonight. Loving it so far, but it may be because I'm partial to Alain Delon >Un Chien Andalou Love this one as well Haven't seen Chunking Express, but I liked In the Mood for Love.
>>6 M, Seven Samurai, The 400 Blows, Bicycle Thieves, La Haine, Three Colors, that's it not much ig
>>6 Nothing tbh
>>6 I have only watched Stalker yet, and I liked it. Its cinematography is great and I like its setting. But it isn't edited well and way too long. Could have liked it even more if I had not expected sci-fi but rather a philosophical film
>>18 Solaris is the more accessiblebTarkovsky film. Somewhat less philosophising more sci-fi, same kinography. You should definitley check it out if you liked Stalker.