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23.38 KB 400x306 IMG_2489.jpeg
Oldschool Tokusatsu anon 07/25/2023 (Tue) 23:33:25 No. 257
This is probably the very first Tokusatsu thread on this site and no better to start off with the very first toku television hero Moonlight mask/Gekko kamen, we can also discuss other classic heroes as well! Which one is your favorite?
>>257 The funniest thing for me is that the creator of Moonlight Mask later converted to Islam and made a show called "Messenger of Allah", but that one is unfortunately completely lost.
>>258 what u mean by completely lost? like gone?
>>259 Yeah, it didn't get preserved and now it's gone. I guess it's possible it might still show up, but it seems unlikely. (watch someone come by and give a torrent link)
32.01 KB 450x317 IMG_2581.jpeg
>>259 >>261 Op here, at least the first episode survives and a proportion of the final episode as well, it’s unfortunate because it is something quite rare at the time and still is, the manga however does survive in its entirety
>>262 For real? Is it on the internet?
>>262 huh, didnt get preserved? what does that mean? doesnt tsuburaya or whatever museum holds ownership of it forever? isnt it historically important piece of footage to supposedly be kept?
>>264 It’s toei, not tsuburaya productions(they didn’t exist as a company until 3 years later) simply put things just end up getting lost, the early days of Japanese television are somewhat vauge. >>263 I think you can look that up
It's possible unmarked reels are lying around somewhere in storage, but who's ever going to find them? Sadly, film and tv preservation is quite bad, even in Western countries, and people only make an effort to hunt down big name stuff. We have found a lot of old 20s movies in third world countries, but since Messenger of Allah was probably never screened outside Japan it's very unlikely. I've always found this series interesting. It comes from a time where Islam/Middle East was this far away and exotic, not all war and terrorism. Hard imaging someone making this kind of stuff nowadays.
>>288 If I were to come up with a modern reimagining I’d have his first opponents be like an ISIS type group and how they’re using a twisted version of their beliefs, then it would be the typical villains criminal groups that would often be featured in the creators works. I know someone(probably an artist from tatsunoko) did a drawing of him if he were to appear in an 80s ani e reboot but I can’t find it