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49.67 KB 328x500 nhs.jpg
Amerimanga anon 12/29/2022 (Thu) 12:53:55 No. 2
Any of you ever read foreign works heavily inspired by manga? I feel like with how seperated Japanese manga and western comics are these days, series that bridged the gap dont get much appreciation these days. Can you believe Ninja High School has been published continuously since 1987?
>>2 It's hard to believe Ninja High School is still fucking going, that's for sure. I used to read it as a kid and even though I liked it then, it never felt quite as good as actual manga. Now it feels like some sort of weird fossil fish that's still hanging around for some reason
317.27 KB 746x360 they_didn't_even_try.png
>>2 I still cannot believe that no one has made a parody comparing Ninja High School to Urusei Yatsura. I mean, COME ON
>>4 NHS always wore its influences on its sleeve. I think the skunk-girl had a Captain Harlock outfit too?