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anon 02/11/2024 (Sun) 20:06:04 No. 937
Does anybody know what happened to the guy who operated 04.sbs? He has closed his site, and I haven't heard from him since November, as that was the last time I saw him playing MikuMikuOnline. I know he used to come to /kind/, so I figured somebody might have an idea.
679.34 KB 1000x523 secret lab.png
>>937 i guess it failed... it seemed like a cool experiment!
>>939 That's the conclusion I came to.
>>939 Experiment?
sigh I liked that site a good bit, but it didn't have much direction. I remember being the only one who posted there for a while. Frankly, I think the current landscape of imageboards is abysmal, regardless of the reason why things are this way. It is important to post and support every board you like, even if you don't think your post is especially high quality. Please try your best, even if you don't think it is "good enough".
>>982 >Frankly, I think the current landscape of imageboards is abysmal, regardless of the reason why things are this way. Yeah, it's completely depressing.
>>982 >>983 eh... things feel the same. i'm not sure what you guys mean?
652.57 KB 800x600 worried about this shit.png
>>982 I have the strange situation that there is no board left I care about, but I like imageboards in general. Since the board I used for a long time died I wasn't able to build up a chemistry like I had with that one. What also irks me is that it got really difficult to keep track of all the imageboards around. I always liked doing that, to observe how many there are, what boards they have, what language(s) are used on them, what their culture is, how active they are. Search engines got way worse at finding them, people using imageboards got very distrustful sharing information about other places and how to find them, lists that attempt to keep track on imageboards are offline or outdated. Honestly, I don't know anymore how to discover them. How can you support them(Give activity, make posts) when you can't even find them anymore? Last place I knew that helped with that was buffalo land(Think I wrote it wrong though). >>984 They sure feel as awful as in the past few years, yeah. Unless something new happened. If you are around since 20 years though, then you know the differences. 15 would be enough as well. The same goes for 10.
>>985 >Honestly, I don't know anymore how to discover them. I discovered this place by accident while reading the worst takes on 4chan, so, uh... you know, I have no idea how anyone's meant to find this place.
>>985 It's nice to see a fellow Rin enjoyer. > I have the strange situation that there is no board left I care about I'm in a similar boat. The places I care about are all dead and gone, and I sorta just drift from one place to another. wapchan is a nice place though, I'll try to take >>982's advice and post even if I think I'm not contributing. Sometimes I wonder if my social shortcomings have compromised even my ability to post. >>986 I very conveniently found this place after becoming totally fed up with zzzchan. I think that place might have more mods than actual users. The whole webring is terrible, not least because of the drama. Every other place to talk about stuff isnt an image board. IRC, i2p, mailing lists for tech stuff, those sorts of things. Feels like most places are dead internet, though.
>>986 >>987 It is hard to advertise this sort of place organically. I have zero interest in buying ads on 4chan, and people seem to frown upon me posting about it on reddit (not all reddit users are "redditors" per se). If we pump out more OC and post it around the net that might help
41.79 KB 502x753 adfafdgnsfgmdghm.jpg
>>989 >I have zero interest in buying ads If ads arent your thing, how about subtracts instead? fufufu
>>984 Have you been on imageboards a long time? They felt like they were thriving back in late 2014 when 8chan blew up, and before that there were sites like 789chan (and 888chan), 4chon, and 420chan that were more active than most non-4chan imageboards are today. Early post-Exodus 8chan felt like a golden age of English-language imageboards. I miss the way things used to be.
449.08 KB 2173x1000 ba4.jpg
>>986 I discovered Wapchan through /kind/. Now that I think about it, most places I know I have found because they were mentioned somewhere else. There is lurk and learn, but also lurk, wait and find. Of course I have found way more places with lists and stuff, but those were boards I never really used and therefore don't remember. >>987 I like all of them, but Rin is my favorite and has a special place in my heart. Still pissed that there is no route for Misha and Miki and Rika and Saki were only jokes. Yes, mods and all that. They never came close what could have been though. Anyway, it makes me always happy to see somebody continues to talk about it and posts stuff from it. Nice to have you here. Yeah, I am a digital nomad too. I would like to take roots somewhere, but I just can't care anymore like I used to. This is also a reason why it bothers me so much that it got so hard to find new places. How can a nomad travel, when there is no destination? In my case I noticed that my social shotcomings happened because I was always online and posting. Now that I am forced to interact with people in real life, my urge to post diminished. I have to admit that I never liked 8chan, the webring and all that revolved around it. >>989 Friend boards are a nice thing in my opinion. At least I think /kind/ and Wapchan was always a nice fit. >>993 > I miss the way things used to be. So do I. The older I get the more I think I am nothing but a fool, a nostalgic, melancholic fool who does not want time to pass.
>>995 >I discovered Wapchan through /kind/ Same. >So do I. The older I get the more I think I am nothing but a fool, a nostalgic, melancholic fool who does not want time to pass. I remember thinking that the early 2010s sucked with the way the older Internet was being killed off, but in retrospect the situation still wasn't as bad as it is now.
Ever thought it wasn't imageboards that changed, but you?
>>993 Man, I miss 420chan.
>>995 >has a special place in my heart Some of the other girls are cute, but Rin is very very special to me. I relate to her deeply, and her story made me smile and made me cry. The music makes me tear up still. Its one of the only things that pulls emotion from me up to the front, even though I feel things very deeply. >I would like to take roots somewhere I just want to find a place where I feel like I belong, but nobody IRL ever seems willing to accept me because I was born different. On imageboards it used to feel like I was finally somewhere I was accepted, but now its all changed. I feel lonely again. >>999 It hurts
>>1001 I don't think I ever actually posted anything there, but I remember being impressed by the amount of boards they had. It seemed like most English alternatives to 4chan that I saw only had a handful of boards.
829.21 KB 719x960 mexican_kid_skateboard.png
>>1001 I never posted there but it was a great resource. I hear it's coming back. Not under the same guy though, I think he's in jail or something.
>>1006 >Not under the same guy though, I think he's in jail or something. There's a Foxdick Farms thread about him. I think he was mouthing off about working for the feds before. I remember hearing that Hotwheels expressed interest in taking the board over.
30.96 KB 512x512 take me.jfif
>>1004 Some? You didn't like all of them? Rin is also the one that hit me the hardest by far. Like you I felt hard. Now and then while reading the route I had to stop, just to stomach what was dished out. I also have her as a wallpaper, it never fails to evoke some positive emotions from me. The theme parity still makes me feel warm inside. After finishing the story I was one of those who stared at the starting screen for hours, first feeling empty, then lost, afterwards incredibly motivated. On top of that I suffered from Katawa dick for 7 weeks. To this day I hope I can once feel like she did at the end, that everything will be okay. That feel is very familiar to me. I have no idea if it is a place, a person or a interest that it is lacking. A person would be nice, somebody I click with, with no reason to explain stuff, where the behaviour is confusing or needs to be adjusted. Regarding the imageboards I can only agree as well.
>>1011 The fuck is Katawa dick?
>>1011 > You didn't like all of them? I thought some of the others were cute on a surface level but even playing through their routes, I found it difficult to understand why they were acting the way they were even after I had the context of their story. I don't think it's hard for anyone to understand why, given how strongly I relate to Rin in particular. >parity still makes me feel warm inside Parity and teardrops in the rain are songs I listen to regularly for comfort. >where the behaviour is confusing or needs to be adjusted almost every person is like this. Ive had many "I thought he was my friend" art teacher moments. I recently had another with my former best friend. Its difficult to trust anybody now. If I had a person in my life like Rin, I think I would be happier. >>1013 >unknowing I shiggy diggy
>>1013 I was curious so I looked it up.
148.81 KB 600x360 akari.gif
>>1006 >>1009 uhh... why's he in jail? did he do a dumb thing? >>1015 man... having katawa dick sounds like it would suck.
14.09 KB 250x250 627449-AA3-1730987240.jpg
>>1016 There would be no sucking involved whatsoever, I thought the definition was clear anon
>>1014 I see. For me it was not the point of understanding others, but of they understanding me that appealed to me so much. For me it's Parity and Wiosna. My condolences, I know this all to well. So far I have lost everyone too. First my friends I had as a kid were lost in my youth, then the friends I have made in my youth were lost as an adult. Now as an adult I didn't make friends yet, who knows if I ever will. All I can say is that I am tired and don't even have the urge to reach out anymore. I feel like I just want to crawl into a corner and be done with everything. Btw, fuck Nomiya. Even Jigoro seems like a decent person in comparasion to him. Honestly, I think a person with an honest chemistry is the only one I would be able to put up with. As you said, just like Rin. She is always serious, as she said herself. Shiggy diggy made me snort, haven't heard that in a long time. >>1016 It was actually nice. I could see how it would be without wanking. Wasn't that much of a difference though, had more time for other things, but that was it.
>>937 Yeah no clue, I still sometimes try to head back there by accident and have to remind myself its dead >>982 Yeah I agree, imageboards are hard to host, cus you dont wanna step on anyones toes of sites you already like, but knowing what people will want to post is also hard. Thats part of why I went with a more proper web-forum, but thats ended up having all the difficulties of an imageboard, but with an extra mini-requirement/pressure of people wanting to have more longer proper posting, which does make it harder imo. I do think that the few I frequent are quite nice and dont suffer many of the usual issues with some imageboard posting trends. wapchan, hikari3 and sushi are my current favs >>1011 For me, its Lily. :) Idk I enjoyed all of the girls stories but I never got the same vibe from Rin as most fans, I think I need to give the game a replay now its been like a decade since i went through it all >>989 you've done very well with the site without advertising. I can talk about my experience advertising SheepishPatio with you in depth if you wanted to, since i think i've basically exhausted every self-serve ad avenue