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Random Thoughts Thread anon 09/10/2023 (Sun) 16:22:18 No. 233
For posting thoughts or daydreams that you want to share!
I've been thinking a bit about what I want to do in life. It's a little late, but I'm still fairly young. I slipped up in those critical years of my late teens, and only recovered in the past year or so. Now that I have some stability I'd like to look at options other than continuing on my current path because it's dreadfully boring. Recently, I've gained a large appreciation for robotics from working around them and robotics should align with my talents. I think it'd be really good to go to school for that, and I might even be able to get a large amount of assistance from the company I work for, since they have positions involving robots and have programs for this sort of thing. I'll have to ask HR... I think that kind of career would be something I could do everyday and not hate.
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>>234 robotics is a nice field, but here are some important things for you to know. right now, the job market for robotics is a bit saturated, and innovation in the industry has been stagnant for decades. though, this does seem to be changing recently as some of the newer ideas from academia are being adapted by the industry. also, if you work in a robotics company, a lot of what you'll be doing day-to-day will be surprisingly bureaucratic, but this largely depends on your role. at the same time, there are other fields expected to have a huge impact on this world. with that in mind, i recommend that you continue to explore your options before you commit your life to some field.
Anyone here a recovering imageboard user? I thought I was going in a steady direction by giving up on a lot of things such as ideologies and behaviours from these kinds of places, but sadly a lot of it is still ingrained in my self. Yesterday for example I had homicidal thoughts about someone, and even though I used to be more erratic and insane about two years ago, maybe three, it just came out of my mouth yesterday and kicked up a fuzz last night. Death is quite insensitized in these parts so this is something that still needs to be worked on. My relatives want to put me in medication again, but I can't say.
>>249 You'll be fine, friend. Been there myself once... it'll pass. Just remember that everything that is learned can be unlearned.
>>249 I've found imageboards a lot more beneficial than anything, not that there aren't downsides.
81.35 KB 614x671 1625689055700.jpg
What the fuck was up with 90s shows and having shocking moments that came from nowhere? It just pisses me the fuck out and makes me understand why people would flock to japanese media instead.
>>233 >>233 Im angry about the world I have inherited. Despite having autism, and a less than ideal childhood of trauma in all three categories, I have managed to be successful due to equal parts effort and luck. I graduated university, I will soon be finding a job to start a fruitful career, it's all going nicely. But I'm still angry. I'm furious. I'm upset. I feel like it's all too late. Everywhere I look is nothing but deeply rooted problems so grand in the scope of their effect and so enigmatically complex in their inner workings that it seems hopeless to do anything to fix them. Climate change, corruption everywhere in the system, radicalization everywhere driving the whole of society apart at the seams, all in an age where the truth is indistinguishable from fiction and propaganda; I just don't know whats true anymore in detail. What do I do? How do I deal with this? I sit silently IRL and watch, going about my time as though all were right and it didnt feel like I was born into the pre-apocolypse, but I want to scream. I try to scream but I just can't.
Stood next to some joshikouseis with brightly dyed hair on the train ride home today and listened to them talk about anime for a half hour. Some things never change, like weird high school alt-girls being into anime. Apparently what's hip with the kids now is Shokugeki no Soma and Kimetsu no Yaiba. The most normal-looking one started talking about Gate out of nowhere, which I was not expecting. >>264 Like what? I remember Frasier had some really dark moments that came out of left field.
>>266 >in an age where the truth is indistinguishable from fiction and propaganda When I think about this aspect in particular, I have to wonder, is that really unique to our age or is it endemic to the human situation across ages? It's easy for it to look discouraging given we're coming out of a time period when it was really looking like scientific advancement was on the up and up with new technologies that were going to give us the answers and improve our lives, before it all got highjacked by commercialism, but really, were the medieval peasants or the average Joe in the ancient world really any less apt to believe in the bullshit they were offered without thinking it through? Most improvements across the ages seem to have come not from the common folk, but the people on the lower tiers of the ruling structure, the ones privileged enough to see how the strings are pulled behind the scenes, but too low down to feel that the structures of power truly benefited them. Enough people thought War of the Worlds was real to cause a panic over it. People are bad at recognizing fiction, or even at realizing that fiction isn't a new invention (viz. all the people who insist King Arthur was real on the shakiest of evidence, or who insist on trying to find evidence of Odysseus, or Atlantis, or whatever other thing was probably merely fiction as if people back then didn't just make shit up to entertain themselves and others just like today.)
>>268 >were the medieval peasants or the average Joe in the ancient world really any less apt to believe in the bullshit they were offered without thinking it through? The trouble isn't being fooled by things, it's the fact that an active search can be impeded. Falsehoods, lies, and misdirection have always existed, but what about in libraries? Were the weak states of the medieval period, or the proto-dictatorships of antiquity, powerful enough to edit records and change facts as written? Digital records are vulnerable because they are in the hands of the powerful, with little to guard them from erasure or revisionism. I think that, even if it is a phenomena common throughout ages, it has been massively amplified and accelerated by the internet (like many, many other things). It may be true that a low middle ages peasant would believe any old bullshit, but that peasant probably wasnt trying to find truth and answers using a vast global network. That peasant almost certainly did not have instant access to nearly all of mankinds collective knowledge across all of time. Nor did he have the capacity to communicate anonymously with people all over the globe, to express his despair at the state of his world! Things may be the same, but they are also different.
>>267 I was watching the Simpsons and then Homer's face just melted out of nowhere. Four seasons with most of the grotesque and horrid things being almost non existent and then this appearing enraged me a lot
>>270 >Falsehoods, lies, and misdirection have always existed, but what about in libraries? Aristotle's works were, for a long time, considered definitive and a cause for pushback and even punishment if questioned, even though later research showed his ideas about some things (particularly biology) to be demonstrably wrong. >Were the weak states of the medieval period, or the proto-dictatorships of antiquity, powerful enough to edit records and change facts as written? Being confined to a smaller locality made it harder, but it's not as if they didn't try, and some things probably made it easier to balance things out somewhat (fewer books in existence, and many of them kept in the hands of organizations like the Catholic Church.) Book burnings and histories that attempted to smear prior rulers who had fallen out of favor were very much things. In some cases the records can be called into question because they're contradicted by other records from another time or place, but if an attempt was successful, we wouldn't know, now would we? >Digital records are vulnerable because they are in the hands of the powerful, with little to guard them from erasure or revisionism. I always say, if you see a document or file or anything online that you might want to have available down the line, never trust that it'll still be around in the future, make personal copies. Online services have always been prone to data being accidentally or deliberately destroyed, but home computer data storage is a lot bigger these days, too. >I think that, even if it is a phenomena common throughout ages, it has been massively amplified and accelerated by the internet (like many, many other things). No argument there.
>>270 >>272 A further addendum that I think is worth making, is that part of the reason there's so much issue with accepting modern science is, ironically, the advancement of science itself. The idea that, barring interference from air resistance, a light ball and a heavy one will fall at the same speed is counterintuitive, but Galileo's experiment demonstrating this isn't outside the reach of someone who really wants to repeat it and see for themselves. Experiments that require a particle accelerator, or genetic sequencing, or anything else that involves super high-tech and specialized equipment is out of the reach of all but a few to replicate. So it becomes the "trust our word for it" situation that people are pushing back against, even if the research is sound. And it becomes more acute when the research says things that are hard to accept as sensible conclusions (quantum physics comes to mind)
I think I'm gonna get a new phone. What things do you recommend to pay attention when choosing a new phone?
>>275 Here's stuff I care about personally (Note that I've always been an android guy so i dont know nor care about itoddlers) >Battery life >Fast charging rate A phone's no good if you cant rely on it to hold a charge, and fast charging helps a lot if you wont have access to a wall plug for long >Minimum 1080p screen 1440p is nice but 99% of people wont notice the difference with the density already so high, but barely anything comes out now with under 1080p anyways >120hz screen High refresh rates feel nice to use >SD card or 64gb+ storage It's hard to find phones with SD slots these days
822.30 KB 498x280 slap-lucky-star.gif
Should I stick around a friend who told me he doesn't respect me like he used to? To be honest he's my only friend and hasn't told me why, was drunk when he said that, but it honestly hurts to live with the knowledge that I'm tiresome to even my friend which I hang out with almost daily. I try to act like nothing happened, although it's getting harder for me to be around him, and the selfdoubt just gets worse I feel, I mean is ending the friendship because of that unkind or am I selfish? I think this whole thing has made me very depressed and cautious around others, he felt like family for the over 10 years I've known him, and would have never thought that this is what he thinks of me, he made fun of me because I mentioned it briefly afterwards. And most of all I feel stupid for putting so much trust in another person and I don't want this to change how I feel about people in general. What do you when a friend tells you something like this? Brush it off? Work on yourself? Feeling stupid to even call someone a friend? Maybe I needed something like this happen to me so I start taking care of myself first and don't bother with what others think of me or something. I've never wanted to turn into a shitty human like I've seen so many in my life, but maybe it's too late and I already am, though I feel more pathetic than shitty, and I'm not feeling especially kind right now.
>>298 I was in a situation like that once upon a time. I'm not friends with that person anymore and really, I don't regret it. I really sucked back then, so I can't blame them for not having much respect for me, but despite that, I just continued on still sucking. Eventually I got fed up with it and snapped, and after that I moved on to better things and don't have much respect for that guy anymore, not that I've spoken to him, I just seriously doubt he's done anything since then while I have made strides on my own. Obviously, it might not work for you, but I wouldn't change myself for the sake of someone else. It's better to grow in your own way and in your own direction.
>>298 That really sucks, friend. You said you mentioned it briefly, but have you told him how you feel about what he said? Drunk or not, what your friend said was pretty rude, and not explaining what he meant exactly or why he thinks that makes it even worse. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect an explanation or an apology. Making fun of you for bringing it up isn't very nice, either. Ultimately, it's your decision, but if you genuinely feel like you can't be friends anymore and you can't talk it out, I don't think it's unkind or selfish to end things.
>>298 It depends on the reason he has less respect for you. If someone did something less worthy of respect, then they could reasonably expect their friend(s) to be let down by that. If you hang out with someone almost daily, it might be too close for comfort over time. Relationships with people change even close family members.
692.47 KB 1204x868 Kikuchi.Yume.full.530219.jpg
>>300 I definitely suck often, get defensive or quiet when I'm feeling down or failed many things I've wanted to do until now, which makes me a bit hopeless to continue trying, maybe that could be the problem I don't know. But it's not like my friend does it better to be honest, like you wrote, he also hasn't done anything really for ever, which I never had a problem with, only now I feel like entertainment , he watches me fail again and again while he does nothing, and then has the guts to also tell me he doesn't respect me anymore while sitting in his gaming chair. >I wouldn't change myself for the sake of someone else This is a big problem I have, I think I don't have the largest ego and never thought much about myself, so I guess I've looked at how others are doing first. >>306 >You said you mentioned it briefly, but have you told him how you feel about what he said? I haven't really, it's been a while since then that I'd feel embarrassed to start talking about it again, which is why I probably felt the need to make that post. And whenever I try to talk about something a bit more serious that's not pop culture he literally runs away, I feel like a boomer, adult men not being able to talk about anything kind of sucks. >>310 >It depends on the reason he has less respect for you That's the problem, I'm thankful that he's being honest with me, only if he actually told me what his problem was, instead of just saying that I suck it would have been more helpful. We have had similar opinions on a lot of stuff, I guess that's why the statement hurt because I believe it. I'd be down but fine with it if he just wouldn't want to hang out anymore, acting like nothing happened while we continue hanging out just makes me feel worse without any way to improve myself. Anyway, thanks for the replies, this was more of a rant than a thought but I'll post an actual random thought next time!
I'm thinking of getting a ticket to Miku Expo, but I have nobody to go with and the possible dates are all pretty bad...
Good morning /kind/! I wish you all the best day you can get!
266.79 KB 400x400 1424051560044.gif
Damn, is this the same board from 2016 era 8ch? That's crazy, nigga. Glad to see it's survived
A coworker talked about how many 'weird' people he saw during his time studying computer engineering and how they were socially awkward virgins. He likes to talk about how boys who like trains better not like them too much or at least eventually grow out of it, lest they become weird introverted loners. Feels a bit awkward listening to that while being this "type" of person. Why are people like this?
90.55 KB 803x603 habu naisu dei.jpeg
>>352 Ohayou! Have a nice day too. >>357 >That's crazy, nigga. Just wait until you hear how many times we've had to move! >>358 Rude coworker, but if it's any consolation, it sounds like he thinks you're a normal person. Unfortunately I think people immediately clock me as a virgin turbo-autist everywhere I go.
>>359 Thanks, friend. I guess It could have been worse.
I was reading OL Haman-sama earlier and it made me realize I have a "type", when before I had never thought about it much.
5.59 MB 800x450 office ladies.webm
>>358 It's funny because it's true. Anyways it's not our fault we were poorly socialized.
One of my coworkers said he "found me a girl". I'm not good with this sort of topic, and, well, I'm just not interested in a relationship. As such, I didn't respond well with this conversation. I might just start saying I have a girlfriend, just to not be bothered by it anymore.
361.62 KB 704x755 1584320986601.jpg
>>377 You shouldn't try to be shy. Even if they may be dickheads, they might want you to find someone nice to spend time with. And if they're not and they're just messing with you, you can always try to brush it off. A good part of being with others is tolerating them, knowing when to be with them and knowing when not to.
1.69 MB 1770x1808 linux girl.png
I'm so fucking in love with linux. It is amazing the kind of things you can do. Free software has a very specific way it works, where due to the nature of it being individual pieces of software working together, it leads to the individual parts of it being extremely polished. Just now for example I was in a videocall in a bootcamp, and our teacher was using a tool that lets you take a screencap of a specific part of the screen, make it stay on top, and can also zoom in case someone needs to take notes and can't see. I asked him the name of the app, but then I decided to start fiddling with the screenshot tool I work with , and to my surprise that functionality is already implemented. The software really has been streamlined for the better as the years went by, and now I feel more at home using Ubuntu + KDE than I ever did with Windows 10. Sure takes a while to set up, and some design choices for specific software is really strange (like Nautilus not letting you see thumbnails when uploading a file, or just now I'm seeing Dolphin doesn't let you search for files while uploading). But besides the hurdles, I feel something extremely nice when I discover how capable the OS is, instead of the clunky thing I always took it for granted
>>377 Did they bother asking her opinion? If she's that desperate, that can't be good unless she's a NEET. >>380 You mean you've successfully brainwashed yourself into liking it. And that's more of a *nix thing than a "free" thing. It's not like you're going to get people to write things that won't be cobbled together.
We don't need OS flamewars here, please be civil
>>380 I've ended up liking Linux more than I thought I would, but it still feels like a compromise to me. I don't like Windows 10, but at least it Just Werks™ for a lot of what I like to do. Linux still feels handicapped in that regard.
436.78 KB 900x914 1695510125064.jpg
>>377 If you know this person well and think he's seriously trying to set you up with someone he thinks would be a good match for you, I think you should give it a shot. You never know. If not, yeah, that's pretty awkward. I think it's better in the long run to just politely decline than make up a fake relationship, though. >>380 Nice post. I'll probably join the linux revolution when my current computer dies. I learned to live with windows 10, but I don't know about windows 11.
11.41 MB 5120x2880 linux girl 2.png
>>383 I felt the opposite, I was trying to use AI software but because I have an AMD GPU, it was only supported on Linux. So I went into it just to test the waters, and I found the desktop environment to be incredibly more modern, and the tools I work with to also be much more optimized. >scrolling through programs in KDE vs Windows 10 >Much more smoother animations (depends on your DE) >IDEs wise (Rider vs Visual Studio for C# for example) they have better tools for detecting changes in a repo or a file, and they're also much more informative >Can manage all types of databases with one single program (dBeaver) >Much more nice to look at and less pixelly input text in browsers >Installing software in it is much easier, despite not being able to launch any .exe file. >Because of the nature of free software, it will only get better as more people contribute to the projects If you feel comfortable with Windows, that is up to you, but personally after going with Kubuntu (even if some people don't like Canonical for some of their practices), Windows 10 just feels like an OS from yesterday.
>I was trying to use AI software but because I have an AMD GPU, it was only supported on Linux. Which software was this?
>>391 I use my computer in 3840x2160 in 200% scale and have to deal with tiny GUIs in a lot of programs (and also main system cursors unless I select a theme that has ones that are bigger than usual). My desktop icons are constantly getting scrambled too. Besides the compatibility issues with programs I'd like to use, there are things like that that bring the experience down for me. I do think things have gotten better, but there's still plenty of room for improvement. I plan on putting Windows 7 on an old laptop at some point and keeping that for certain uses.
>>395 That might be why fractional scaling was a huge improvement for Wayland as of late. That would allow for proper scaling in the long run. I also used to use a resolution higher than 1080p and had to scale everything 150%, but because my monitor isn't QHD all the text was blurry, so I had to ditch that. >>394 ROCm
85.26 KB 640x640 edit_1657340359404.jpg
>>233 I am hearing auditory hallucinations again. Not feeling terrible like before, but still a quite scary experience.
46.44 KB 369x567 589.webp
The dakimakura inner pillow I ordered just arrived. Soon the cover will be here too and I will have the comfiest sleeps. Was a little weird when I had to pick up the inner at the postal service of the local store, as the heavy box was marked with big letters INNER PILLLOW. The old lady who handed me the package said "well, now you got things to do".
>>415 A dakimakura is, in my opinion, the best purchase I've ever made. There are few things as cozy as snuggling a dakimakura with a cover you really like. I hope you enjoy it friend.
>>420 Indeed, I've put it in a bed sheet cover, while waiting for the actual cover. I woke up after having some very existential nightmares and immediately jumped to hug it. My morning was saved. Can't wait for the cover to arrive.
39.92 KB 240x320 s-IMG_1671.jpg
>>415 I think it's funny how an old lady at a post office even knows what an Inner Pillow is. I own a pretty basic Eva pillow and now I can't imagine falling asleep without hugging that thing.
>>415 Ouch. Enjoy your daki, man.
Lol guys i had the strangest dream ever. Basically in the dream i was bored so i decided to create my own imageboard and it was called "Wartchan" and i coded all of it by myself. Eventually people started raiding it and then i tried to ban them but i didn't know how to do it and so i was mocked because i wasn't even able to control a site i made myself. Not even in my dreams i am competent.
>>446 Well that dream turned into a bit of a nightmare.. Running an imageboard doesn't sound easy, but my guess is that if you really would create one, you should have enough time to grow and learn with your userbase I believe. Realistically these problems tend to happen only with exponentially growing numbers. By then you should have gotten enough positive feedback that you are able to stand above this! (Or/and have help that supports you)
My hair is starting to look good now that I followed the advice to not brush it after showering. I don't understand the logic of more effort worsening the results, but it works. I never knew looking like a hobo was so high effort.
153.77 KB 455x437 1695389985390133.png
New paradigm to ease routines: >write every chore I gotta do in a list >try to find every detail that would take doing that chore >What you think may be the less time consuming one, do that, leave the ones requiring time, or without all the details properly explained for later >Strike through that chore once it's done. If needed more space take another post-it note and rewrite your chores according what is actually necessary now >Feel the chemicals rushing to your brain once you do one
1.75 MB 640x368 Yukari-Abuse.mp4
>>463 That's similar to what I do when dealing with large or multiple tasks. I make a list of everything I need to do, divided into subtasks, loosely ordered in a way that I tend to follow, and then I force myself to do at least one thing each day.