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Magical Girl thread anon 01/23/2022 (Sun) 02:40:10 No. 815
Does /ar/ like mahou shoujo anime?
>>815 Yeah I like Yashahime
>>815 fuck yeah gimme da cute girls
44.45 KB 500x375 magical_girls.jpg
>>815 One of the best anime genre. >>816 That isn't mahou shoujo and it's a modern show.
25.93 KB 600x338 622662e86badeb7f_w.jpg
>>815 I will soon start watching Persia What am I in for?
>>821 It is inferior to Creamy Mami but better than Magical Emi, in my honest opinion. A good watch in any case. As a main character Persia is maybe the funniest and most light-hearted of her "colleagues". This and the ones I mentioned are a holy trinity of the Pierrot magical girls phase, a must-watch for all the majokko enthusiasts.
>>822 No love for Yumi?
I started watching this yesterday, it's cute so far. Interesting VR/tech concepts. But I can't tell if the target audience is supposed to be for kids like CCS/doremi or if it's otakubait like Nanoha.
461.03 KB 1068x1500 Majokko Club Yonin-gumi.jpg
>>823 You're right, I tend to forget it because I have never seen the anime properly and I don't remember liking it that much when I was a kid. >>824 Probably more on the kids side, with the love interests for the little girls to tickle their fancy, and no big in-your-face fanservice scenes.
828.37 KB 1008x403 Ririka WEG.png
Ririka got pretty dark for a children's mahou shoujo Did Ririka die and wake up in the afterlife, or did she live??
>>822 Well I just finished watching Persia and for sure Persia herself was adorable and loved her way more than Yuu. The show kinda lacked the more experimental aspects of Creamy or Minky Momo but I enjoyed the plot with Kenji and Fairy I have some other stuff to watch first but I plan to watch the rest of the Pierrot shows
6.84 MB 384x288 Persia_henshin.gif
>>821 Persia is Pierrot's take on making an anime like Minky Momo, which was hugely influential to the genre at the time, even to Creamy Mami which aired alongside it. So imagine a cute loli solving problems by transforming into a suteki na lady. It also has that Pierrot dream-like animation and their "airheaded loli" charm of a girl learning about danjo and other adult things, which is quite different from Momo's perfection. ... I was subbing it at one point. I should get back to it so more people can enjoy.
>>828 Ah good for you, I see my post was unneeded. w
100.49 KB 739x415 images (8).jpeg
>>815 I only watched some of Sailor moon, for curiosity
>>829 they really couldn't resist tossing in the pantyshot could they
>>832 It's a Pierrot staple.
>>829 >>830 Thanks anyways, it's always nice to talk about these shows I'm watching Hime-chan no Ribbon now and I'm having a lot of fun watching Hime-chan creating more troubles than she solves with her magic.
>>831 What kind of curiosity? Iā€™m pretty sure I know what you mean
216.26 KB 1430x1080 Screenshot_20220709-175940~01.jpg
Currently watching Esper Mami. Kind of weird when she gets naked for her dad but okay.
>>836 >Kind of weird when she gets naked for her dad What a good girl she is!
I watched Creamy Mami a while back. I love Akemi Takada's character designs too much.
>>832 They know their audience
>>839 Yeah their audience of normal japanese people who wouldn't see anything sexual in such gestures because nips like the rest of the civilized world shower with their kids without getting an erection. they definitely didn't know subhuman gaijin pedos such as yourself would be watching decades later and I imagine they would be frightened if they knew
>>829 It's on Retrocrush, but I have no idea where they got their subs.
Are they good even?
>>842 yes. i always assumed sailor moon was the only good magical girl show but like every series i've watched is better than it.
534.53 KB 853x480 yui loses.png
>>824 I don't know who the target audience is, all I know is I love this stupid retard.
>>2106 >I don't know who the target audience is japanese tween girls in the 90s? corrector yui is an adorable anime though. one of the only 'classicaly' mahou shoujo animu i've enjoyed