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Favourite /ar/ anime. anon 09/13/2022 (Tue) 07:42:57 No. 621
What's your absolute favourite /ar/ anime, and why? For me, it's Irresponsible Captain Tylor. I remember watching the first episode back in 2017 and finding it to be somewhat uneventful, and it wasn't until the fourth episode where the crescendo made me laugh for a solid ten seconds that I fell in love with it. I found the anime to be incredibly hilarious and it had that charm of not knowing how the characters were going to get out of an impossible situation and then seeing them get out of it flawlessly. I do think it suffers from a few slow moments, some out of character moments for Tylor and a very lackluster, confusing final fight. I wanted to see Tylor and the crew get out of impossible battle situations and he's only in four in the entire anime, I get not wanting to make an anime that's all about winning impossible situations but I just wish there was more. The crew are fantastic as well, great characters all round. The Mad Max style soldiers who are so stupidly dressed for their jobs, the android spy sent to kill Tylor who everyone falls in love with and even Yamamoto and Yuriko who are pretty normal by comparison are still great for being straight men to Tylor's idiotic ideas and escapades. As for the enemy alien army, there aren't that many but I did find the two main ones Azalyn and Dom to be pretty fun, although I did find Azalyn's obsession over Tylor a bit of a meh plot point since it doesn't really go anywhere. This was probably the first anime where I saw my favourite trope of "underestimated lucky idiot" being put into full effect and I noticed that I LOVE that kind of trope. I saw it a few times in things like Ace Attorney and Index, but never pieced it together until this show. Worst part is, I've never seen another anime really do it again, although Golden Boy was close. Surprisingly, I've never seen the OVA's despite this being my favourite anime. For some reason I just never had the drive to do it despite having no reason not to. I'll have to figure out a good time to watch them. I also kind of want to read the entire Japanese wikipedia page for Tylor since it seems to have the ENTIRE light novel up there but only in Japanese which I learnt from a quick google translate skim has Tylor be a 30 year old pedophile who is also sent back in time to WW2 to command the Yamato in one of the novels which sounds hilarious.
>>621 Legend of the Galactic Heroes basic bitch choice I know but can’t be helped. Taylor is on my backlog will get to it one day
>>622 Heh, saw that cool picture in the /a/ thread about LOGH. I watched LOGH this year and commented on it in a thread on wapchan a while back. Good choice though, I can see why it's really good.
33.88 KB 316x450 20673l[1].jpg
>>621 If I had to pick a favorite (that's not LoGH), mine would be Dirty Pair
>>621 Great pick,I actually watched Tylor for the first time back in 2017 too. I have a hard time picking my absolute favourite but I really love Gosenzo-sama Banbanzai! it really resonated with me and the presentation is amazing. https://youtu.be/L-h5bTnIfTE
114.89 KB 960x540 rz.jpg
>>625 Great choice, definitely up there for me. Roujin Z is my choice, brisk, hilarious, action packed, surprisingly prescient, and full of amazing shots and great animation all the way through.
716.73 KB 1996x1529 1255975629606.jpg
Giant Robo: The Day the Earth Stood Still For all your sci-fi wuxia superhero anime needs
>>626 Roujin Z is probably my favorite anime film too
91.92 KB 960x720 Autistic child.jpg
Zeta Gundam is my favourite anime simple as.
979.85 KB 1440x1080 yuyu.png
Yu Yu Hakusho.
>>625 I just watched this and I'm confused, what are the arguments for Maroko being an actual time traveler vs just a scam artist?