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26.36 KB 300x304 1650309361711.png
anon 04/27/2022 (Wed) 10:31:05 No. 414
Hello, wapchan, 2kind.moe here! Nobody had any issues with becoming friends. Our site is well... kind! We like to take it easy over there. We welcome most topics, so long as discussion remains civil. While we don't have any rules about it, our users don't care for the modern imageboard user. /kind/ might not be as big as it once was, but you won't find such a dedicated userbase anywhere else! Hopefully this introduction is satisfactory. I'll add you to our friends page.
88.21 KB 1280x324 calen85_lpsize_11_cut.jpg
>>414 thanks for receiving us warmly, friend. i personally just really liked the tone of your board, we could use more of those kinds of places on the modern net. i've added you to our friendly sites page as well, hope to see you all around in the future!
798.02 KB 354x498 lum.gif
It seems our good friends at 2kind are having some downtime due to being pulled by their hosts. I hope they get their site up and running again soon enough, it's a very nice board. https://anon.cafe/shelter/res/3340.html
176.26 KB 500x540 cirno1.jpg
>>693 We are working on it. Unfortunately there is a lot for me to learn, but I'm making good progress and I have invaluable assistance. I'll be sure to let everyone know when we are back up.
Damn kind is still dead... F
>>748 believe in kindmin
78.92 KB 600x600 1636691897737.jpg
We're back now that I decided to get off my ass and do it myself. We dropped the 2, so it's just kind.moe now. See ya around.
>>768 >kind.moe is back glad to hear it, but why was it kill last year?
>>785 Didn't the owner just give up working on it?
Ohayou wapchan, I just wanted to say that we aren't dead. >>785 Our host dropped us for personal (religious) reasons. >>786 In a sense. I was a lazy NEET at the time and had neither the resources nor drive to make a new site. I'm pretty lazy again, but at least we aren't dead nor need as many resources! If you mean the previous kind.moe, then yes. They abandoned it after many years.
>>993 I don’t miss that ban happy faggot
Kind is dead F
>>1035 I made a thread on it but maybe I should have posted here. Does anyone have the friends list for kindmoe?
>>1036 No. Maybe ask in the thread on zzzchan /b/, some guy archived the threads from kind maybe he can help you out.
>>1035 F I found this site through /kind/.
>>1036 The friends list was archived back in june. https://web.archive.org/web/20230610020302/https://kind.moe/friends.html >/comfy/ - A place to relax >/robowaifu/ - DIY Robot Wives >/server/ - 188 >/cute/ - Cute/2D >wapchan - Retro anime and more >junkuchan - Nice little text board. >04.sbs - Imageboard for any images that look nice.
>>1040 We also recently added Hikari3 to the friends list.
>>1040 Thank you for everything figamin. This place is really nice looking, I love the general look of all the boards, specially /chill/, it's my favorite. Also, I noticed that threads on /chill/ get bumplocked after 2 replies (or was it you?). I don't want to bump a post so I use sage but it still won't let me. I'm also a refugee here so I was wondering if there's any way around that bumplock. Is there any /chill/ specific rule that I might've missed or any way to find how it works? I could've made a post about this here on /wap/ but I feel like it's a minor concern therefore it doesn't deserve one.
>>1043 /chill/ was originally intended to be a single thread board, seems like I forgot to take the bump limit off when I changed it to a general board. That should be fixed now.