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anon 03/10/2022 (Thu) 22:12:16 No. 196
Why is the wapchan channel on a network that shares your IP?
>>196 That is simply how IRC works by default (The IRC server runs on the same hardware as the rest of this site). For now if you want to mask your IP you can use the web client, when I have time next week I'll switch the IRC server software to one where I can have IP masking always on.
>>197 Looking forward to it, thanks.
>>197 Friendly reminder!
>>199 still?
>>200 Unless it was stealthily updated without a notice here, it seems so.
>>199 >>200 >>201 I will do this tonight and fix a few other lingering issues (like the daylight savings for waptv) There will be an update posted when I'm done.
30.55 KB 300x429 konata pillow.jpg
>>202 Alright, thanks for doing this. I joined and it's empty, actually joining #ar even made me op which I'm sure you weren't intending. I'm sure you can fix that easily, though. I'll keep idling in case other people show up. Now SSL support (would be nice)!
>>210 Will get on that!
132.43 KB 413x299 chiyo-chan.png
When we were setting our IRC, figuring out how to properly set InspIRCd was a huge pain, so we decided going with UnrealIRCd which was apparently a lot easier to properly set up, so you may want to check that one Also you will probably want to set Anope on whatever IRC daemon you are using - which allows registering channels/hosts/usernames/simple moderation tools etc
>>216 At this point it'll feel weirder me not being opped than being so lol