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anon 02/25/2022 (Fri) 11:48:20 No. 186
Odd request (and I don't know if it'd be possible) but I always find that wapchat is empty, I've idled around there for a few days and only ever saw two people join (both of which left right after). Would there be a way to add how many people are currently in wapchat to the board somehow? I imagine people may want to join if there's someone there to talk to, or even idle about in for discussion others might bring. Not sure how many users would want to stick around that place and prefer the slow nature of the boards, but I think if people are bored and want to talk to some other fellow users it might be a good idea to show how many are in chat.
>>186 Been busy recently so I haven't been on as much, the boards definitely been a bit slower recently. I'll work on your suggestion soon, it shouldn't be that hard to implement. This week I'll do the fireside chat (probably on tuesday) so we can hash out more ideas for the site as a whole.
>>187 Good to hear, never really used IRC before so I had no idea if it was possible, I just remember a forum I used to frequent years ago did that and you could even see the usernames of the people in the chat at the time. >the boards definitely been a bit slower recently I've felt that as well, I imagine the few users sticking around are probably waiting for more discussion than starting threads themselves, but just a guess. Will need to advertise more in certain places to certain people so they might want to jump here instead.