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Greetings from 22Chan.org anon 02/05/2022 (Sat) 16:37:41 No. 173
Hello wapchan! It's nice to see a fellow like-minded imageboard out there and we thought it'd be nice to say hi and introduce ourselves. The goal of 22 is to steer clear from the things that made 4chan cancerous which is why the userbase is relaxed and the site is comfy. We're not a nostalga board but it is an aspect of the community. We hope you guys have a nice day and that everything works out with your board.
14.19 KB 711x159 22chan.PNG
5.68 KB 200x220 WA0005.jpg
as a outsider, good riddance; every kind of politics is just asking for trouble.
Make sure to steer clear from discord or anything that would split the userbase.
>>174 pol also invited some uncomfy people so it was sort of a blessing in disguise for us
22chan is such shit and the owners are egotistical fags, delete this advertisement thread
>>177 i never heard from them, whats the quick run down?
>>178 The owner (twoot) slaps his name literally everywhere on that site and attacks other sites randomly. Also the developer who built most of their software was fired by them without being paid, and later went on to make his own board instead
>>177 As long as they dont mind us having a greetings thread on their board I don't see a problem, I just don't want our site associating with sites that cultivate /pol/-like content (which this one clearly dosent)
>>177 If you feel unfomfortable with us somehow feel free to talk it out on our /sg/ or atleast try to elaborate on how you reached these conclusions. all we wanted to do is be friendly and say hi and we're open to criticism >>178 Not exactly sure what he means by this, the admins been pretty quiet
>>179 We dont raid altchans sir and other altchan admins actually slap their name on their site such as maki or kuz and so on. We also don't have a dev and never had one in the first place.
>>174 >>180 God I love how decisively apolitical wapchan is.
>>177 >>179 my man the guy literally just came and said hi, stop trying to start drama