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106.95 KB 418x510 heyuri-tan.png
Proposal for linking Wapchan with Heyuri! kaguya 02/02/2022 (Wed) 22:46:09 No. 135
Hello ranchan-san, I am a moderator at heyuri.net, it's a BBS with a Futaba style imageboard, a 2channel style textboard, an oekaki board, a western Ayashii World copy, and cool users At first glance it could seem like an interwebz nostalgia site, but it's more about having fun in the way we used to do in early 2000s, with some rulez to keep nu-4chan AIDS out. I think it's fitting perfectly with this site, and linking two would benefit both sides!
3.33 MB 498x370 ranhappy.gif
>>135 Konbanwa kaguya-tan, I visited your site and found it quite /comfy/. I agree that partnership would be great for both sites! We should move forward with this.
>>136 Admin tag didn't show up for some reason
2.83 MB 587x440 lum(4).gif
>lumfag is now monitoring this thread
>>138 not affiliated with him >>136, just curious about this new venture
>>139 I think it would be good for us. While I had no desire of joining the big imageboard webring (since this would just be a board lost among otherboards), this site seems like it's been doing well independently and they seem to have somewhat of a similar culture. Don't think of it as anything too formal, but it's nice to be friends with other like minded boards on the net.
91.17 KB 660x1024 1630856422303.jpg
>>140 i just took a quick look around and i think you're right, the only thing im a bit iffy about is the discord thingy but i dont think that will effect us, hopefully. for what its worth my you got my support in that matter
>>141 It seems that while they have a discord, they mainly use IRC which is nice. I don't think it'll be a problem
>>142 >irc didnt you want to implement one aswell?
>>143 We have one (it's the bottom link on the front page) but it's pretty barebones and I don't use it much. I might switch to a XMPP based system and have an IRC relay but I would like to use it more for talking with anons about stuff
>>144 Wait what, when did that happen?
>>145 It's been there since day 3 I just didn't make an announcement about it, it's been one of those things I've been meaning to get back to at some point (like horus gallery, that's gonna eventually be a spiritual successor to horus urusei eye but also hosting /lum/ art and other content)
strange that i missed it, i thought i explored this site fully; by the way i was referering this comment of yours: >I do want to get some sort of chat service working
>>147 Ah understandable, I meant one that people (including myself) actually used. IRC is just one option, I mentioned XMPP and matrix since those are more "modern" solutions (of course we could always have one of those with an IRC relay) I'll probably make a post about this soon asking for user feedback on what the direction should going forward regarding this.
>>148 the only wish i would have for a direct chat would be that it's anonymous, just generate random names or something like that
>>149 I don't know if any of these services actually support forced anonymity, but any user can always give themselves a random name (even around here users always have the option to use names even if most choose not to)
176.31 KB 401x307 cat_lum.png
>>150 ok fair enough, you seem to have a solid plan for your site.
3.16 MB 480x360 soup.gif
>>151 thank you for your feedback, i can't guess how everyone feels about all my choices for how i run things around here so some back and forth gives me a better idea
>>152 i'm just one anon, i cant and wont speak for the others, i just want to see this site be succesful because its really comfy what you did here so far and it would be a shame if it goes to ruin, but im glad my input means something.
736.93 KB 1024x768 FL.jpg
>>136 I am happy you accepted! I made a links page and added Wapchan on Heyuri, you can find it linked on static pages: https://www.heyuri.net/index.php?p=links UR turn nao, I see there already is a static "Links" page on Wapchan >>140 That's exactly how I think too, net friendships aren't meant to be Serious Business. It won't be anything else than fun! >>141 There is a Discord server, but it's only for post notifications - It's allowing a relatively small userbase to instantly get notified whenever someone makes a new post, and it's certainly not an "off-site chatroom" as one might think it is. >>150 >I don't know if any of these services actually support forced anonymity There are forced-anonymous IRCd softwares actually, but you would need to set the IRC server (and not just channel) to use them. Or you could create a channel on an existing IRC server of course, but I wouldn't really suggest it: that would attract trolls. If it's just "generating random nicks", there isn't anything preventing anyone from joining an ordinary IRC room with different nicknames each time.
1.83 MB 498x350 shinobusilly.gif
>>154 i added it to the links page as well as put a link to that page in the footer. looking forward to being net friends!
I'm iffy on a merger, but having a sister site sounds like a lot of fun. I think we could have something real good building here.
>>156 there's no plans for a merger and likely never will be, don't worry. just two sites with somewhat similar cultures having a good time