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776.75 KB 333x314 starmiyake.gif
One month of wapchan! ranchan Admin 02/01/2022 (Tue) 06:01:15 No. 124
This site has been up for a month now, and despite some technical issues along the way, things for the most part have been pretty smooth on here. Some statistics >60.23 gigabytes of total bandwidth used >~423 unique IPs (only counted the most recent logs >628 posts >376 media files >493.49 MB of total media stored >18 peak listener count on WAP-FM Some additional thoughts >I'll be adding another board very soon, /br/ for topics not covered by /ar/ but that don't belong in /meta/ like old movies and tech. If specific topics get enough traction on there they may be spun off into separate boards. >I do want to get some sort of chat service working, probably matrix or xmpp based since discord is presumably an unpopular option. >If you've ever seen the site go down with a 502 error, that's me working on the backend in real time. I'm gonna setup a testing mirror of this site so that won't happen in the future >Still looking into the weekly episodic stream idea Almost forgot this >I'll probably be looking for a few jannies to help clean up around here as the traffic increases. More info on that to come I'd like to thank everyone who's contributed to making this place feel like a home for retro anime and manga fans in just the first month. We got valentine's day coming up, so make sure you and your retro waifus/husbandos are ready!
Edited last time by ranchant on 02/01/2022 (Tue) 13:00:49.
236.44 KB 208x296 NG Knight Lamune 79.webm
Thanks for the site, Ranchan.
>/br/ I was going to suggest a retro /jp/ board for old Japanese things that aren't exactly related to anime/manga but /br/ seems fine.
>>124 thank you very much, you build something really great here. >/br/ for topics not covered by /ar/ nice
>>126 The idea for /br/ is to reduce the likelihood that new boards end up dead. If a retro /jp/ thread or threads gets enough traction on /br/ then it would be spun off into a whole board
1.86 MB 450x334 Crusher Joe - The Movie.gif
>>124 Happy first month! Thanks for the site and your effort.
>>124 keep the good work up
>>124 thanks ranchan. bummed I missed the watch party, i wanna catch the next one.