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Hello WapChan from SheepishPatio Lumeinshin 08/14/2023 (Mon) 20:29:54 No. 1047
Hey from the head janny of SheepishPatio Ive been lurking(mostly) this site for a few months now and wanted to extend a hand of friendship. Maybe this is a bit embarrassing, but i've got a lot of admiration for the development of this site and how its been administered. I love whats been done with the place, so I wanted to be friendly. SheepishPatio is a web forum for hobbies, our users like books, games and anime among other things. You guys have a bit more of a retro focus than us but I think there'd be some good crossover. The site is still developing with new features (some I'd really like to sort out) and my lot are a good bunch. It is a user based forum though so not anonymous, though you can use any email (real or otherwise). Just means that you wont be able to reset passwords without contacting me If that sounds good to you, feel free to check us out. Otherwise i'll still see you here
226.29 KB 1280x1831 Panic_Panic_050.jpg
Hello! There's no need to be embarrassed - it's not easy running any kind of site that allows user uploads, especially if it's anonymous. I've contemplated myself if the future of wapchan is a forum versus an imageboard, since the site's pace and culture lends itself to long, detailed posts, and the userbase is quite small, but its hard to make decisions like that when you want to keep the existing userbase in mind. I have visited your website before when you followed the wapchan twitter, and you've done a nice job in keeping things nice. The fedi instance is a bit more unhinged, but seems alright enough. Last fall I contemplated making a pleroma instance for wapchan, but ultimately didn't go through with it. Seems like the fediverse is very divided these days, especially with all those blocklists passed around. Anyways, I'll add you to the friends list. Keep up the good work!