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30.39 KB 1056x569 L4D2.png
anon 08/25/2023 (Fri) 11:45:44 No. 354
Do you have a main Video Game? One that you play far more than any other Video Game?
For me (OP) I used to almost exclusively play TF2, got about 1,500 hours, then almost exclusively played "Bully" (got about 200 hours) then almost exclusively played L4D2, got about 600 hours.
>>354 csgo, smite and now rocket league are my 'main' games, mostly because my friends play it, also because its comfortable
1.52 MB 1920x1080 baquawashere.jpg
>>354 The main game I play is Sven Co-op, it's Half-Life 1 but co-op! Lately I've also been playing Daggerfall Unity after not having played any Elder Scrolls games in 5 years. My current character is a stealth-oriented female khajiit.
I wouldn't say so. I usually play one game for a long time until I get burnt out. Then eventually I'll find some other game to play like that. Right now I'm not really playing anything. >>357 Sven Co-op is really fun. I enjoy playing it some weekends, but I'll only play with certain people.
114.65 KB 1673x1040 patchykf.jpg
I've gone through 2 main games throughout my life, an MMO and a shmup. I like finding the perfect game for me and focusing on it. I'm not a fan of finding new games. Nowadays I only play games from when I was younger. I feel like I already have all the video games I need, I just wish they would be updated to take better advantage of modern hardware.
>>358 >I wouldn't say so. I usually play one game for a long time until I get burnt out. Then eventually I'll find some other game to play like that. Right now I'm not really playing anything. That's how I am too. I'll usually cycle through games I've already played before. I'm into strategy games the most. I'll typically play matches against the computer and stack the odds against myself. Once I'm able to do that, I tend to either stop playing the game or try a different game mode.
97.22 KB 850x457 dewm.jpg
>>354 Doom 2. Mainly I play alot of custom maps/make some custom maps of mine. Pretty much the only flexible game I can think of when it comes to modding some fun stuff in it. My only greivances about it is the community keeps me from interacting with some users for crit62a794iques and advices>>354 >>354
>>364 Yeah, oldschool Doom can be pretty cool but I hate the communities and related bullshit that's grown up around it. And I make that plural because Doomworld/ZDoom/Doomer Boards and I guess Zandronum are all pretty much separate warring states that occasionally hold a truce over common interests. Try being a Heretic/Hexen fan though. All the fun of Doom communities plus most of the people there hate your game too even though their forums are pretty much the only online venue for it. Better to just download all the WADs and carry them off to a nice hermit hole I suppose.
tetris has pretty much been my main game my entire life.
166.47 KB 384x256 1529941856244.gif
>>364 >>365 Doom definitely has tons of replay value with all the content people have made over the decades. I definitely do keep all the fan groups at arm's length. I used to lurk Doomworld a lot and play online occasionally, but that's the closest I've gotten to other people. Doomworld is a complete dump now from what I've heard. >>367 Tetris is a game that's never gelled with me. I ended up getting really into Columns though. Nowadays it's one of my favorite pick-up-and-play games.
>>354 I come back to FFT every year or so and try my best to make an entirely new party each time.
>>369 I feel like I don't have time for RPGs anymore, but that's one I'd like to try eventually. Same for Final Fantasy 6. My experience with the genre is really shallow. I finally beat the SNES version of Final Fantasy IV a few years ago and enjoyed it. I think it's the only RPG I've played enough to grow fond of that isn't Chrono Trigger.
L4D2 and MineCraft are the only games worth playing. Plus maybe a social deduction game.
>>406 Yuck.