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anon 08/12/2023 (Sat) 04:44:02 No. 5
How often do you see a dentist?
>>5 every 6 months
>>5 Whenever I have an emergency, I have health insurance but no dental insurance, so no one is going to take me unless I have I need to pull out my teeth. I have lost 3 so far.
Once a year because I never had dental issues. If I had one I would go to the dentist without a wait.
Actually saw them this week, was concerned about a wisdom tooth coming in, told me it's fine and to lay off the sugary drinks. Drinking soda through a straw now and will try to remember that for the future.
I'm thinking about going to one soon because I have tooth pain on and off. It's probably nothing, but it wouldn't hurt to make sure.
7.56 MB 250x180 Gamers Have Nice Teeth.webm
>>6 Same
once in a lifetime
>>5 I try to go at least once or twice in a year.
335.85 KB 1395x1063 adfbadfvasdffvasdfvdf.jpg
Annually for check ups, asap, if there's an acute problem. ^__^
Not unless I have insurance (I don't). I don't brush my teeth.
>>227 >I don't brush my teeth. What's stopping you from starting?
>>5 I just had my first visit / cleaning in 9 years and another scheduled 6 months out
121.47 KB 1000x1000 IMG_20230916_215626_147.jpg
>>301 I'm proud of you, friend! Taking care of your health is being kind to yourself.