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Sprucing up /kind/ figamin Admin 09/14/2023 (Thu) 03:11:18 No. 278
Hi /kind/! Thanks for being the best bunch of folks one could find on the IB space. Something I was wondering is if you all wanted a bit more personalization for this board. Obviously wapchan's main theme & banners don't really have much to do with /kind/ itself, so I'd like to restore that feeling of autonomy you've always had. If you all have any suggestions on themes, banners, emotes, or anything else really, let me know.
612.21 KB 244x170 ami-mizuno.gif
>>278 I'm just a regular lurker mostly so I can't speak for the majority, just wanted to say that it's great that kind didn't die because of this board, so thank you very much, and in my opinion everything is great as it is!
I think it would be nice to have the old CSS and banners, but does anyone still have them?
>>281 I have all the old banners somewhere, I think. I don't know whether to post all of them or just post them by request so wapmin doesn't have to add 20+ banners. If we're not staying here permanently it might be a bit much. I'm not sure about the css. It was definitely posted on the last /kind/ and also Julay/kind/ so it might be possible to find on the wayback machine if no one saved it. I can look for it later when I get back from work.
>>282 I copied the last site's css here: https://pastebin.com/nQCFAYdh
>>282 >If we're not staying here permanently it might be a bit much. We've already been here for over a month, and no one's made any indications they're gonna be the next kindmin. I think it's best to treat this as the future of the board.
>>283 Good work, friend! >>284 Yeah, that's true. I also remembered that I've been wanting to make a zip file with all the banners, css, etc. that everyone can download so we don't have to go through this sort of thing every time we move. So I'll post all the banners I have anyway and friends can tell me if I'm missing any.
13.13 KB 300x100 1427069274607.png
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13.42 KB 300x100 1589882269737-2.png
58.91 KB 300x100 sayobanner.png
123.49 KB 300x100 mebachibanner.gif
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13.68 KB 300x100 1589882269737-1.png
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23.29 KB 300x100 1580775455124-1.gif
>>291 Last one. Also, wow, wapmin already added the banners before I was done. Thank you very much for taking on /kind/!
>>292 Happened to be on when you were dumping them, lol >>283 I added a preliminary /kind/ theme. Still gotta work out some of the overrides (that's why there's some black scattered) but the overall feel is there.
Looking good. Thanks, guys.
It is beautiful! Thank you figamin and contributing friends! <3
The top bar is still black text on dark grey background for me. I can't read it.
>>326 refresh
>>284 I think if figamin is happy to have everyone theres no real reason to have a separate site >>294 looks great figamin!
256.90 KB 566x800 aqua thumbs up.jpg
>>328 Thank you!