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anon 09/10/2023 (Sun) 21:20:14 No. 235
>/kind/ refugees make up 99% of wapchans traffic Rly makes you think
>>235 For what started as a retro anime(or just retro itself) themed site, you think this would change course in the future of this site’s culture.
I was posting here before /kind/ went down but only found the site through /kind/.
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224.68 KB 480x368 kind refugees.png
360.81 KB 1036x776 wapchan.png
>>235 >>236 meep...
54.99 KB 1080x810 20230910_201434.jpg
>>235 Not the most surprising outcome, really. Advertising this site is difficult for obvious reasons, and even those who would use it are largely apathetic to boards that aren't perceived as active. Truthfully, even I've become bored with the IB model, and I'm probably going to transition this site to something different in the coming weeks, maybe with a greater focus on exploring specific series. I'd like to keep a space for /kind/ folks though, since they've settled in nicely, and I've been thinking of implementing a version of the former dreamchan's deeds wall.
>>241 forgot my tag
42.35 KB 640x480 mpv-shot0063.jpg
>>235 I welcome our /kind/posters. They're cool dudes. Traffic is traffic (when it's not shitposting/CP)
Let's be good guests and contribute to the discussions on the other boards!
137.19 KB 1280x718 1684343249452.jpeg
/kind/ is simply too powerful. The power of our friendship is unstoppable. >>245 Good idea!
99.00 KB 510x825 IMG_20230910_195208_694.jpg
>>235 >/kind/ - resistance us futile Just kiding, wapchan is such a cozy place and it was before the friends had their refuge here. Figamin even gave us a whole board to inhabit. >Rly makes you think Makes me happy and tells me that no friend was left behind in the migration process. Kindmin even linked to it on the dead kind.moe. Best migration in history of IBs? I think so.
>>241 What did you mean by “Getting bored with the IB model?” If that means ridding images altogether and just turning this into another forum ala to tohokingdom or evageeks then to me wapchan is a lost cause.
84.80 KB 930x705 1660938142102241.jpg
>>235 /lum/ is dead long live the new king of WC, /kind/! (I still have no idea what /kind/ is)
420.93 KB 796x2678 king akari.jpg
>>253 It's a random board without the usual generalized hostility.
>>253 /kind/ was created eight years ago on 8chan as a board for helping people. In terms of day-to-day posting, though, most friends use it as a friendly random board, like >>255 wrote.
>>252 >site gets <10 posts a day, vast majority of traffic has nothing to do with the site's theme >changing it would make it a "lost cause" :dissaprove:
>>258 The whole original purpose of wapchan was that it was meant to be something of an /ar/ place, it was also made as a retro themed alternative of 4chan before the place shat the bed, the fact that this site already has a zero /pol/ rule is a godsend. What happened with kindmoe is unfortunate and I do welcome them here but I also feel they’re gaining too much influence and might drive the site off course to something else, something in the long run that could eventually lead into rules being abolished for the worst especially if the original admins leave and in their place are power tripping users, that I don’t want
>>260 The only thing i have to say to the /kind/ people is dont forget this is a whole website, not just a single board. Dont be afraid to post on topic content in the other boards.
2.41 MB 640x360 amiga.gif
>>262 The main issue is that I don't really care much for old technology or anime or videogames anymore. I used to, but now I find myself more focused on the development of tools that we have today. The only thing that might be /retro/ that I sometimes care about, is demos for old computers like the commodore, zxspectrum and amiga. But it's a veeeeery small kind of interest. Sometimes I also had a slight interest for the PC-98, but besides Touhou it doesn't seem interesting either, it just seems like a bunch of VNs in a language I can't read, and that due to cultural differences, don't really care about
>>237 I'm just a user who lobbied for us to be friends. Thinking ahead is a good thing.
>>311 Thanks for doing that. I suppose I would have found this site anyway when /kind/ went down, but I'm glad I found it when I did.
485.05 KB 720x541 crunchitize me captn.png
>>277 Whatever floats your boat, it aint "all" bad in modernity.