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Kind Deeds Thread anon 08/26/2023 (Sat) 13:30:48 No. 141
Have you done anything /kind/ recently? Tell us about it! It doesn't have to be anything spectacular, either. For example, lately my father has been repainting the fence, but it's very tedious and time-consuming to scrape all the paint off so I told him I'd take over so he could focus on more important work around the house.
I hope hosting and maintaining my own imageboard is a kind act
>>146 That depends on the board i guess... >>141 I helped an elderly anon across the street today and had a nice chat with him!
>>211 I'm aiming to make my board a kind place in my own way! :)
Specifically mentioning my good deeds to others has always felt weird to me, but I guess that's part of what /kind/ is for. I think a few weeks ago now I donated to a pediatric cancer research fund. Because of the career I'm going into, doing a good deed will hopefully occur every shift. I was able to work a shift as an intern and help 3 anons.
>mentioning my good deeds to others has always felt weird to me It kinda does, but it also might inspire others to do something kind themselves!
I remember Dreamchan had a deeds bulletin board that was nice.