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589.24 KB 1280x853 akagi stare.webm
anon 04/17/2022 (Sun) 22:50:03 No. 48
You DO know how to play Mahjong, right /a2k/?
183.21 KB 720x540 mpv-shot0055.jpg
Yes and no
No and I'm going to eat all the pieces
>>50 I didn't know you were on wapchan, mahjong eater.
I've tried to play around with mahjong soul a couple of times to learn it a bit but it just gave me some error messages or something. It's a decent game to learn with right or is there something better?
42.10 KB 438x363 akgi.jpg
>>52 I guess it's decent enough, I was lucky enough to learn by friends teaching me irl then got better at it using the flash mahjong game against AI and then using a phone app in my spare time. Not sure why you're getting an error, anon. Might want to try using a different browser to log in and learn from there. I know FFXIV also has a Mahjong aspect to it in the Golden Saucer if for some reason you're playing that. For me, I just understood it by playing more. Once my friends taught me the basics they threw me into a game and I had to figure it out myself. After finished two rounds I remember watching an episode of Akagi right afterward and being stunned I fucking understood it.
I've got an autotable in my living room but I'm not very good.
>>54 Damn, that's impressive. How did you come to acquire it?
1.15 MB 3120x4160 autotable.jpg
>>55 Flow luck mostly. Had a few alerts on various 2nd hand listing sites and after a while an autotable came up, albeit a Chinese one. Pretty cheap and the bigger tiles are nice for my gaijin hands.
37.22 KB 572x564 akagis.jpg
>>56 Very nice, how much did that cost?
>>57 Around $275~ USD The hardest part was getting it back home, the top part comes off the base but it's heavy as heck.
152.89 KB 1280x960 mahjong tiles.jpg
>>58 Damn, that's a steal. Last I checked automatic tables are pretty damn expensive. I'm still chugging along with my Junkmat I bought for ~£60 and my Mahjong set that was around £80 (plus £20 import tax...), a lot of money but glad I did since I got A LOT of use out of it during university. Taught all my friends how to play, and played weekly with them, hell I even taught the anime society I was president of how to play and they STILL play Mahjong to this day even though I graduated ages ago. Wish I could play some Mahjong irl more, but it's harder to get everyone together for it. Also, have a fun image.
118.68 KB 690x1013 heavy tiles.jpg
>>59 Oh if you're a Bong too maybe you could come over and play (for blood)... Where there's a will there's a way, I started playing IRL with a set made from blank playing cards with everything drawn on before I got an actual set, and then after that the autotable.
42.10 KB 438x363 akgi.jpg
>>60 Perhaps we will, one stormy night... As for me, I got into Mahjong through luck really. I hung out with a lot of people who knew more about anime that I did and one time they were making fun of someone else we knew who proclaimed to be a "master" of anime, but he didn't know what Akagi was, so I noted the name and watched the entire thing without understanding Mahjong one bit. I remember forcing myself to get through it and wishing I could play a game this complicated. Next time I saw them I just said "Oh, I saw Akagi and it was good but I didn't understand it" and they were all just like "Hey, we'll teach you how to play, anon". We all lived together next year so they taught me during the first week of my second year, I remember the game we played really well because it was such a struggle to understand it since they just gave me a quick guide and we started playing. Still, when we finished that game (I came second) I remember going back upstairs, watching a random episode of Akagi and having my heart skip a beat because I fucking understood it. Have you seen/read any other Mahjong related media, like Legendary Gambler Tetsuya or Ten?
341.80 KB 800x600 1572552643334.jpg
>>61 >Have you seen/read any other Mahjong related media, like Legendary Gambler Tetsuya or Ten? I'm something of an "anime master" myself, getting pretty close to running the well dry on English translated anime/manga about mahjong (with the notable exception of various installments of Saki), having watched even such dreck as Idol Fight Suchie-Pai 2 and the Super Real Mahjong OVAs... I remain hopeful that someone will translate Super Zugan (properly) within my lifetime. That or I learn enough moon to watch it...
>>61 Glad that everyone else watched Akagi without knowing shit about how to play Mahjong. I really loved it, and I kind of wanted to learn, it's just a shame that I've got nobody who cares about the game.
63.25 KB 278x263 mahong 2 .png
>>62 Very nice, I try and keep an eye out for any Mahjong related anime and manga but usually come up short, although I will say that if you haven't seen Episode 49 of Gintama, you should give that a shot since it's just a gambling episode with an Akagi parody in it for some reason. It's the only episode I've ever seen for that reason. >>63 Best way to learn is to play actual games I found, Mahjong Soul is how people do it these days but I remember spending tons of time using the Flash Mahjong game (fuck Adobe). Even if you don't know what you're doing it's still the best way to just understand it. Maybe if this thread has some more posters we can get a game going.
>>65 Ron?
>>66 Ron.
>>65 >>67 Alright, you, that's a chombo. 4000/8000 all.
Ah yes, Mahjong, that wonderful game from ancient China. I still don't get {the rules} anyway.
146.64 KB 550x614 maujong.jpg
>>69 It's not too hard, it really does just require playing the game. A simplified way to describe it is that you start with 13 tiles, then draw one and figure out how to get to a set of 4 sequences/triplets and one pair, decide which tile is useless to you at that point and discard it. Every player is basically trying to make a legal hand by doing this and usually takes around 10 turns to do it on average. The calls you can make (Chi/Pon/Kan) can help speed up your hand. You call Chi when you want to steal a tile to make a sequence (you have 2-3, someone drops 1, you call chi and steal it). You can Pon for Triplets (2-2, someone drops a 2) and Kan for when you a triplet and someone drops another (2-2-2, someone drops a 2). These all act as a permanent sequence in your hand you cannot remove. You call Ron if someone discards your winning tile, and Tsumo if you draw it yourself. That's pretty much the basics without going into legal hands, calculating points and things like Han. You can understand it the more you play. If we ever get some more traffic around here I wouldn't mind hosting some online games via Mahjong Soul or whatever.
>>70 Thank you for the explanation, Mr. Anon. A game of mahjong with everyone sounds quite nice
88.50 KB 240x240 fujitakana-5.png
Well? Is anyone going to post any rooms?
>>72 I think we'd need to figure out a time for four of us to be on?
>>61 I got into mahjong because I got a set of tiles for my birthday. I didn't know how to play but me and one friend learned how to play and then taught some of my other friends. We play riichi mahjong irl every other week and it's the highlight of my week.
82.93 KB 751x375 akagi bleh.jpg
>>74 Very nice, anon. I miss playing Mahjong with the bros every weekend. I really want to again when I eventually sort my life out and move in with a friend so we become the center meeting point of our friend group. Back in uni I used to play every weekend and it was great, Saturday's were tons of fun where we'd all get together, put on some vidya music for background noise, play some Jong, eat some food halfway through and watch some random show I had on my computer. Used to last from around 6pm till 11pm and I miss it dearly. Keep up the weekly Mahjong, you'll miss it if it's gone.