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(78.32 KB 1200x675 gendo.jpg)
anon 01/14/2022 (Fri) 19:19:10 No. 29
Maybe it's too early to ask but how do plan on recruiting members for out community?
a little bit of growth wouldnt be half bad i guess. do you have a idea
(18.96 KB 384x288 Stormtroopers.jpg)
>>29 id probably stick to recruiting in /a/ retro threads and other altchans for now. this site probably wouldn't appeal to reddit types, though recruiting there may have potential since this is more of a focused imageboard than most. the watch party will probably also be a big draw
>>29 I might possibly throw it around /wsr/ threads asking for discussion forums for older anime, but outside of that I might not discuss it. I actually found this place following my own advice of just "check pre-2000 anime threads on /a/ for oldfags" and while that may not be 100% true, I did find this place just trying it out to see if I was right.
>>31 I'd be careful about recruiting in retro threads, especially in the bait threads. Last thing we'd need is that Mauritanian spammer or the autist who always argues with him here
>>38 They are both probably here already t.mauritanian
>>31 I agree with the watch-party, if you can host some retro content that would attract a lot of people
Trying to think of more ideas to get people to come here. Ranchan has done a good job of giving reasons for people to stick around with all the streams and additional site content, but getting anons here in the first place has been tough to say the least. Anyone have ideas on this? I'm thinking it's about time we started recruiting on Reddit and similar sites. 4chan's worked but I think this site could appeal to reddit types more than some would think, since it's more focused and less "edgy" than 4chan.
(940.12 KB 500x379 hikaru.gif)
Just an update - I've been quite busy with life recently. Haven't done a ton of work on the site for a bit since i don't think there's any major missing features. I know it seems slow here but I hope you all keep at it, we haven't even scratched the surface of this board's potential. Here are some events i'm planning for the rest of this month and next month > Second watch p/ar/ty > Mascot design contest > Some sort of wapchan/heyuri crossover contest (maybe something like the 4chan cup but with a different sport?) > Fireside chat for sure the week of March 13th-19th (possibly multiple) to get a sense of how the community's feeling >Retro game night possibly (like running a ut99 server) If you all have other ideas I'm all ears. Hope your weekend's good!
>>194 >Retro game night possibly (like running a ut99 server) Great idea! I've been thinking something like that would be good for this site.
>>29 honestly we just have to spread the word out more. that means more posting on 4chan, IRC channels, and potentially other imageboards. people keep throwing around reddit as a place to recruit but i have no idea how that'd even work
>>343 Personally, I think our best bets for growth are more partnerships with other imageboards, textboards and IRC servers/channels (potentially even BBSes). Advertising on 4chan (as in posting about the site, not actually buying ad space) is seen as annoying by a lot of people, and probably isn't a great tactic to use long term.
>>343 lifted from a brochure from my place of work: run paid social media ad campaigns.Use SEO to increase your websites discoverability. Engage in conversation on social media. Reach new audiences with influencer marketing. Get friends and family to share. Attract audience with content marketing. i doubt that any of that will really work for us but maybe it helps someone to get an idea.
For reddit, you could go for smaller subreddits like /r/retroanime and maybe series-specific ones when there's a watch party. They are way more chill than than /r/anime, and even if they seem like dead forums, the users subscribed to them see what's posted there on their main feed. And then you could consider the big ones.
>>29 what about a modern anime board?
>>351 I've thought about it (as well as adding /a2k/), but i've always worried it would take away from the focus of the site. However if its a genuinely popular idea around here I might end up adding it.
>>31 Hey, altchan veteran here. Just want to warn you to NOT join what's called the "webring". It's filled with egomaniacs who track user data and get up to all kinds of shady shit. smugloli's board is the worst, do NOT recruit these guys if you want your board to be civil.
>>400 don't worry, there's no plans for wapchan to join that particular group of sites (addressed it here >>140 ). we may form loose partnerships with other net communities (and may even form an actual webring down the line, as in just site's linking to eachother without some plugin) but will otherwise always be an independent site.
(282.55 KB 676x572 1630821330086.png)
>>401 Good plan. I've got a site in the works myself with tons of otaku info I've accumulated with my friends and events we've run and are running over the years. It'll have an imageboard attached, so when I get that running I'll hit you up if things align as I imagine they should. I really like the community you've attracted, it doesn't have that cancerous altchan behavior (so far), so I look forward to how things turn out.
(25.10 KB 200x136 hikaru-hiyama.gif)
>>402 thank you, i wish you the best of luck with your site. things may be kind of slow around here but we're focused on quality, not quantity.

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