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(3.29 MB 4032x3024 knee.jpg)
Welcome to /clv/! ranchan Admin 07/03/2022 (Sun) 01:25:42 No. 1 [Reply]
This board is for talking about whatever you're up to - hobbies, drama, advice, anything really. Just remember to follow the rules.

(6.30 MB 3200x1800 ClipboardImage.png)
Nichijou! anon 07/23/2022 (Sat) 10:52:55 No. 15 [Reply]
Let's talk about our lives, anons. I mean, this is what this entire board is about so give us an update. Something small, something big. Just tell us what you're up to even if it's nothing special. Maybe update us every week or something. Don't dox yourself, just give us random insights or whatever. Hope making a thread that's literally the board subject doesn't detract from this place any, I just wanted to spark some more discussion and thought I'd go the easiest route. I'd say to not talk specifics about anything you're watching/reading/playing (could make a separate thread for those), give us an idea of your life, fears, hopes, dreams etc. Things like that so this thread doesn't detract from the main point of the board too much. Unfortunately, my life isn't very interesting or eventful at all, haha. I know I'm the one making the thread here but to be honest I spend most of my time playing vidya, watching anime, exercising, losing weight, hanging with friends and taking care of my family which involves shopping daily so everything is stocked up for them. I've been trying to lose weight since last August since I've been quite overweight since I was around 11 and honestly feel it's been an awful factor of my life, it's been a slow and steady process but I've lost around 60 pounds over the past year and while it's not great progress (could've probably hit my target by now) it's something and it keeps me going. I honestly want to lose weight so I can cosplay characters at cons more than anything. I've also been trying to find work, looking for jobs that I'm able to do is a difficult process and personally I'm pretty worried I might not be able to find something that pays a decent amount and that I can do. I gotta keep trying though, I feel as if I have no independence at all and waste time when I should put it towards something even if it's a "soulless" job. How about you, anons? Tell us about your life and maybe add a cool picture or something to your post, but that's up to you.
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(748.88 KB 828x591 ClipboardImage.png)
>>43 >club activities Oh sweet, which clubs bro? Anime and vidya, right? Don't feel too bad about not giving wapchan a lot of attention, it's still small enough that a one man team can keep spammers down and such. Just keep up with the work and social life. As for me, life still hasn't changed much. Doing small things everyday to make sure I get to a better position in life but it's tough with random factors getting in the way. Not really much I can update on myself beyond that.
>>43 You have a youtube cahnnel?
>>46 I do, though it's been inactive recently because I haven't had a lot of time to actually put stuff together, but I've been working on a few projects that should come to fruition soon. https://youtube.com/c/fig57
New semester started, already feel burned out. I have a GUI project in PyQt5 to work on, which is due in around 8 weeks. I suck at coding and never worked with python before and considering that I have other stuff to do as well that dead line seems a bit strict, especially as it's not just a GUI but rather a fully working software with a GUI on top. We had a full 4 weeks more in earlier projects... Also taking the image processing and 3D modelling course, the exercises there take time as well and they have math parts that kinda fuck me over. Hoped that this semesters courses would be fun, or at least not too hard, but it seems thats not the case. I mean, I'm learning a lot but the circumstances under which I work make it a horrible experience for me. Guess my main problem is that I can't deal with the pressure anymore, wish I could just give my best every day and it would be fine, no dead lines after which you "fail" if it's not done.
>>48 Best advice I can give you, anon. Is to head off to uni at night when no one is there and just work on it. Not sure how your work schedule is but this worked well for me. I got through a hell of a lot of coursework back when I went to uni by just heading to an empty lab at 11pm and working until morning. I could get around 8 hours of work done in that time and repeating that 2-3 times a week meant I was able to get A LOT of work done while still keeping time for myself. Python isn't too hard to learn, definitely on the easier side of languages since it reads really easily and most of the time you can import tons of libraries that just give you functionality you need, and you can always google "how do I do X in python" and apply it to your work with ease. As for the maths shit, sorry anon, that's always the worst. Even I struggled hard with that and had to get tons of help from friends for it, even worse was when we the course itself was INVENTED by the lecturer, so you couldn't even google around for help since it'd just return HIS book. Good luck anyhow, I never thought I'd pass uni by my 2nd year but somehow made it through unscathed.

(2.39 MB 4032x2268 20220706_010317.jpg)
Book check anon 07/06/2022 (Wed) 05:04:47 No. 2 [Reply]
What (non-manga) have you anons been reading lately? Post your book, what you think of it, and talk to other anons about what they've been reading! I've been tearing through One Hundred Years of Solitude the past few days, don't know why I put it off for so long; 100% lives up to the hype. People really weren't exaggerating about the incest and shared names though holy shit.
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(935.33 KB 1000x1597 IMG_20220622_051001.jpg)
>>2 Not retro at all, but I'm starting to get deep into pic related. Love Sanderson's work.
>>2 Funny I also read this recently. Couldn't put it down. That fucking ending man
>>11 OP here, just finished it. Great read, great ending. Very rarely do "classics" have the impact on me that they're said to have, but this one was just fantastic.
(627.22 KB 1696x2560 91n6r6-CrTL.jpg)
I read this It's an epic about demons wanting to go heaven It's good
>>2 I like whodunits so recently, I read through these Christie novels and loved them, especially TMORA and DOTN.

(280.20 KB 1280x1174 1373015784429.jpg)
anon 09/12/2022 (Mon) 20:33:00 No. 34 [Reply]
Any advice on staying fit, fellow wapchan citizens? All my hobbies, as well as my job, involve sitting on my ass, so I really need to do something. I want to live more healthy rather than get a sixpack or whatever.
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>>35 Yeah, I planned on doing something like that. The thing is, I really hate "exercising for the sake of it" I get tired of it quickly. Jogging or walking? I can do that for 2 weeks before I just stop. Lifting in a gym? 4 weeks at most before I hate it. The optimal way for me would be integrating it in my daily routine. At my old job I used the bicycle to get there and always used the stairs etc. instead of the elevator. Can't do that anymore as I'm mostly working from home now. I will try to think of something else.
>>36 Maybe join some kind of sports club? I get that probably falls into your "exercise for the sake of it" but I imagine having a goal of some kind would also help you want to do it more.
>>34 Try hiking meet ups or just going out to the mountains/woods with your bros. Getting out into nature is enjoyable and good for your mental health as well.
>>37 >Maybe join some kind of sports club? What a coincidence, my brother asked me if I want to go swimming with his family once a week, for improving health, just as I wanted to. It's just a bit difficult to schedule it, everyone prefers a different time/day. But I think, even if we don't manage to go together I'll go swim by myself once a week. I can go there by bicycle and the 2hours ticket only cost 3€ thats not much (considering the times we live in). I didn't mention it, but money is an issue so yeah. >>38 This also sounds pretty interesting to me, I also want to meet new people so that's a cool idea. I just don't know where to find groups like that, I'm not in any social media...
>>39 Nice coincidence there, anon. Hope you enjoy swimming, I always liked it back when I did it as a kid and as a young teen but as I got fatter I never really wanted to show my body and never liked going there anymore. Sure, people don't give a shit and there's probably tons of boomers there with worse bodies but it's still a personal thing for me. Slowly changing that though! The only exercise I do when I get the time is walking up and down stairs in my flat close to midnight. 14 stories, 10 times. Around 2000 steps going up and 2000 going down, been doing it infrequently since last year and it's been a really good way to exercise for me. I've also recently started listening to audiobooks while I do it, one hour of an audiobook (1.5x speed too) over 3-4 sessions a week means I can get through books in a month if I'm consistent and gives me a reason to exercise some more. Currently listening to Crime and Punishment and so far (Chapter 4) it's been an interesting read (well, listen). I've also started thinking of buying some leg/arm weights to assist in the weight loss, but haven't decided on it yet. My friend also gave me a dumbbell that I've been lifting occasionally. 4 exercises of 3 sets of 10 reps means I probably lift it around 120 times? Nothing special, but being an amateur at it I'm hoping there can be some improvement if I'm consistent with that and eat some more protein. Still, enough hijacking the thread with my life. >I just don't know where to find groups like that, I'm not in any social media... Maybe check around your community centers for any flyers for things like hiking, or just googling around for things in your area should help you a bit. Could also check the local university (if you have one) for things like that as well.

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