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(808.51 KB 2806x3000 1638233828737.jpg)
/CRT/ thread anon 08/09/2022 (Tue) 22:08:18 No. 162
Colgate Ray Tube thread /g/ and /vr/ refugees welcome
(1.60 MB 2592x1944 IMG_0012.JPG)
>>162 Thank you for hosting us
>>163 Beautiful, anon
(3.03 MB 4032x3024 vectrex and macintosh.jpg)
>>162 Based >>163 You'll always be welcome around here. These are two of my favorite CRT machines, I've just always really liked the smaller desk sized ones. The vectrex works fine but I'm currently fixing up the mac since it's been having boot loop issues, so I'm probably gonna replace the analog board with a spare one I have.
>>165 Very nice, I used to have a compact Macintosh (Classic), hope you get it fixed. Never used a Vectrex thought but always been amazed by vector screens.
>>162 Looks comfy, thanks. Excuse poor quality first pic, I haven't took any better pics of this TV (yet). Second pic is of my Nokia 445Xpro125 monitor. >download a 30GB Berserk release that preserves grain >the CRT monitor hides considerable amount of it I played myself.
(4.07 MB 4000x3000 DSCN4580.JPG)
(3.47 MB 4000x3000 DSCN4494.JPG)
>>167 Forgot pics
(3.00 MB 4608x3456 20220809_203533.jpg)
Well good on you buddy get over your hatred
I've already banned you like ten times, kid.
(1.43 MB 2592x1944 comf.jpg)
refu/g/ee reporting in this site seems pretty comfy
Reminder that ranfag is redditor and a discord user.
I wish he would stop spamming, when will it end?
>>162 Man, I remember browsing tons of /crt/ threads back on /vr/ for years and it sucks that even today I still don't own a good one. I just never came across decent ones in the wild and when I did I never had the money/space and now it feels that time of finding them for free is drying up. I have my Panasonic one from childhood that is a RF only and has a Mono speaker. I actually used to play vidya until the early 10s on it surprisingly but I doubt I could do that now. I might have to just spend a stupid amount of money on one specific monitor and hope it holds up for years. >>168 Very nice stuff, I remember an OP on /wsr/ asking for older anime he could get on VHS because he wanted to make a basement that felt like an old vidya/anime store and wanted a mounted TV on the wall that just played VHS tapes all day long. Was a pretty comfy thread seeing suggestions and ideas and Berserk on your CRT reminded me of it.
>>180 Cheer up mate even ranfag has some decent crts
>>178 >>179 Don't bring that here.
>>180 Where do you live? Put up some classifieds ads that you're looking for a CRT / tube TV or monitor
>>182 It gets deleted on /g/ I thought this was supposed to be for us?
(4.05 MB 4000x3000 DSCN4427.JPG)
>>180 > I still don't own a good one. I just never came across decent ones in the wild and when I did I never had the money/space and now it feels that time of finding them for free is drying up. Do you live in America by any chance? I live in Europe and it's comfy here. That Trinitron TV I got for free including remote. Might've been lightly used actually, it's plenty bright at brightness set to minimum. Like other anon said, put up buy listings, might get you something good. Ask older people around if they don't have "tube TV's/monitors".
>>182 Bringing it here is good, now rhe 4chan jannies that are on his side cant ban us
>>182 This was made specifically for this kind of thing
Can someone post the link to the discord like thing from earlier? Should be safe to be posted here
>>189 It would probably be best to ban everyone and make them appeal just to be sure. We cant allow people like ranfag here
(1.21 MB 1068x845 1660093103153116.png)
Kek look at this poorfag selling his poorfag consoles. Fuck you ranfag ill continue to call you out redditor
>>191 God I hate him so much
>>190 Maybe, I'm pretty sure >>187 might be rantard, posted almost similar post on /g/ My humble opinion is just to stick to thread topic, anyone shitposthing or trying to bring up the rantard is probably him to stir up shit here too
(1.64 MB 2592x1944 IMG_0346.JPG)
>>187 >>184 >>178 >>191 >>186 No no no no, this is a ran-free zone, we don't need to continue seething about him here. At least my hope is to have a comfy place for us to be while /g/ cools down. Not only to wait for the ran-problem to go away, but also to reduce the shitpostiness in general. You should create a dedicated ran-hate thread though. That would be really funny. Not sure in what board though, ran-admin >>165 can tell us that. Once you do create that thread, this one should be cleaned up a little. Especially anyone from /vr/ doesn't want to see any of this. >>177 Cute Yuyuko Bless Yandex https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/4984019
>>194 Ill clean things up soon enough. He's got a shit ton of IPs and I don't really want to rangeban half of Germany, but that may be what it comes to.
(758.34 KB 1500x2000 SAVE.jpg)
>>194 I second this. >>195 Thanks.
(2.96 MB 4000x3000 DSCN4589.JPG)
>>194 >>195 I'm the anon who posted ranfag's plebbit pictures on /g/ and /vr/ and made the Goebbels meme about him (also the owner of Nokia 445Xpro125 and Sony KV-25X5K). FYI, >>191 >>192 and any "anti-ranfag" posts made earlier ITT are NOT my posts. You can tell by the filename, typing style and location by IP. Wouldn't hurt if you banned that guy since it's probably ranfag shitposting or one of his kraut/pol/ friends trying to discredit me. I would never shit up this thread with /g/ drama. Enjoy KV-25X5K side view.
Post more CRTs and CRT discussion!
>>194 Isn't this dedicated to crying about him? if not why not stay on /g/?
>>197 based, whats your next move? I think burning fuck ranfag into your nokia would really show him, it would be amazing resistance!
(2.29 MB 1280x960 shader.png)
https://kosshi.gitlab.io/crt-shader/ Made a CRT shader for fun in this thread https://boards.4channel.org/g/thread/88093142 All it does is roughly simulate scanline width and then filter it though a very basic SM grid, but such an unrefined method produces in my opinion extremely similiar looking scanlines to a PC CRT. Not exact obviously though, image size puts some limits on resolution. But the idea works unreasonably well.
>>203 looks more like a TV to me
>>204 Probably, it's similiar tech afterall. I don't have a CRT TV to compare to, so it's an exaggarated version of my PC CRT.
>>203 doesnt look like monitor especially since its supposed to be 240p, a monitor would have twice as thick scanlines at 240p atleast. Id call it a TV filter since its very close to small cheap TVs from the look
>>206 >>205 >>204 It does indeed look similar to a TV, but the curvature is a little exaggerated. Moreover, TV's aren't *that* course and blurry, not mine at least.
(2.38 MB 1280x960 download.png)
>>207 You can try tuning the shader to look more like a TV, most of the settings are there on the webpage. There's some artistic liberties taken to fit the stuff into a 1280x960 image. You can increase the render resolution to see how it could look at 4k or something.
>>207 Monitors are even less course and blurry.
ranfag still hasnt stop posting on /g/ it makes me so mad everytime he posts one of his pictures i just want to slash my wrists why is he still posting?
>>209 A pop-up dialog tells me that webgl 2.0 couldn't be initialised. What's up with that?
>>212 Use a modern browser and/or enable hardware acceleration. chrome://gpu/ may tell you more, if you're on a chromium-based browser. >>211 Please create the drama containment thread, I think /civ/ is a good place, has drama mentioned in the sticky.
(2.50 MB 1397x1048 polonez.png)
>>213 Works now, I love it. Would be great if there was a download option for output images.
>>214 Right click and "Save Image As". Adjusting the beam width bias/gain can help to reduce the moire. Bias = minimum width, gain = how much the beam width changes from brightness. These also end up changing the brightness and contrast of the picture, you have to manually comprensate with the picture setting.
>>213 This is the drama containment thread allready lets just not bring this shit back to /g/
>>215 >Right click and "Save Image As". Doesn't seem to work properly, it's saved as an empty transparent image.
>>216 No, this is the place to talk about CRTs because /go/ is full of drama and shitposting. If you want drama, this is not the thread for it.
>>217 Added the download button, I *hope* it works on your browser. Finnicky stuff. Also added a 2x supersampling option, reduces moire pretty well as it improves thin scanline rendering. But does blur the grain a little. Picrel 480 lines
(7.40 MB 2048x1536 kosshi_gitlab_io_crt-shader.png)
>>219 That actually looked like crap, this one's much better
>>218 Better to keep it here where you can have honest discussion about it then shit up /g/ with something that will end in nothing but shitposting anyways
>>221 Sure, as stated, make a thread for it, this is the CRT general though.
I'm starting to think it's Ranfag and his followers or some other shitposters here that want to stir shit up again I don't see anyone actually posting CRTs to want this topic here
>>222 Maybe later I dont know if this deserves a thread honestly
(1.83 MB 2592x1944 IMG_3157.JPG)
IT'S FIXED For those unaware, I bought a lightly used GDM-F520 almost a year ago, with an issue - severe ghosting. This problem is common on F520's and internet indicated it was an easy fix. To make a long story short, it wasn't an easy fix. The problem area is internal contacts. I tried to improve it in various ways, while havivng some success, I never quite got it as good as it should be. Until now. The solution was contact enhancers, which I had avoided due to the ridiculous cost (A tiny bottle of Stabilant 22 costs 50€). After one day getting mad enough about this to scour the internet, I found one store in Germany selling a cheaper alternative, DeoxIT Gold. And it fucking worked. It actually fucking worked. So, now I finally have it. I have a mint GDM-F520 on my table. The absolute finest CRT ever made, in it's prime condition. To put into perspective just in how insanely good of a condition this monitor is in, it's 6500k preset is off by mere 50k.
(2.07 MB 2592x1944 IMG_3118.JPG)
(1.92 MB 2592x1944 IMG_3057.JPG)
>>229 Before/after. Both at 1200p100hz
>>230 Oh and to add, the worse one is AFTER I had already done a few different fixes to it, when I bought it, it had 6-8 ghosts after the cursor.
>>230 why is grey green looks bad
>>232 It's a quirk of these flat Trinitrons, they tend to have a disgusting green tint when they're cold. The monitor isn't entierly tuned to perfection right now anyway, I have still some WinDAS work to do. I wanted to fix this hardware issue first before sinking the time to calibrate everything else.
>>229 You've certainly earned it.
>>229 Congratulations!
God I hate Ranfag so much why is he still on /g/
>>251 Yeah what a menace its like he doesnt care about me exposing him at all
(133.52 KB 768x1024 877448755649273860.jpg)
>electricity prices next month Eurobros, how will we cope?
>>258 how bad are they gonna be compared to last year?
>>259 A year ago I paid 6c/kWh. Next month I'm gonna pay 46c/kWh. Almost an 8x increase. At my current usage my bill with transfer would be over 120€. Bit ridiculous for a studio apartment. And I'm afraid it's only going to get worse when winter actually comes. Shit is actually hitting the fan. I'll have to eat my food cold like ranfag because I can't afford to run a microwave!!
>>260 Though, there's still hope iif Olkiluoto 3 finally goes properly online. It's a nuclear plant we've been building close to 20 years, and it's now currently in testing. If things go smooth enough, things may actually improve.
>>258 >Eurobros, how will we cope? I was already poor before, now it's getting worse. And my cunt gives no fuck about the poor. Awesome.
Any hot tips for finding free CRTs? I asked at my local second-hand store if they had any they were going to recycle, because I figured they didn't bother selling them anymore, as I haven't seen one in a long time. No luck, and they do sell them. Would a recycling center be worth looking at? I figure by then they'd be really beat to shit, not that it probably matters with how sturdy they are.
>>263 If you're in America, unironically the best way to get free CRTs is to just go on Craigslist or FB marketplace and search for "television". Since thrift stores won't take them there's always a bunch of boomers trying to offload them for free.
>>264 I guess I'll keep looking then...
>>177 I know this post is a month old at this point but this person has the exact same keyboard and mouse as me. Spooky.
(1.73 MB 1600x900 ClipboardImage.png)
saw this for sale its a sony trinitron monitor 20sf 2 colours look a bit shit is that due to age or could it be bad settings?
(1.72 MB 2592x1944 IMG_0079.JPG)
>>268 Almost ceertainly just bad settings. Looks like just too high brightness setting. I own the exact same monitor, except under CPD-300SF model. Really pretty display, even if quite old specswise.
>>268 Though, I'm not sure if it's just the picture but the tube kinda looks blurry, which can be due to extremely high hours. See in person, if it looks reasonbly sharp at 1024p. It's quite a coarse 0.30mm grille but it should look quite good with proper settings. Also, since the spammer attentionwhore over at /g/ mentioned it for some reason, the monitor has convegence options on the OSD and DosDAS, so that wont be an issue to fix.
A god-damn Sony GDM-W900 was listed for free today. I contacted the seller mere minutes after the listing went up. Fairly certain I got to it first, but they haven't yet responded (left me on read lol). I'm not going to be mad even if I don't get it, I do already have a GDM-F520 here, but it would be kind of insane to get this one too. But just seeing such a monitor listed made my day. For those unaware, the GDM-W900 is the father of the infaous GDM-FW900, using an older curved tube instead of the flat one.
(146.46 KB 640x750 composite chad.jpg)
>>272 Its worthless because it doesnt have composite in though
>>258 I hate this shit so much all these retard politicians who dont care about us putting massive sanctions on energy when it doesn't even hurt russia, ukraine should fight their own war
>>275 The damn war started because of the stubborness of western leaders, the utter inability to compromise even an inch of their perverse liberalism. Even if the sanctions only benefit Russia, the west will still continue it out of misguided and corrupt "principle". Shit actually got so bad my electric provider quit selling country-wide and left me without a contract. Nobody is offering anything reasonable right now, so I'm forced to take market electricity, the stuff with hourly changing spot-price. This literally means I can use my CRTs inexpensively only when the wind is blowing, I'm living the meme. >>272 Update on the W900, it's getting thrilling. I managed to arrange a ride for it and all, but he decided he wants to delay selling it until he tests it, as it currently has been sitting in storage forever. He seems to be actually its original owner, which is just makes this so much better. He keeps ignroing my requests of reserving it though ... I wonder what he is thinking. Worst case scenario: he lists it up on an auction site. Best case scenario: he sells it to me because I was the first to offer something for it.
>>278 >This literally means I can use my CRTs inexpensively only when the wind is blowing, I'm living the meme. have you looked into getting a little windmill or something on your house might be worth it if they aren't too expensive
(443.71 KB 1920x2466 FE1250_G2.png)
I put the High G2 = better brightness theory to the test, and was faced with rather puzzling results. This particular monitor does the exact opposite of that. I know for a fact at least my 1996 MikroMikko DID behave exactly as expected, where high G2 increases contrast by a great deal. But that may not be the case at least on Diamondtron CRTs, as at low G2 the brightness improves. Another note: only at the near-max brightness does the white point actually change. For most of the G2/brightness range, it stays at ~85 nits. It's as if the monitor knows to compensate for G2 or something, or the tube just happens to be perfectly balanced like that. Next thing to do would be to test on simpler cheaper, but still regulated monitors, but I just don't own any of those anymore.
>>296 fuck of retard
clean your room deren
>>303 What does this image have to do with OP?
Cleaned up the thread.
>>281 This pattern holds true for SB Diamondtrons too, they visibly get dimmer with higher G2 according to someone on /g/. Clearly some kind of power balancing thing.
(2.56 MB 600x450 1610305411065.gif)
>>310 offcourse, because more g2 puts more stress on the tube. basic logic
>>310 >>281 On the contrary, I tested it on my Nokia monitor, and it seems to be brighter with high G2 and brightness to 0%. However, this was all done by eye, so take it with a grain of salt.
What's a good balance for brightness, g2 and contrast for having a good picture and increasing the longevity of my monitor? And is there anything I can do to get the best calibration possible?
>>317 dont touch g2, brightness belongs where blacks are pure black and contrast not above 80% if possible. Anything else is not according to protocol and may decrease the lifespan of you terminal monitor or telivision reciever
>>322 stfu retard

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