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(2.04 MB 498x372 humphrey-bogart.gif)
Welcome to /br/! ranchan Admin 02/01/2022 (Tue) 14:16:46 No. 1 [Reply]
This is a catch-all board for the discussion of pre-2000s content, besides anime and manga (that's what >>>/ar/ is for). If specific topics here get enough traction they may be spun off into separate boards. Global rules still apply, so don't trash the place. >Of all the boards, in all the websites, in all the net, she walks into mine…
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Jojolion/jojolands general Chud 05/01/2023 (Mon) 19:49:13 No. 467 [Reply]
Jojolion is one one the best mangas made and easily out shines some of the other parts the themes are all carried out to complementson if you like their conclusion or not Toruu is the BEST villan so far and him crashing into jobins plans and jobbing him is amazing wouldn't have it any other way the fall of jobin and his world collapsing in on him is perfect Oh and jojolands is in development but shows strong potential with out punch ghosts i think this will be arakis best work if he keeps it up and doesnt fucking die My part ranking too 8>4>>5>7>3>2>6>1
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>>479 >>480 But they are reladed to the part doebeit
(269.83 KB 1280x720 1673484142743312-3.png)
>>481 On a completely unrelated note i really like how fate is handled in jojo i think the most shit of from what iv seen 8 and 5 have the most important moments relating to fate maybe because they dont understand or write fate off as a ass pull even doe the series is suppose to be supernatural
(85.49 KB 447x596 nothavingit.webp)
>>478 another giorno clone
>>488 take your meds jobin is nothing like giorno
wait take your meds IM not giorno all the main charters (some to a lesser extent) rely and deal with fate and i just think its done very well

80s metal thread anon 12/05/2022 (Mon) 20:10:29 No. 360 [Reply]
I just found this board and I already feel home, so I decided to start a thread about some of my favorite 80s metal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdhb2oG-d3A One of the greatest prog/heavy metal albums of all time. One of the first metal albums to experiment with synthesizers and wow did it sound futuristic for 1986. However, Queensryche reached their zenith 2 years later with this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8_JqGPteKk Operation: Mindcrime, a politically-charged concept album about a drug addict named Nikki and his role in a shadowy revolutionary organization. The moral in short is that there will be jackals who exploit people with ideals for their own gain. Another interesting one is Iron Maiden's "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMuGG0ajtCs Their most progressive rock influenced release to date; similar to Queensryche's "Rage for Order" in some ways but still definitely feels like a Maiden album. Bruce Dickinson's vocals, the keyboards, and the interesting songwriting is a treat for anyone who loves this sort of proggy stuff. Now, I know I posted 3 progressive metal albums in a row, and I just want one more before I move onto other things, so bare with me... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5TnV09-n9A Voivod's "Nothingface". Extremely experimental for something from 1989, it's "proggish" but not in the vein of these other albums which are prog in their use of "grandiose" instrumentation and unusual songwriting, and while this album has the latter, it's in a class of its own. Perhaps the first "avant-garde metal" release ever; it's very dissonant, but also weirdly melodic. Sadly the guitarist, who went by "Piggy" passed in 2005. Alright, now let's move on to death metal because I'm not a big thrash guy (I like thrash but I'm more of a death metal guy) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jldI2ZzYgFQ Scream Bloody Gore by Death. I don't wanna get into the argument of "who did it first" in terms of death metal, but just know that this album is a classic for a reason. However, I think one of the more prototypical brutal death metal albums is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYjNHGUB5MU

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>>428 I mean the intro leading to main riff btw lol.
Stuff from my MP3 player that isn't already on this thread Heavy Metal Angel Witch - Angel Witch Metal Church - Metal Church Mostly any of Pantera's 80s stuff (at least I Am the Night & Power Metal) Savatage - Sirens Speed Metal Agent Steel - Skeptics Apocalypse Blind Guardian - Battalions of Fear Vio-lence - Eternal Nightmare Doom Metal Any of Candlemass's 80s stuff Thrash Metal

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>430 >blind guardian ROFL
this russian deicide/MA worship album is pretty good. Sounds so reminiscent of the 1990 s/t I can't unhear it lol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAohe88PK7E not 80's shit but whatever
>>419 looking back I feel these criticisms can be applied to shit like serpent of the light and later records what with the proportionately generic death-metal songwriting with the same riff sequences repeating along with the minor triad and III/V/down-step tremolos being pretty obvious but inquisition is basically an immortal clone band that's centered around the sw-ethos of muh thrashy harsh minimal and cold atmosphere. Legion-era deicide is the best shit. The half-step interval transitions and shit like that have more soul in stuff like the 90's s/t too.

(110.63 KB 1108x960 03006352222.jpg)
70s-80s JPOP anon 02/05/2022 (Sat) 08:26:48 No. 50 [Reply]
Let's talk about our favorite artists, albums and songs from these years. So, what's your favorite Japanese singer over 50?
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>>55 >>208 You guys are stupid. Citypop is more akin to jazz, funk and rock than it is to pop music.
>>253 I would still say it's predominately pop-oriented but the urban influences give out those interesting harmonies
Maybe it’s because I just recently rewatched the Sasori movies but I can’t stop listening to Meiko Kajis Music https://youtu.be/THaY9fVsjoM Other favorites might be Keiko Fuji https://youtu.be/K8nqAc3qglM Or Hako Yamasaki https://youtu.be/KLfmOHMVs48
>>50 Jun Togawa!

(63.94 KB 533x720 Hide.jpg)
Retro Visual Kei anon 02/01/2022 (Tue) 14:53:19 No. 2 [Reply]
Does wapchan enjoy visual kei? >What is Visual Kei? Visual Kei is a musical movement that originated in Japan in the mid-1980s. Appearing out of Japan's punk and metal scenes, visual kei is an aesthetic, rather than a genre, pulling imagery from gothic rock, punk, shock rock, glam rock, speed metal and hair metal, often wearing elaborate costumes and flamboyant hair. The movement expanded beyond it's hair punk and glam metal roots in the 1990s to cover a vast array of different subgenres and genres, ranging from extremes such as brutal death metal to accessible genres like synthwave. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18H2Uc9_7I0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNTv-tDtYvU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvY7zc0a-7Y https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81-czr9Zano
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(82.77 KB 600x600 76758-release.medium.webp)
(132.12 KB 417x276 cascade2009.webp)
Does CASCADE count? Listening to Butterfly Limited Express for the first time was an experience. It felt nice in the moment, even if everything else felt like absolute shit. although now, I can't really listen to it with the same nostalgic sense, only to pass time and act like things are fine...
>>2 I love visual kei! I saw Dir en Grey live twice over a decade ago and still get excited for all their new records despite them not really being what I would call visual kei anymore.
>>2 Since this thread is on a slow board I don't feel too bad about posting in it. I am a fan of visual kei. I've been into it since about 2011. Here is a favorite track of mine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27WFd8PoDBw
I enjoy Buck-Tick. I never knew there was a whole subset of J-rock that was like this.

(245.69 KB 1280x1517 pQCQrefA_o.jpg)
andrea beaumont (batman) anon 08/24/2022 (Wed) 03:43:58 No. 249 [Reply]
>>249 I know jack-shit about western comics but she looks cool. Reminds me of madame red.

(121.58 KB 600x600 12771.jpg)
NBBMN (90'S BLACK METAL) anon 11/08/2022 (Tue) 18:19:17 No. 336 [Reply]
let's post 90's black metal classics, starting off with this EP right here.
(106.19 KB 600x591 WCS.jpg)
Probably the peak of Canadian Black Metal for me.
>>338 I'd take them over blasphemy, but in my opinion, both bands mog revenge.

(82.41 KB 600x596 R-712232-1268779834.jpg)
Golden-Age Ethio-Jazz anon 01/24/2023 (Tue) 18:45:51 No. 394 [Reply]
Ethio-Jazz straight from the 70's golden age. Nothing but classic time after time during this decade and all of this genre's glory is attributed to mulatu astatke. Many contemporary/urban-influenced jazz from Italy also came out during the '70s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbnoPZu4Wp8 if you're into any of let's say yuji ohno's works, I'm pretty sure you'll like what this thread could have in store for you.

(49.67 KB 328x500 nhs.jpg)
Amerimanga anon 12/29/2022 (Thu) 12:53:55 No. 374 [Reply]
Any of you ever read foreign works heavily inspired by manga? I feel like with how seperated Japanese manga and western comics are these days, series that bridged the gap dont get much appreciation these days. Can you believe Ninja High School has been published continuously since 1987?
>>374 It's hard to believe Ninja High School is still fucking going, that's for sure. I used to read it as a kid and even though I liked it then, it never felt quite as good as actual manga. Now it feels like some sort of weird fossil fish that's still hanging around for some reason
(317.27 KB 746x360 they_didn't_even_try.png)
>>374 I still cannot believe that no one has made a parody comparing Ninja High School to Urusei Yatsura. I mean, COME ON
>>387 NHS always wore its influences on its sleeve. I think the skunk-girl had a Captain Harlock outfit too?

(54.48 KB 800x561 0029_01_l.jpg)
anon 03/10/2022 (Thu) 22:31:35 No. 73 [Reply]
Favourite retro computer? Mine is the Fujitsu FM Towns, mostly for its pioneering use of CDs and its Japanese computer games being superior to their PC-98 counterparts, although it died off a lot sooner. Just another blip in the Japanese computer scene.
I like that CD slot.
(3.71 MB 4032x3024 hello wap.jpg)
>>73 One of my favorites is my Macintosh Centris 650, mostly because it's fun to have a hybrid Mac/Unix machine to mess around with.
Edited last time by ranchant on 07/30/2022 (Sat) 14:31:00.
(4.41 MB 4032x3024 apples.jpg)
Here's a really dumb setup I put together for a few future videos. Three different UNIXes on three different architectures, all with some shared history.
>>227 The pizza boxes deserve monitors that match.
>>73 Yeah, FM Towns is pretty stylish. >Favourite retro computer? Well, I can't name one, because I like many designs; also I like aesthetic of old tech in general. But I think that the most favourite computers for me are PC-98 (because of hentai touhou games and it's weird architecture) and some soviet computers (Agat and Poisk especially).

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