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(2.30 MB 1500x1125 Maicasualoutfit2.png)
Watch p/ar/ty 2 ranchan Admin 03/05/2022 (Sat) 23:02:33 No. 879
We're gonna have our second watch p/ar/ty on March 19th, same time as before (15:00 UTC). Suggestions will be taken for a week and the the finalists will be voted on next week. Looking forward to it!
(738.58 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0043.jpg)
Roujin Z
>>879 Kurogane Communication
Since we are linked, what about watching something with Heyuri? Not /ar/ but they watched FLCL just yesterday too. This was discussed there as well: https://img.heyuri.net/b/koko.php?res=17472 Second winning anime after FLCL was Golden Boy too
(103.72 KB 700x476 kabuto0.jpg)
>>879 Karasu tengu Kabuto? I remember my local TV aired this anime decades ago, I think they don't realize how much nudity this show has
>>883 Sure, I'll make a thread over there.
I feel like there should be a theme. Otherwise It'll just be a hodge podge of whatever.
>>887 That's a good idea, anyone got suggestions?
>>890 Off the top of my head: game adaptations (street fighter the movie, final fight OVA, salamander OVA, etc.) All anthology OVAs (Robot Carnival, Kawaguchi Kaiji's 9 Love stories, Memories, etc. Though this would be even more of a hodgepodge really.) 80s Fantasy Movies or OVA with a female protagonist (Leda, Dream Dimension Hunter Fandora, Eien no Filena, Gude Crest, etc. There are a million of these)
sup wapchan. coming over from heyuri. i suggest we watch kaiji, akagi, lain, yk the normal ones. gosick and akatsuki no yona are fire too. but if you're looking for more short series, we could go for an ova like norigami (more recent) non non biyori, hell cardcaptor sakura. it's all up to you guys as to what you want to watch. it's all cool tho much love from my side of heyuri
(282.05 KB 1316x1754 1646388815410.jpg)
I think it could be cool to watch the documentaries in >>877 together!
The voting should be starting today
Well that didn’t happen
>>900 Still busy today (should be finally free tomorrow) so I'll start the voting then so I can set it up right. Just been a lot on my plate lately. May do a themed watch party in early April as well
>>901 Don't worry, ranchan, we understand! The communication is, of course, appreciated.
(878.50 KB 250x186 anime-vhs.gif)
After a pretty long delay, we can finally start the voting! Suggestions from >>891 and >>897 were omitted because they can be the full subjects of future watch p/ar/ties, this will probably be the last "grab bag" type for a while. Voting ends Friday at noon EST. https://strawpoll.com/polls/2ayLWLdmbZ4
(238.45 KB 812x972 1572742069904.png)
>>909 How long will this stream run for? I think you said this one was going to be shorter than last time
>>913 4-6 hours max (the other one ran for around 8 or 10 I think). It may end up being shorter, but I will probably do a smaller p/ar/ty with the leftovers at some point, I just know these massive streams dont work great with everyone's schedules.
(674.20 KB 500x379 vhs.gif)
The stream starts in about an hour! Here is the link. https://cytu.be/r/wapparty See you there!

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