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(1.56 MB 1920x1440 noir-cel-and-douga.jpg)
Anime Cels 01/31/2022 (Mon) 21:53:02 No. 495
Anyone here collect anime cels? Or dougas/gengas? My collection is pretty small so far, pic related is my cel and douga of Yuumura Kirika from Noir. I'm actually looking for a good UV-blocking frame for it, anyone know of a good one that's about the needed size? (my douga measured to be about 10.5x9.5 so I'm guessing the cel is about the same)
>>495 i love these threads, i wish i could contribute. maybe some other anons have some cool ones
I bought a frame from Roots Search for my boss since that OVA is an injoke between us. He keeps it in his office so I could probably get a picture of it to post. It's nothing too special, though.
(676.80 KB 2045x2046 1639345921627.jpg)
Don't feel like retaking a picture so you'll have to deal with an old timestamp, but here you go.
(1.39 MB 3188x1793 Umi cel.jpg)
(3.48 MB 7529x2150 Umi cels.jpg)
(3.04 MB 4781x2690 cels.jpg)
I've shared parts of my collection before. I do like collecting them but it's been a while since I've gotten any new ones.
(211.54 KB 1999x1545 image2.jpg)
(218.84 KB 1999x1546 image3.jpg)
(178.64 KB 1999x1536 image4.jpg)
So glad to see a cel thread! Here is my collection so far. Back when I was in middle school my Japanese teacher gave me the first volume of Saint Tail, which is how I discovered the series. From there I watched the anime, It's simple, sweet, and holds a special place in my heart. So when I discovered collecting anime cels was a thing, I knew I wanted to collect Saint Tail cels.
I don't collect things physically unless they're rare and really cheap. I have a few cels but they're absorbed with dust, sitting on a stack of old greasy papers, because I don't take care of my stuff. Although most of the cels are from shows no one cares about, so it's all good. Personally I think cels are better suited for a museum. If I don't die prematurely, I'll try to give all my older stuff to museums/groups that preserve old things. Hopefully cel museums exist by then.
>>536 great taste
>>1005 Late reply but thank you. My collection is kind of starting to hit a wall though. Unless you go convention hopping it seems like it's getting harder to find new ones. Ebay is a bit of dry well.
I wouldn’t say I collect them, but I do have these cels from the Sakura Taisen TV show. The first Kanna cel also has two accompanying douga, but I’m too lazy to pull it them out and take new photos. (I love Kanna so much)
(353.42 KB 1600x1228 1622281645157.jpg)
(1021.86 KB 3000x2586 1621505401745.jpg)
(612.05 KB 2187x2060 1622281032334.jpg)
(1.10 MB 3000x1898 1621505106718.jpg)
(1.14 MB 3000x2471 1622281167848.jpg)
(341.97 KB 1660x1462 1621504748950.jpg)
Latest one just came in the mail. Happy to own a part of Pop Chaser. Japanese sellers sometimes throw bonus goodies in too so got two for one.
I don't own any cels myself but a friend of mine bought this from a thrift store of all places. Anyone recognize the anime?
Where are you people finding these very neat key frame cels at? Most of the ones ive seen for sale are the literal equivalent of scratchys arm.
>>1794 It looks Devilman Lady, but I'm not sure.
>>1803 Could be the Vampire Princess Miyu TV series as well.
>>1800 The cel games are fucking tough if you’re not made of money. Finding a steal is a daily chore. Protip: Japanese auction sites are the best for underpriced cels if you can deal with the BS of using them.
>>1803 >>1804 Thanks guys! Now is a good time to start on those shows anyway lol
And with that, my last never ever is a good Noriko from Gunbuster for under a grand. Already given up on Asuka and Misty. Shocked I found a reasonable Misato over the years.
Everyone talks about cels, but has anyone ever tried to collect backgrounds?
>>1836 I actually saw alot of those when i was looking around so im assuming people do.
(119.66 KB 1080x810 s-l1600.jpg)
>>1837 It's usually complete which is really impressive. Like this one which is only 100 bucks.
(183.60 KB 1008x756 PXL_20221119_223345806.jpg)
(223.89 KB 1008x756 PXL_20221119_223405637.jpg)
I recently bought a bunch of anime cels because they were cheap, but they pretty obviously haven't been taken care of. I bet they were put into sleeves when they left the production studio in 1996 and not touched since. Since I got them I tried to take off the sketches, all of which were stuck to the cel. I managed to get off most of them with minor damage to the sketches, but these two just wouldn't come. For one, the paint actually started coming off (at which point I stopped, put it in my archival sleeve, and didn't touch it again). Is there anything I can do about these? Is leaving the sketch there going to damage them? What's the best thing here?

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