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(138.07 KB 400x228 Celebi_fangen.PNG.png)
anon 09/21/2022 (Wed) 22:42:18 No. 57
>if you caught all 250 pokemon you get the GS ball and can catch celebi bro I hate the rumours from back then. Especially those I fell for...
>>57 While I was old enough to experience Pokémania I was still young enough for it to be a secondary experience that I felt through my brothers (games, trading cards, merch), parents (taking my brothers and I to events, movies etc.) and television (anime, adverts) the only rumour I knew about was one that my brother told me. If you got all 151 Pokémon and went back to Pallet Town, Professor Oak would give you a secret map that would lead to a forest that was full of Charmander's and other starter Pokémon. He told me that the forest itself was the grass on either side of Pallet Town. And while not a rumour, I do also remember him telling me that we owned a "Pokémon Green" version that we apparently lost down the side of the sofa. I spent a lot of time trying to search for it as a kid. Funny that, the only rumour I knew was something he probably made up.
>>61 Thanks for Pokemon Green dude. Your sofa sucks btw
I remember hearing about Missingo from school and tried it when I got home It didn't work for me so I assumed it was a lie Later on I learned it was only for Pokemon Blue when I owned Red I stopped at Gen 2 so I never payed attention to "secrets"
>>70 It definitely works in red too, only yellow had it fixed.
>>70 It's weird how well known that was for such an arbitrarily set of commands. >Talk to old man in Viridian who teaches you how to catch Pokémon >Fly to Cinnabar >Go up and down the coast to the right I'm guessing it was just dumb luck on some kid's part, perhaps they talked to him for no real reason, flew to Cinnabar to catch Articuno or something and as it began to Surf the first encounter was Missingno. It was well known enough that Game Freak had to patch it out by Yellow and even then they failed to do that. Pokémon really does make me happy that such a bug riddled mess could become so famous, and then all the bugs became a staple of the original gen.
>Mew is under the truck at M.S. Anne bro Fuck you Kevin Anyways, years later they actually found a bug to catch a legit Mew in first gen games. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Mew_glitch I'm wondering if there is a way to get a legit Celebi in gen 2 though.
>>73 >I'm wondering if there is a way to get a legit Celebi in gen 2 though. Googled it, there is and it sucks to actually execute.
>>71 I guess I never did it right then Way back when this all happened my family didn't have a computer so looking up exactly how to do it was a mystery since I only had other kids word of mouth to go on No Gameboys at school

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