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Classic Resident Evil anon 09/18/2022 (Sun) 16:51:03 No. 48
Discussion of the early days of RE, which includes >Resident Evil (1996) >Resident Evil 1.5 (1997) >Resident Evil 2 (1998) >Resident Evil 3 (1999) >Survivor (2000) >CODE:Veronica (2000) >The SD Perry Novels >Resident Evil Zero (was shown off in '98) And we'll ask the question that always gets asked. Where did it all go wrong?
I've been meaning to give the early games a try. I played a bit of 4 and hated it. The earlier games look good though.
Only played 1,2 and 4, never understood the hate for 4. I mean yeah it changed the series forever and might be a bit overrated too, but for me it felt like the natural evolution of RE. Played 4 on Wii, incredible experience with the wiimote aim and waggle for the knive attack. That said, back to the topic, I'm working on the other retro RE games, going to play 3 soon. Also whats 1.5 like? First time I hear about that.
>>50 >Also whats 1.5 like? First time I hear about that. It's just the scrapped concept for 2 that made it 80% of the way through development.
(802.19 KB 828x703 ClipboardImage.png)
>>48 I completely forgot I was meant to respond to this thread, time to do it now while I have some time. I remember playing REmake back in 2014 (not classic I know) and loving it a lot and when I heard the popularity of REmake was going to give us a REmake 2 I held off on playing 2 until quite literally, one day before REmake 2 came out. I played RE2 in one 8 hour sitting and absolutely loved it, it's my favourite RE game tied with the remake of it. I didn't think I'd play both stories but after playing Leon's I just had to play Claire's. Leon is a fantastic character along with Claire and I wish we got another game in RE2's style for him. It's been so long I can't remember much about why I loved it but it just oozed with atmosphere, had fun gameplay and environments and a fantastic soundtrack. Tank controls are something I still quite enjoy for being a unique take of games even if it's a bit outdated, awkward controls can also make a lot of fights scarier since I'm not fully in control of my character. I played RE3 around a month later and also enjoyed that, I remember finding the city to be a really cool area and felt much bigger than it actually was. I also loved how it was set a day before RE2 happened, there's just something really cool about RE2 and 3 taking place so close to each other and being able to explore areas in 2. Kinda like Silent Hill 3. Carlos was a fun character and I liked how the game never stayed in one place and I was constantly moving around Racoon City. I'd rank it just below RE2/REmake 2 imo. Perhaps the same as RE1. CV is something I played over two months but don't remember much of sadly, had a great save theme though. I disliked RE0 a lot, the idea of not having an item box confused the hell out of me for hours until I finally figured out you're literally meant to use items constantly and not horde them made it faster, so wasting them is a good idea and leaving stuff where they are helps a lot. I dumped everything in the main hall and after around 5 hours decided to just leave it all there and pick things up as I go, I left weapons and shit behind because the game WANTS you to. It's a weird mechanic that didn't work well for me but I do wish they instead had item boxes but as a separate entity from each other and maybe having their own items in there that other people in the game world placed in there. I finished this is another 8 hour session because I disliked it so much I just forced myself to finish it. I can't even remember the story of it but I loved how it looked, glad Capcom saved the backgrounds for this game And a short opinion of the other RE games, thought RE4 was a bit overhyped and not as good as everyone made it out to be but still good, disliked RE5, loved Leon's story in RE6 but hated the rest of the game, thought RE7 was good and RE8 was better than 7.

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