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(97.33 KB 1080x1089 1679952056963887.jpg)
čudan textboard anon 05/07/2023 (Sun) 10:40:16 No. 892
>If you host a site alligned with our kind of content and want to be added to our friendly site list, please make a post on /meta/ about your site. Good morning, kind Sirs! https://textboard.lol – modern textboard for hackers and weirdos If you wanna be frens, backlink is guaranteed here: https://textboard.lol/about.php Thank you and have a wonderful day!
I've skimmed through your site and there seems to ba a lot of political discussion, talks about transes, incels, a lot of slurs... things that are just not aligned with wapchan's tone and culture. There's been a controversy with heyuri and mootxico being deleted for being NSFW some time ago, but both of those sites are way closer to us than this cudan textboard
>>893 It's up to you. But you could just link https://textboard.lol/index.php?tag=prog
>>894 This looks better
>>895 So, if you decide to exchange links, let me know ITT and I'll add https://wapchan.org into cudan's frens list. Cheers!
(804.77 KB 500x280 printer.gif)
>>896 Hi, I do have a lot of respect for those who actually write their own board engines (maybe one day I'll write one for wapchan but making a powerful imageboard with decent moderation tools one is a ton of work). Other board is far too unhinged for my taste (are there any rules?) but I'll link the programming board for now, as it seems to be a lot more civil. I hope we can be good friend sites.
>>900 Thank you! I see you added the prog to the friend's list. I'll add wapchan shortly. There are usual rules (no illegal stuff, no spam, no offtopic on topic boards, etc.). Maybe, need to copy them somewhere on a static page from here: https://textboard.lol/thread.php?id=64386d50db17c&p=1
(11.43 MB 320x569 hot.gif)
Added wapchan to the Friends list on cudan about page. Cheers!

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