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(1.77 MB 450x338 table.gif)
News Thread ranchan Admin 11/04/2022 (Fri) 15:57:42 No. 713
I redid the front page/top of board news to be pulled from threads, so all future site news will be posted here. Feel free to give feedback/responses , since only staff posts will be shown on the front page.
Edited last time by ranchant on 11/07/2022 (Mon) 18:30:00.
(980.10 KB 500x379 madoka.gif)
Now that things are freeing up for me, I'm thinking of organizing another watch p/ar/ty, since we haven't done one in so long, probably on the 19th or 20th, with the theme of "bad dubs".
(347.13 KB 400x300 pastel.webp)
How would everyone feel about wapchan having a social media presence to promote the site, like on twitter? I feel like if we want this site to expand, we need to start looking outside imageboards.
>>719 I don't mind. I think you should do whatever you have to, I think interests like old anime are enough to filter out undesirables. Anyway do whatever makes you happy anon, this hasn't been a good start but I am rooting for you. I will keep on dropping here from time to time. Take care and don't sweat things.
Isn't pretty much anyone on twitter fucked in the head? The only twitter users that weren't, were artists posting some of their stuff for advertising. The users are mostly uhm... special.
>>721 >The only twitter users that weren't, were artists posting some of their stuff for advertising. *in my experience at least
>>720 >this hasn't been a good start I think it's been fine, it was always gonna be tough getting a new non /pol/ niche imageboard off the ground these days. >I think you should do whatever you have to I just like to get people's perspectives on things before I make big changes to the site or stuff surrounding it. >>721 >Isn't pretty much anyone on twitter fucked in the head? A lot of people are, but it's also a lot of the modern retro anime discussion happens, at least in English.
>>723 >I think it's been fine I didn't mean it in a disparaging way. Just that it's not easy to get something like this to work out and you shouldn't feel bad if it takes time or doesn't work at all.
>>719 >wapchan having a social media presence to promote the site Depends >twitter Mixed opinions, I'd be concerned about crazies as >>721 pointed out. Reddit I think would be your best bet. Maybe try to find some Web 2.0 anime forums that are still somewhat active? Absolutely stay away from facebook though, there's nothing good about that place.
>>719 It's worthwhile, I don't think there is a reason to blanket a whole group of platform users, there are always some good and bad. Unless you are doing private invites only you always risk bringing in bad people, that's just inevitable. I would wait until 2023 on Twitter though, just because Elon Musk just took over right now and lots of the people who you (presumably) wouldn't want on here are very vocally upset and talking about leaving Twitter, so they are looking for places to go, if it's not all just hot air. In a month when everything is basically the same they won't care anymore.
(1.76 MB 498x376 sunrise.gif)
Well, that was certainly an eventful 36 or so hours. Things looked bleak for a while on my end, but luckily everything ended up working out. This post is gonna serve as a bit of a FAQ about the whole situation. >Why did the site go down? As it turned out, I had misconfigured the software on here, so even though images were being "deleted", they still remained in the filesystem. This allowed a malicious actor to file a report about some illegal content previously though to have been deleted, which caused our host to take down the site temporarily. I take responsibility for not catching this beforehand, but this does not change the fact that this was a deliberate attack on the site. This has been fixed and all relevant material has been deleted, hashbanned and reported. >Changes moving forward One of the biggest changes is that I am going to setup off-site methods for communication. While wapchan has tried to self host many services, it is clear that this is a single point of failure. The revival of the old Rizon irc channel is the first part of this, and I'm planning on setting up a Steam group in the near future (which will also help organize some game nights). I'm also going to setup a proper way for staff around here to stay connected and organized through IRC, so that we can better respond to events like this in the future. Also, captchas are coming back for now, as deterrents against spambots. If we have enough staff in the future to clean this up manually then they may be removed, but I hope you can all understand that there must be compromises made to protect this site from further attacks. Also, in case you ever want to visit the emergency website again, I put it up here https://www.wapchan.org/.static/crisisArchive/index.html With that in mind, I hope you all once again enjoy posting on here. The wapchan spirit lives on.
I'm still shocked that actually happened. Like, why? We only have a handful of users and don't talk about any offensive stuff, no politics, porn or other degenerate stuff. When I saw the bot, that usually just advertised some products, started posting pizza I was already worried and considered applying as janny, a day later the site was down already. Are you sure that someone targeted this site on purpose, or could it also be that dunno some agency or something scanned the web for illegal images from their database and found the contents from that bot post? No idea how this works. Either way, getting real tired of bot spam, saw a lot of those on other image boards and lately on gelbooru and similar sites as well. The new hot thing is to post AI generated stuff so I guess you can ban image hashes as much as you it will just make more questionable content. No wonder the small sites all disappear if you have to deal with shit like that.
>>739 >could it also be that dunno some agency or something scanned the web for illegal images from their database and found the contents from that bot post Technically that could have been possible, but the file name was extremely cryptic (for example the link to the filename to the image I posted above is https://wapchan.org/.media/8510bf993c364af620b8853d097e31821d90706e42820f45d1243a89544e543d.gif ) as well as the fact that the report that was submitted to the host was from a third party (ie not the feds themselves). >Like, why? Some people are shitty and hate fun I guess. This happens fairly regularly to altchans (you can go on /g/ and find many similar stories), since these degenerates know that most don't have the proper staff to moderate them unlike bigger websites. >No wonder the small sites all disappear if you have to deal with shit like that. This has always been the toughest part of running a website where you let users upload content, especially when you can only identify them by their IP addresses, because at the end of the day I'm the one responsible for making sure this site isn't used for distributing pizza or other fucked up shit.
Edited last time by ranchant on 11/16/2022 (Wed) 14:19:59.
That is sadly one of the main issues admins have to face when hosting anonymous imageboards. You don't need to have a controversial site or anything to trigger these malicious people, a lot of small imageboards get shut down because of CP spams followed by reports to host/registrar. Who knows what are their motives or who are they, some claim it's the work of three-letter agencies and some claim it's just bots spamming on all imageboards... Good to see Wapchan somehow pulled off from it
>>738 I'm really sorry you had to deal with all this crap but I'm glad wapchan is back. Hopefully this wont repeat any time soon.
(1.25 MB 1600x1200 ranuni.png)
It's been interesting seeing the influx of users heading onto Mastodon. I've always had some interest in the fediverse, but never really used it much myself (I have an account on a Pleroma instance but rarely used it). With Twitter going down the drain, maybe the best way forward for growing Wapchan is setting up is setting up a Pleroma instance and having it run alongside the imageboard, since it would allow us to communicate with all the other recent ActivityPub instances while still keeping our content hosted internally (having both an anonymous community and one with users). Let me know what you all think of this idea. (I might cut out the BBS and textboard in the process since both of those are pretty disconnected from the rest of the site by now) Also in case anyone's wondering why a lot of images are missing, I dumped the image database a few times when I was trying to find and delete the illegal content on here. Sorry bout that.
(430.07 KB 708x474 Er9KNOHXcAASRRb.png)
>>743 Bringing in a social media tie in is a bad idea. Imageboards are an alternative to social media, older and with a different purpose. Just like with forums the inclusion of social media into that space will turn it into a ghost town. When was the last time you visited a forum?
>>743 >Mastodon >fediverse >Pleroma Thats like a selfhosted twitter yes? Regarding >>719 >social media presence to promote the site I changed my mind and would now agree thats a good idea. My reasons are: a) I tried to advertise the site a bit by mentioning it every time I thought someone might bite, but it didnt really bring anyone here, even though some people said the site looked cool and interesting etc. Probably due to how slow it is around here? b) I was afraid that social media presence would invite shitposters and bad actors that attack the site etc. but as we've seen we had bot spam and other harmful shit happen either way. Perhaps we could try it out and if we notice it brings "undesireable" posters here we just stop? Worth the risk imo, better than becoming yet another dead altchan. Let me know what you think anons.
(107.25 KB 640x480 1616595654303.jpg)
>>745 > a) I tried to advertise the site a bit by mentioning it every time I thought someone might bite, but it didnt really bring anyone here, even though some people said the site looked cool and interesting etc. Probably due to how slow it is around here? Are you aware that some of the successful altchans had this period in their beginning where they had basically no activity? Even a better idea takes time to spread, people are creatures of habit and difficult to break.
Did a few minor changes today. Finally setup cloudflare for this site (to help prevent spam) as well as fixed the TOR link that's been broken ever since the server move. wapchanssuskaph2zlit2wx6vs6u6rih7xnosg4cqt3uin7sl5cpf5yd.onion
>>751 >>752 Sorry, this should be fixed soon. I had to setup a new subdomain that wasn't proxied (irc.wapchan.org), and I should get the cert up soon
Ok, irc is fixed. New subdomain is irc.wapchan.org Also fixed the radio.
>>755 Whatever you've done also made all threads removed all newlines, so a lot of posts have no spaces between paragraphs. Dunno if this is fixable but just a minor thing that has made reading some threads and posts that were long a bit harder now.
>>756 Whoops, minify was enabled for some reason. Fixed.
We're not all burgers around here, but I hope everyone has a great weekend regardless.
(230.46 KB 350x263 4523ewt.gif)
>>755 Connection failed (* Verify E: Failed to validate hostname? (-1)) RANCHAAAAAAN
(283.51 KB 984x712 tele85_003.jpg)
Well, it's already December. Can't believe Wapchan is already going to be 1 soon enough. Anyways, I know the site's been breaking on and off recently, and that's on me for choosing to self host so much of the stuff on here. Also, I know I've been proposing a lot of radical changes to the site, and honestly none of these are really necessary, so I'll try and cut down on all the blogposts here. Here's some plans for this month: >Announcements will be fixed sitewide shortly, I've just been lazy about this one honestly >IRC is moving permanently to Rizon. While it's been interesting running my own IRC server, I can see now why literally no one else does that these days: it's a giant hassle, especially for one channel. Hopefully this change makes chatting more convenient for everyone >I'll be hosting a few "fireside chat" events on IRC, on the 3rd and 10th, to get some feedback for the direction of the site. I'll be posting summaries of those after the fact on here. >I'll also run a wapchan birthday stream on New Year's Eve, most likely in the morning EST (with my voice), which will be a similar format to the IRC events but hosted on youtube (with a cytube option) >I will try to fix the broken images at some point. I do have a backup with most of these images intact, so this should be feasible. >Moving forward into next year I'd like to do a lot less radical changes and mostly just keep everything running smoothly as it's gotten to by this point, as well as generally be more "hands off" with the way this site's run, allowing a more organic culture to develop. Also nu ran sucks
>>760 >nu ran sucks BASED

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