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(386.95 KB 1280x1811 z_b2pos_002.jpg)
Fall Update fig57 Admin 09/08/2022 (Thu) 19:08:15 No. 670
Now that September has rolled around, I figure it's about time we'd have another update. Here's whats on the table: >New board approval We're planning on adding a few more boards for certain topics >/cor/ - retro western animation and comics >/tech/ - technology and associated gadgetry >/vr/ - old games, but better than 4/vr/ As always I'll run a poll just to see if people generally like these ideas, if so I'll probably add them over the weekend https://cgi.heyuri.net/vote/vote.php?p=216 >Game server restructuring I'm going to overhaul the game servers. Currently planning to remove most of the extra sourcemod servers besides one of each game, just because they've been empty for months. In their place I'll be adding a TF2 server that runs many of the same sourcemod plugins and (finally) a minecraft server, notably on beta 1.7.3 (peak minecraft IMO). We may add another game if there's sufficient interest. This will all be setup sometime this month when I have time. >Community expansion This isn't a new topic but since we had some discussion on it recently I though I'd bring it up again. While I do run a bit of a personal social media presence now for youtube and twitter, those of course aren't directly related to wapchan (topics are sorta related), so I was wondering how the community would feel about a social media presence for the site itself. Maybe a project related to the site? >Streams Planning on doing a stream sometime soon ish. I know I haven't done one in ages so send some ideas over. That's all I've got for now. Keep it real wap.
Few ideas off the top of my head: >recommendation list I came here searching for old anime for an old 4:3 TV and I basically don't know any titles. I have to sort of mine the titles out of filenames people post. The next one ties into this >approved torrents for said titles I've been trying to get some titles-collections from nyaa and believe it or not, even basic shit like Dragonball is hard to get. It gets even more complicated when you need specific encoding (for discrete media playing hardware) I like torrenting, seeding, and I have a good connection >stickied continous thread for identifying titles from various media this is self explanatory I heard about this place by the word of mouth as _the_ retro anime imageboard and I think these changes/additions could solidify this reputation. Then again this is my second post on this board so I deserve all the flame if you people think I said something stupid p.s. recommend anime for a 4:3 crt with an x264 capable media box tied to it, I've seen Bubblegum Crisis and now I'm watching Macross and Slayers
(804.29 KB 500x375 Patlabor-TV-9.gif)
>>670 >Streams I think having two watch parties per month could be fun,maybe some short OVAs or a double feature movie night might work better compared to a TV Series. >>671 >recommendation list Not a bad idea, I remember feeling lost back when I started getting a little bit more into anime. >p.s. recommend anime for a 4:3 crt with an x264 capable media box tied to it A couple of things you might enjoy: >Armitage III >Cyber City OEDO 808 >Gunsmith Cats >Hurricane Polymar: Holy Blood >Riding Bean >Roujin Z >Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise >Wicked City
Whoops, looks like you can only vote on one item in the poll. I need to find a real good poll site now that strawpoll.me closed... >>671 We can definitely make a community rec list w/ torrents, either in the form of a thread or maybe a wiki.
>>673 >I need to find a real good poll site now that strawpoll.me closed... Maybe there's some better ones out there but recently I came across https://poll.fuwafuwa.moe/ Looks pretty nice to me, supports voting on multiple items too.
>>670 >Community expansion Well I guess the last couple of weeks have shown that the community is not getting bigger by itself, so some kind of action is probably needed. Perhaps we could make a thread and gather ideas.
(232.45 KB 288x384 ClipboardImage.png)
(98.86 KB 288x384 ClipboardImage.png)
(170.31 KB 288x384 ClipboardImage.png)
>>670 I did have one idea that may be able to help this place but I'm not sure if it'd be entirely useful or attract the right kind of people but I'll throw it out here. I was thinking of making a Twitter account that is entirely based on old cosplays that I've found over the years through waybackmachine. A lot of gimmick Twitter accounts have something like this where they just post shit from other place and they're pretty popular but I've never seen one focus solely on old cosplays and I imagine there might be an audience for it on Twitter. I made a thread on here a few months ago with a few pictures from the sites I found but I think the thread was deleted when some board changes occurred a few months ago, but pic related are examples of what I'd show along with the cosplay and the con it occurred at. On one hand, retarded Twitter users are not the kind of people you'd want on this site but on the other you could probably assume a lot of the people who may find these cosplays interesting (especially some of the more obscure ones, if I focused on posting those the most) could be the exact kind of audience this place could be looking for. There's also the morality of using that Twitter account for advertising from others long dead work, I guess. Wouldn't want Wapchan to somehow be caught in this weird external conflict some people may have of "why are you advertising an altchan using this account?". If it eventually found an audience and a bunch of follows I could namedrop this place and see how it would go, but how would the users of this site feel about this idea?
>>670 I wouldn't mind a wapchan /tech/, but personally I'd advise against it due to the fact that there's already other technology boards on other imageboards like zzz's /tech/ and 8moe's /t/. Not that it'd be a bad thing, I just worry it would spread out the community too much. >>673 I know there's poal.me
>>677 I don't consider those webring fags as part of our community. That said these tech boards are extremely dead.
>>678 I think what he was trying to say is that there are a ton of technology boards out there. This may be why all those tech boards are dead. There are too many options and none of them are what you might consider good for one reason or another. >webring fags I don't care for them either, but you don't get to pick your neighbors.
>just because they've been empty for months I'd recommend having a sort of schedule for the servers. An agreed upon time to play. Maybe once every other week or so. With a small population, it's best to get as many people as you can at a time, rather than constant availability. >a minecraft server, notably on beta 1.7.3 Fuck yeah.
>>676 You should make that twitter account regardless; just a cool idea in general. Most of the crazies on twitter don't really care about retro anime so I don't think it's necessarily a bad idea to mention wapchan. Also, the fact that we're a chan will likely filter some people. The only other thing I can think of would be maybe talk to the admins of Toonami Aftermath.
(128.22 KB 397x561 ClipboardImage.png)
>>681 I was going to make the account soon, just need to actually find enough pictures to start it up and keep it updated for a while, along with other information like the con they attended, who they are cosplaying, what year etc. Just to make it have a bit more "nostagia" to it as well. Pic related is the oldest cosplay I've found of a guy going as Captain Harlock in 1989.
(9.18 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
where /vr/
>>683 Got on it. Ultimately decided to shelve /tech/ for now. Also, we really need new banners... so if you all got any ideas I'd really appreciate them. >>682 Cool stuff.
Edited last time by ranchant on 09/12/2022 (Mon) 12:12:18.
>>684 >literally zero votes on the poll >adds /cor/ anyway Not angry, just disappointed
>>685 To be fair the poll was meant to be checkbox style. Didn't see any posts against /cor/ so I felt like it had potential. But that's just me, if it's really unpopular I can remove it.
/cor/ was removed due to lack of interest I'll make working polls in the future. Also, moved this to meta because I put it in ar for some reason
I am redoing the banners to be animated webp files instead of webms. This might break the banners for a bit.
(392.28 KB 1280x1806 rubook023.jpg)
I hope you all had a good Halloween. Unfortunately I have been far busier than expected for a while now (and have to makeup some work and exams this week), so I haven't had a lot of time to do stuff around here, but as always if any of you have ideas to improve the site I'd appreciate them.

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