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(66.01 KB 795x1061 1636902498796.jpg)
anon 09/13/2022 (Tue) 00:55:44 No. 659
Why are wapchan anons so shy? When some anon makes a thread I often see a lot of replies shortly after, but people hesitate to make their own thread for some reason. Go ahead and make threads about stuff you want to discuss and if there is no board for that talk to ranchan my friends.
>>659 In my case because I'm also like this irl, I think the site is really comfy but it's easier for me to talk in a conversation that has already been started by another person.
>>659 I have ideas for threads I just never get around to actually writing them, but hell, I'll make one right now.
>>659 I never reply to a thread because i have no idea of what to comment.
>>659 I was thinking of making an Inuyasha thread on /ar/ but I'm not sure if that anime is old enough and don't want to shit up the catalog or possibly be banned
>>667 It's fine In fact, there's one already up >>>/ar/1065
>>668 Thanks
(201.46 KB 1440x1080 mpv-shot0003 (2).jpg)
>>659 You know, I'm starting to wonder if anon's just don't want to read posts with paragraphs and don't want to make threads as that requires posting a paragraph. Maybe we just don't like reading and posting in general. Or perhaps we don't have enough frequent users yet.... Either way, wapchan requires some form of actually paying attention to what you post and read so I imagine if things don't interest the average anon, they won't post or respond and we get no discussion from it.
>>688 >anon's just don't want to read posts with paragraphs and don't want to make threads as that requires posting a paragraph That's definitely part of it. Since this place is slow and the topics are niche, most people seem to want to make more well informed and detailed posts as opposed to bait (which is a good thing) >perhaps we don't have enough frequent users yet Also part of it, though I think it's been better recently. Maybe we need a more coordinated campaign if we want serious growth. I think the main thing is that most of the users don't use the alternative/more instant forms of chat on here. The IRC is dead most of the time, and I can't really blame people for not using it since at the end of the day it's pretty niche for most these days, and other chat services would probably be unpopular with most of the users on here. I also still have to fix up the game servers which would be another potential form of communication. Additionally I'd like to run more community events like streams but I have been very busy with school and other activities so they won't be very frequent during the fall, at least ones run by me directly. Maybe others can step in and organize something?
I want to make a laserdisc or general older media thread but havent gotten around to it. Maybe someday.
>>689 If you were to compare to /a/ and most anime boards one of the main differences is that anime communities are unified around seasonal anime, whereby everyone is watching the same batch of shows all at the same time. With older stuff people are just picking out whatever shows interest them from all of anime history, so there is less chance that if you make a thread about some anime that there will even be anyone to talk to you about it. One thing that used to be done on /m/ was a group watch whereby everyone watched 1 episode of an anime per day or per week and there would be a thread for everyone who partook to discuss it.
The curse of all alt chans, where people spend more time bitching in meta threads than actually talking about things.
I have never made a thread on 4chan, ever before. So I have some questions Can I make two threads in the same board? Or does previous thread get deleted? Is it possible to make 2 threads in 2 seperate boards?
(139.40 KB 1280x911 001.jpg)
>>715 >Can I make two threads in the same board? Yes >does previous thread get deleted? Threads rarely get deleted unless they're obvious (usually automated) spam >Is it possible to make 2 threads in 2 seperate boards? Yes. More discussion is always appreciated around here. Don't be afraid to make threads!

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