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(21.84 KB 228x305 4win98.jpg)
compatibility mode for browsing on older PCs anon 08/02/2022 (Tue) 17:12:38 No. 610
A mate of mine has a Win98 rig for older PC games and browsing sites like 4chan. It would be cool if there was a simplified layout option for Wapchan so it could run on older OSes for maximum immersion.
>>610 That should be possible, since all the backend info (LynxChan) is available via JSON, so I could probably make a simplified frontend sometime. It would be on a different subdomain (like reto.wapchan.org) since I tried to give this main site very good security features (modern SSL ciphers), which prevents it from loading at all on browsers older than 2010 or so.
(123.13 KB 254x569 ClipboardImage.png)
Funny, seeing this thread makes me wonder if it would be possible to browse Wapchan on a Dreamcast?
ranchan please code a web browser for my famicom and make wapchan work on it k thx bye ^_^
>>612 It's probably gonna take a while to get fully functional, but if what I have planned works it should be able to Here's the plan >Server side program that takes the JSON data from LynxChan and renders HTML4 pages with minimal Javascript accessable with plan http >Images will be heavily compressed
This is good. I like this.

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