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modern anime board anon 07/25/2022 (Mon) 13:27:50 No. 601
hey admin, ever thought about making a modern anime board? 4chan is breaking on a daily basis and we'd appreciate a place to talk about new stuff.
(201.21 KB 500x500 1399072022146.png)
>>601 While I do think it'd detract from the point of wapchan, a board to discuss "new" anime in general wouldn't be *too* bad since it'd actually give some frequent discussion to the board Even as I watch countless older shows, I still watch a few running things although right now it's just Isekai Ojisan. It's up to the admin and other users though.
>>601 It’ll be back up, just a technical issue that’s not outright apocalyptic to the site. A “modern” anime board though could invalidate the entire point of this site though and users could launch frequent “old good new bad” threads which is prohibited on this site, I wouldn’t want too see that because everything has been chill
>wanting 4/a/ niggers on our comfy site Let's not.
>lets move to an entire new site because it broke for 5 mins Shut up retard
>>603 >>604 This. I assume most of us came here to avoid terrible "old good new bad" bullshit. The entire point of the website is to discuss older anime without this bullshit, and creating a board for new shit will just bring that over here.
>>606 I agree, it’s just not worth the risk
>>605 I'm not OP and while I agree that wapchan should stay retro, I would absolutely leave 4chan at the drop of a hat if a competitor site appeared that was the exact same but with moderators who actually moderated.
>>601 As you can see, this is a very touchy subject. While I am not personally against making a modern anime board (there was a vote on it a few months ago), I can see why others are. I may hold another vote at some point regarding this. >>608 I am trying to keep a balance between the retro focus of the site and other potential non-retro boards. While this site wasn't designed to be a competitor/clone of 4chan, I wouldn't mind hosting similar (blue) boards.
Edited last time by ranchant on 07/25/2022 (Mon) 19:02:55.
>>606 It is bullshit. How about "some old good, some new good too". What a dumb, stupid conflict. People who actually like anime shouldn't have these kinds of arguments in the first place.
>>616 sadly there's a diffrence between what people should and would do so we have to plan accordingly
>>609 An early 2010s board would be ok at least, right?
>>635 That would be just /a/
(479.41 KB 425x792 (you).PNG)
>modern anime ew

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