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(1.20 MB 1440x1080 mpv-shot0044.png)
anon 01/18/2022 (Tue) 20:26:44 No. 43
Could you please unban me, I wont spam id just like to make one thread dedicated to sweet Ran and in other threads I wont spam her. I didnt make the thread to be annoying, I just love her very much and she belongs on a retro anime site.
>>43 why, you have your fast moving 4chan cancer
>>44 20mb file size limit and I really like retro anime
>>43 i'm feeling generous, so here's the deal. you'll be unbanned, but i expect you to not constantly post ran images. if you can actually contribute around here then maybe we can get along. won't be so lenient in the future though.
>>46 Can I post Ran images in their own dedicated thread please? I love my wife
>>47 if you can keep it to one thread and you don't post your entire collection in a single day then ill allow it, but don't treat this place as a dumping ground.
>>48 allright, thanks
>>48 do you really thing this is a good idea? i dont trust him, like at all
>>50 as much as i find him annoying being a trigger happy despot around here won't do this place any good. if he spergs out again then ill deal with him appropriately.
It would probably be to geo-block all of Deutschland
>>43 Ran is pretty cute actually

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