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Greetings from https://www.mootxi.co! Deus 04/25/2022 (Mon) 01:55:48 No. 406
I come to formally introduce ourselves to the WapChan community as a response to our IRC discussion to your greeting and introduction on our site. We are an imageboard born of the honest fun that once dominated the Internet. We rejects the current ironic culture (cringe/based, etc..) of the Internet and instead aim for a more traditional, oldschool approach that we think the Internet is desperately in need of right now. Following our discussions, we will be adding a link to your site on our site and will gladly participate in your future events should we be invited. We are not many right now but hopefully we can both grow to a respectable size together as one in the near future. We look forward to collaborating with WapChan! With honest respect -Mootxico staff
(2.58 KB 256x256 Longcatloop2_christmas0_5.png)
(3.33 KB 256x256 Longcatloop3_christmas0_5.png)
(5.62 KB 256x256 Longcatloop4_chrismas_0_5.png)
>>407 nnooooooooooo I ruined it
(1.48 MB 500x375 ranny.gif)
>>406 very nice to welcome you around here from one like minded site to another >will gladly participate in your future events should we be invited you are always welcome to come to our events, we post them here https://cal.wapchan.org/ let's get comfy together, friends!
(56.68 KB 1266x1800 5k555.jpg)
>>410 Sure!
(9.21 KB 512x512 cocked.png)
get COCKed lol!
(246.17 KB 600x434 nyan.gif)
(1.84 MB 3150x3150 s4s longcat collage.jpg)
>>413 Lol funny The [s4s] Longcat collage square I drew when she died had one in it, along with the sky king.

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