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New boards ranchan Admin 04/14/2022 (Thu) 18:34:13 No. 353
As >>>/ar/ reaches nearly 1000 total posts, I've been thinking about the future of this site. wapchan has always been focused around retro content, and there's no real plans to change that. However, I have heard many who say that while they like the site's design and features (especially the rule against political discussion), that they're just not interested in the topics on the boards. Since people have been suggesting these for a while, I'm proposing that two new boards be potentially added. >/a2k/ - 2000s anime >/am/ - Modern anime This is not to detract from /ar/, but rather to give anons more options with their discussion topics. The fact that anime/manga would be split across 3 boards is a deliberate choice, as I did not want any specific era to feel "second class". I put it up for a vote, if we can get say maybe 25 for each then I'll add them (as in if one gets those votes and the other dosent ill add only one). Just wanted to run it by the community first. https://cgi.heyuri.net/vote/vote.php?p=153
Edited last time by ranchant on 04/14/2022 (Thu) 18:54:12.
(7.14 KB 300x300 oekaki.png)
image didn't work
>>353 thanks for running it through the community first, quick question to a2k what is the break off point, '10?
>>355 The board would be from 2000-2009, possibly letting anime that started in the 2ks but went beyond that exist as well (would have to find a "cutoff" anime). I may take this site in a retro & 2000s sort of direction or a more anime centric direction depending on what's more popular (i've been considering a 2k net culture sort of board for old flash and forum discussion down the line)
>>353 >>356 I definitely like the idea of adding /a2k/ for 2000s anime. I think a modern anime board should at least wait until we see how popular /a2k/ and the rest of the site are.
(106.31 KB 1276x248 votes.png)
Looks like the votes are in! I will be adding /a2k/ tonight. Thanks everyone for contributing.
(204.39 KB 1920x1080 fort.jpg)
Thanks to the recent growth of the sites userbase through both the friendly sites and the game servers, I've got a few more board ideas to hopefully give this place a wider range of discussion: >/clv/ - C'est La Vie Such is life - a place to talk about stuff going on in your life, your personal projects, whatever. Meant to be a place to relax without necessarily having to be about some form of media. >/tech/ - Technology & Gadgetry Just a place to talk about tech stuff. Extra points if its obscure stuff from 30 years ago. What do you all think of these? If anyone has suggestions, i'm willing to listen (an anon suggested /2hu/ but i'm not sure how much actual interest there is for that, maybe a more broad games board would work better?) >thoughts I'm trying to aim for a balance between a forum and an imageboard around here, since I want this place to feel like an actual community, instead of just a bunch of random anonymous boards with no connection to eachother. Do you all have any suggestions or thoughts on this? I just think small, relaxed internet communities (as in more than just a random discord server) aren't really a thing anymore, and I want to keep that spirit alive.
>>491 I think the tech board is a good idea. Maybe it should have a focus on archival. Wakarimasen archive went down for good. anon.cafe/retro is pretty much dead. I think a collectibles board wouldn't be bad either. It doesn't have be just toys, could be anything including files.
>>491 >/clv/ - C'est La Vie Wouldn't mind honestly, although maybe a bit later. We have such a small userbase so far that I doubt an entire board for talking about lives would help much, a single thread could do that. >/tech/ - Technology & Gadgetry Sounds good but I'm not sure what I could contribute to it. So far, I do like wapchan in general for being what it is. I do wish it had a bit more activity but only time will tell.
>>515 It's really just getting the word out. I could just buy adspace but I've always felt that organic community growth was the best path forward. I've been thinking of (re)starting a youtube channel just to talk about stuff that interests me, so maybe that could help grow the userbase, and integrating the game servers more could also help. Been working on some new OC as well, stay tuned
(1.43 MB 4510x3627 wapfriends.webp)
Been trying a few changes around here. Made this collage to use as a background, but it had too poor contrast to be usable, so I'm gonna leave it here for everyone to use as a wallpaper if they want. Also changed the default font, mostly to make this site stand out more. However, the classic Arial font is available in the other themes. (font scaling may be messy currently).
(17.66 KB 1824x60 uibar.png)
Redid the status bar to be more cohesive and less cluttered.
(170.09 KB 1978x1016 waphome.png)
Finally, I redid the homepage. I hope everyone enjoys these changes. The site's going to go into "feature freeze" for now while I get back to work on other personal projects (some of which will involve this site). The community needs time to develop, after all.
Felt like doing one more big QOL improvement, since drawings on here were always kind of tacky. Drawings now use tegaki.js, and you can upload multiple at once or upload other files alongside them, as well as them being integrated into the quick reply window.
yo yo this font sucks
>>528 All the other themes contain the original font (Arial).
>>528 you know at first I agreed but I'm coming around to it
>>546 Funny, I was going to say that I prefer Arial, but honestly it has grown on me a bit when I'm typing posts. I've been using March as my theme for a while now, probably will never change it for Wapchan.
(732.93 KB 800x600 grape.png)
>>546 >>548 i just felt like for a retro site a bitmapped font only makes sense, i know i made a "terminal" style a while back but that had a pretty messy BIOS style font while this one seems pretty clean. might make a theme with the old charcoal font from apple as well.
>>353 > The fact that anime/manga would be split across 3 boards is a deliberate choice Just an idea I had but, what if instead of splitting boards right away, you would first allow a containment general for topics that don't really match the boards rules. Like on /ar/ you would first have an /a2k/ general, once that grows => own board. This way you don't split the userbase too much and see how much demand there really is.
>>559 This is the idea behind /br/, at least for non anime topics. It may have been a bad board name though since its not really like /b/ at all. /ar/ was meant to be pre 2000s from the start which is why there wasnt any 2k anime threads becides borderline ones like inuyasha and azumanga daioh. Do you think it would be worth folding /a2k/ into /ar/ for now?
>>560 >Do you think it would be worth folding /a2k/ into /ar/ for now? I'm pretty new here so I don't really feel qualified to judge what's good for this site. I think it might upset people if you remove the board now though, especially after people voted, so maybe lets wait and see how things develope. If it stays dead, you may want to reconsider.
>>560 I agree with >>561 that we should wait to see how that board and the site as a whole develop for at least a few more months. Maybe it will pick up as the site gets more traffic. There's actually a thread or two I wanted to make there myself but I just haven't gotten around to it yet.
>>491 >/clv/ - C'est La Vie Maybe we should give this one a try. Not sure about the others, but I found myself posting on /kind/ a lot recently cuz I had nothing retro to talk about.
>>567 We actually did have /clv/ for a very short period of time (like barely a day). I remember favouriting it to check on later but it went away. Just had one thread made by ranchan to discuss life. Would've posted in it if it didn't die so soon.
>>567 >>568 Made the boards on a whim but didn't think they had popular support so they weren't put on the front page. I would like to bring that + /tech/ back (since every board here currently is content focused, plus i genuinely like talking about tech stuff). Maybe even have /rlx/ - relax down the line, somewhat analogous to a comfy/offtopic board. Something else i've been thinking about - maybe a rebrand of /br/?
>>568 >>569 I'd definitely like to see /clv/ or some variant on this site, would definitely be a good way of making it feel like a community of people who like retro stuff and not just a "retro community", if that makes sense.
(515.31 KB 1228x1704 post083.jpg)
>>570 Good news - >>>/clv/ is here to stay! Also, I've finally finished my first (new) youtube video, the first part of a series on Urusei Yatsura. I wrote a much longer script originally but split it up, so this first part is fairly short. Hope you all like it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kzhF_Wg4Lc
>>571 Cool, I'll post on /clv/ soon and give a small update about my life I guess. As for that Youtube video, I'll share it around a few places for a bunch of people who might enjoy it.

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