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jannies anon 01/15/2022 (Sat) 13:56:30 No. 33
even when this site is still quite slow and small, you should think about hiring some jannies; case in point the most recent /ar/ thread
its gone, good riddance.
>>33 i knew this sort of shit would pop up sooner or later going in, ill be recruiting a few around here shortly
godspeed ranfren and thanks for the quick intervention, it would be shame seeing the ship sink so soon as this is a great thing you have on your hands here.
>>34 >>35 What was it?
>>41 cheese pizza
>>35 just so you know, i would like to be a jannie, because i can see the dark clouds on the horizon and i really dont like it.
>>33 Adding onto this, latest post on /ar/ seemed to be someone advertising some sketchy stuff. Was up for 74 minutes by the time of this post (and still up) and if ranchan is the only one who can delete it, he may want to add a mod or two to keep stuff like that under control.
>>430 I will be recruiting a few mods this month, now that the sites getting a bit of traffic, since we do seem to get advertising spam fairly regularly and the site seems to be most active when I'm typically sleeping. More on that to come, I've deleted & banned the post in question.
>>430 Where do these people even come from?
Say I wanted to become a janny - what rate of compensation might I expect to receive? Are you able to give me an indication of what salary one might earn, before tax?
(31.58 KB 443x443 rare.jpg)
>>457 the usual, of course - approximately zero dollars and zero cents an hour, along with the exclusive right to eat hot pockets. we may double it in the future!
(364.59 KB 960x720 yang0.jpg)
>>458 You mean to tell me that you expect a grown man to spend his time cleaning up posts on an anime forum for free? Gratis? Pro bono? You'll pay him nothing? What kind of man would work a job like that for free?
(404.66 KB 640x480 maris.png)
>>460 Someone who wants to keep this forum high quality. There isn't a ton of spam generally, it's more just that I'm not always around to clean it up myself. I don't make any money off this site at the moment

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