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(299.36 KB 1280x1654 calen88_0304.jpg)
Spring Update + April Events ranchan Admin 03/24/2022 (Thu) 03:15:12 No. 203
Hello everyone! First off, I want to thank everyone who came to the second watch p/ar/ty, even if ended up being sort of a mess. Truth was I was super busy for a few weeks and planned on being free that Saturday for the stream, but had to leave after a while since I had other stuff to attend to. In the future there shouldn't be any more incidents like some of the videos having italian subs (didn't have time to check all of them). At the end of the day though it was pretty good, and I'd like to give special thanks to our good friends from heyuri for promoting the event on their site and being such good sports about it all. We'll be collaborating with them more in the future for sure. Now for the events planned for April (I have been taking it easy the past few days since i'm done flying around all over the place for the year, so hope the radio silence wasn't too bad) >Documentary watch p/ar/ty This will be on 4/2 and feature the videos from >>>/ar/877 (plus any other suggestions, always found this stuff real interesting) >Retro game night This will be on 4/16, where i'll startup a old FPS server (probably quake or ut99) and frag the night away. >Game Adaptation watch p/ar/ty This will be on 4/30 and feature the suggestions from >>>/ar/891 (plus any other suggestions) May will probably feature an event similar in concept to the 4chan cup, still working out the details on that one Now for some other events running through spring: >Mascot contest I'll put up a post about this in the next few days, but i'll be starting up a contest to design mascots, both for the site as a whole and each board. While we've used a few anime girls to represent this place, I feel it's important that this site has its own identity, and mascots are a big part of that (especially since our friends at heyuri have a nice one). This will probably run through the months of April and May, with the winners being decided by June 1st. >Fireside chats I was going to do one beforehand, but I'd like to do these pretty frequently to stay in touch with all you wapnons, so on these days I'll be on the IRC (probably at the usual watch p/ar/ty times) - 3/26 (maybe, i might move this one to a different day) - 4/9 - 4/23 I can do them during the week if that works too And some miscellaneous stuff >New WAP-FM songs I haven't added songs to WAP-FM in a while, mostly because I wanted to keep disk usage down. But since I'm probably going to migrate this to a faster server sooner than later, I'll be adding songs from the suggestions thread on the weekend probably. >wapTV I don't monitor wapTV much, but from all accounts it's working well. I might pop in once in a while. There's still a lot of episodes to go with these shows, so I hope you're all enjoying them. >Recruitment This is something I want to try and work on, spreading awareness of this site. We've had ideas here and there but maybe we can work on something more coordinated during the spring. >/ar/ collab video This is something i'd enjoy working on, it can be in the vein of /a/ sings with an /ar/ twist or something more elaborate (one idea that comes to mind was the ill fated UY bong dub a few planned on /lum/ a while back) That's what i've been cooking up, any ideas that you all have would be appreciated. >why is the image sakura I was in DC recently where the national cherry blossom festival was about to kick off, so I thought it was appropriate. If you have the time, try to find some sakura trees in your area. They're really nice and a great symbol of springtime.
(566.88 KB 1320x1605 1580948508109.jpg)
>>203 >Game Adaptation watch p/ar/ty There's also the Fire Emblem OVA, Tekken, Variable Geo and Art of Fighting(so many fighting game adaptations), Cosmic Fantasy, Alice in Cyberland, Sakura Wars, and YU-NO. We could also watch a few episodes of one of the Dragon Quest TV anime. >Retro game night Definitely do ut99. AVP Classic is also a great party FPS and is really cheap on steam. Would also be fun to do a classic fighting game night on Fightcade, considering how much fighting game anime there is. >Recruitment There's a couple weekly synchtube watch parties hosted by /m/ posters that might be interested in the site. Generally chill and definitely into retro anime. Might be worth asking around on their synchtube. https://boards.4channel.org/m/thread/20690652
(16.80 KB 320x375 Promotion.jpg)
>>204 >YU-NO my bad, I thought this was toned down compared to the VN for some reason but it's just a hentai. Must have got it confused with the recent show. It's made by pink pineapple lol
>>203 >Retro game night I agree with other anons here that you should host a UT99 server, easiest one to set up and more people know it (and I also think it's better than Quake but that's just my opinion). Either way I'm really looking forward to it! >Mascot contest Drawing and graphic design are some of my hobbies outside of retro stuff so I'm looking forward to this one too! >wapTV I think it's still having issues. I noticed this last tuesday it aired earlier than normal and skipped over some episodes (Space Cobra and Tokimeki Tonight are on episode 18 when they should be on 14). Today's stream is correct episode wise but I tried watching the 6PM PST (9PM EST) stream and it already ended.
>>204 Thanks, I'll pop sometime and see how they feel about us >>206 I tried to correct the time zone issue by moving everything an hour back, but it's clearly still got issues. Ill run some tests over the weekend and reset the episode count back to 14 once I know everything working correctly Also I guess the consensus is UT99 but I actually haven't heard of AVP Classic, maybe we can do that for another game night.
(122.70 KB 1920x1200 avpmarine.jpg)
>>207 UT99 is currently $1.99 on GoG as well. AVP Classic is sick, it's the only multiplayer game I've ever played that actually feels like a horror game. If we ever do play it, we should do an accompanying watchparty for OVA ripoffs of Alien, of which there are quite a few.
I suck at aiming but I'd love to join in for UT99
Here are a few other things that'll be added sometime in the next two weeks or so >a calendar showing upcoming site events >that IRC user counter i said i was gonna add ages ago >and ill finally update horus gallery
what about table top simulator? We could go ham with our own campains/worlds/characters/what ever
>>213 Sure, we could do that at some point. Haven't played it in a while (by the way, if we're going to be doing steam games in the future i might as well setup a steam group, so look out for that)
I love the little qoutes you added to the startpage.
(58.01 KB 1386x1062 cal.png)
Been working on some features over the past few days: >Event calendar <This is now live at https://cal.wapchan.org/ , and you can sync it to whatever calendar program you use with https://cal.wapchan.org/wapfile. This should make it easier to plan events in the future, and I'll add a countdown until the next event on the front page soon. >Quotes! Gives more personality to the place. <There is a button on the front page (or just go to https://www.wapchan.org/.static/pages/quotes.html ) for quote suggestions. >Radio history <Finally got around to fixing the button, now with a proper dropdown toggle (including links to the original youtube videos) >IRC user count so (you) can see when it's active >Some more buttons underneath the announcements (there was some CSS changes so it might not render correctly for a few days for some) >>215 Thanks. I've been trying to fix up and improve this place recently.
Edited last time by ranchant on 03/31/2022 (Thu) 03:00:19.
god damn that front page is giving me cancer and i love it
(31.83 KB 500x500 24a.png)
>>220 I can do a restream today (not too busy), when would work for you?
Edited last time by ranchant on 04/02/2022 (Sat) 15:01:40.
>>221 T-tomorrow...
>>222 I'm doing a restream today since few could make it yesterday at the same time, hopefully that works for you
(35.72 KB 440x417 konata stare.jpg)
>>227 Awesome! Just drop the time, I'm available whenever today.
>>242 I can do it at 8PM eastern if that works. Finally got oekaki working here which is nice
>>248 Works for me!
There has been issues implementing oekaki. this should be fixed soon
This is too cringe can't watch lol.
Sorry for the extreme site instability. Implementing oekaki has been much more difficult than expected, so >will revert the site to pre implementation (so like two days, just the code >will finally setup a test server to do these changes on For now on the site should not go down unless I am pushing new changes. Thanks for putting up with all this.
(11.94 KB 300x300 oekaki.png)
>>342 new oekaki test
(137.98 KB 345x345 ut99 logo 2 mpbtl.jpg)
We're doing UT99 tonight! The servers gonna start up a little later (maybe in 3 hours or so) but it'll run for the whole long weekend. We'll definitely mess around with mutators.
Edited last time by ranchant on 04/16/2022 (Sat) 16:12:59.
The server is up Look for "Wapchan game night" in the server browser
>>358 will there be a integration for non player? spectator cam or something like that because im interested but i'm not able to play
>>360 Not sure that's really a possibility with this game. I might be able to setup a RDP stream later of my client and point it to cytube if that works.
>>358 >it'll run for the whole long weekend Awesome! I'll be around tomorrow for sure if you're looking for more players
>>358 >>359 I can't seem to find it on the server browser. Does it have a prefix or something, or did it already end?
>>363 There's no prefix, the IP is if you want to try directly connecting.
>>364 direct connection worked, I just had to patch my game.
>>364 ggs zerg
>>366 Good game. I had to get dinner and take care of pets and plants but I might be on again later tonight or if not I'll be on again tomorrow.
>>367 I'll join later too if you feel up to it. Never got a chance to play deck16
some fag from louisiana spammed the boards with gore, which is why there's nothing on the front page right now
>>374 I'm new to this imageboard. Does that happen often here?
>>375 no not really
(1.14 MB 1432x1080 1638482220411.png)
>>374 then lets change that, i start with best girl
(910.06 KB 500x281 computer troubles.webp)
Looks like the server was glitching out for a while. Truth is, it's getting to the breaking point (wapchan runs on very low end hardware), so I'm gonna finally move everything over to a better server that can actually handle the load of all the services and clients it gets. I should be able to get this finished tonight or tomorrow.
(464.24 KB 500x284 comps.gif)
>>388 Server move is complete! One anon posted when the move was being done so that's lost, but everything else seems to be as it was.
>>389 Oooh, I thought it got deleted for a second, had to take a double check if I broke a rule or something.
>>390 you're good, the whole process went by surprisingly smooth next on the list - redoing the intro and about pages
(1.25 MB 1440x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>389 Sweet, RIP Anon's post.
(9.24 KB 312x36 GIGA.png)
wapbros... we made it
(194.47 KB 450x450 1642291270691.jpg)
>>404 nice
(382.95 KB 1000x1303 SalamanderOVA.webp)
Just a reminder that the game adaptation watch p/ar/ty is today at 15:00 UTC! We'll be starting with the salamander OVA, here's the link as always: https://cytu.be/r/wapparty
(312.06 KB 960x720 mpv-shot0054.jpg)
>>424 Did it get pushed back?
>>425 yeah, unfortunately i was unexpectedly busy in the morning. stream will happen tomorrow
(194.12 KB 717x1024 olympics.jpg)
Hope things have been going well for you all. I've been busy with finals for a while but now that i'm free I thought I would give a few updates on the site. >Mod applications are now open Visit https://www.wapchan.org/.static/pages/staffapply.html for more information. >The mascot contest will begin pushed back to allow the following events to occur without too much going on at once (it will happen and you're free to submit ideas in the meantime) >The Wappies Inspired by the failed /a/ tournament, this is going to be a full on tournament to among other things decide who will be the first Wap-kun and Wap-chan, the most popular /ar/ related guy and girl respectively decided by popular choice, as well as some other categories. Will probably start sometime this week and run for a month. And the main content of this post... >The Wapchan Summer Games This is something i've been thinking of for a while. This is going to be a contest of sorts among the boards of this site and potentially the other friendly sites as well. Some of these will use sports simulators with board related characters being the players on the teams (probably hockey and baseball), and some of these will be actual competitions between community members in online games. This will start in June and run all throughout the summer. That's the bulk of the summer plans for around here at least for now. More events may come down the line.
>This is going to be a contest of sorts among the boards of this site and potentially the other friendly sites as well Sounds good, but looking at wapchan's friendly sites... Be warned such thing may or may not turn to a contest among the sites (;^Д^) By an interesting coincidence, Heyuri also happened to try to have a little contest with mootxico like a year(?) ago, and we were going to link up with kind.moe at some point as well but that didn't ever happen
(137.87 KB 366x276 hikarucostume.png)
Hope june's been going well for everyone. This is a small update to let everyone know >i'm not dead for one, and also that I've been restructuring a different little community that i've run for a while to be a part of this site. Previously known as FigZone, this was a small group of 24/7 TF2 sourcemod servers (open fortress and tf2 classic) that i've run since mid 2020. Since these servers were always run in a somewhat similar way to this board (without overly strict moderation and no ads) and was always an even more niche community, I felt it made since to combine them. There's going to be no real change to the site as a result of this, though some of the players/staff from there will start to post here (we previously used a discord server which will be retired) and https://wapchan.org/.static/pages/play.html will be setup to give . I may choose to host other game servers in the future if there's enough interest. Anyways, preparations for the wapchan summer games are under way!
Good news to hear. Both communities seem niche in their own ways, hopefully they would be interested in what wapchan has to offer >https://wapchan.org/.static/pages/play.html zomg, retro contet :0 someday you should hunt and fix those small typos which are all over the place right now
I don't have much interest in Chinese girl cartoons, but I'll chill around this site for a while, it's still good at the end of the day even if it's not something I'm super into. Also anything is a straight upgrade from Discord.
>>454 whoops, i don't pay much attention when i type sometimes... >>455 thanks for giving this a shot. the old anime focus was just launching point for this site, and ill add a more diverse set of boards soon enough. for now, you might enjoy the stuff in >>>/br/
(698.24 KB 1012x1132 lainriver.gif)
>>453 Saw the server rebrand when I got on today. Good on you for retiring the discord, I'll be checking in here.
>>453 If wapchan ends up introducing me to a group of good tf2 servers it'll somehow be even more of a blessing than it already was.
>>453 Retiring any discords affiliated with in-groups seems like a good move to ensure that things are more open on a website like this. I enjoy TF2 but haven't played much since 2012. I would consider joining for a game some time.

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