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(161.34 KB 960x726 APPLE 2.jpg)
anon 01/11/2022 (Tue) 06:13:57 No. 18
I think a retro tech board (maybe /gr/?) would be a nice fit for the theme of this site.
>>18 if we're talking board suggestions, i think eventually adding an aughts anime board (something like /a2k/) would be nice.
I don't know where else to post it but, a genuine bbs, really? that's pretty based.
>>55 Did you list the bbs somewhere like on telnetbbs or bbscorner?
>>39 We need a /trad/ board desu
>>58 we could use this thread as a general for now if ranchant is ok with it
(29.00 KB 681x383 bogie.jpg)
I think a retro tv and movies board (/rm/? That might be best saved for a future "retro manga" board. /rtv/?) would be fun. Discussing tv shows and movies from the 20th century would be nice since it's usually not possible on major chans.
>>18 I think it’s be best to have a limited number of boards, all with a central theme of “retro/pre-00s” unless stated otherwise. Let the site breathe a bit before adding stuff like an /a2k/, but do add stuff like a /b/ for smaller topics like this retro tech board or a retro movies board.
>>60 Post top 5 favorite kinos, now
>>60 this
i personally would really like an "off topic" board where anons can just shoot the breeze and talk about whatever, not focused on a specific kind of content like /br/ but not the wild instantly of /b/. maybe like /comfy/ or /cozy/ or /etc/
>>385 name suggestion: /mg/ - meet 'n' greet
>>385 >>386 good idea
Adding boards should probably be done with some caution. Image boards (especially those with a particular niche like this one) have a tendency to almost "forget themselves" if boards for unrelated topics get added, as potentially contentious posters might arrive just for these boards. I get the intentions, but I think site culture and discourse quality would benefit from remaining focused around older otaku interests. Not saying we'll end up with a trashy politics board tomorrow or anything, but I'd not add new boards without some contemplation first.
>>393 Boards have been added pretty slowly around here. Pretty sure >>61 was the inspiration for /br/, but it seems no one's really been using that much. Honestly we just need to spread the word and get more users around here, because the foundations are solid and there's been more activity around here recently which is nice.
i'm kinda liking this imageboard and these boards. i think that some retro tv/tech/movies(series and ...)/etc... would be good after all this imageboard based on retro stuff..so those are some important boards ig
>>395 You just reminded me that I wanted to make a horror movie thread on /br/ for at least a week now but never got around to it.
>>396 >make a horror movie thread yeah that also would be great but i think that would be better if you kinda make horror movies THREAD in movies board. i don't know if there is movie board here or nah . i'm new here so redpill me on this topic anon
>>397 As mentioned we have /br/ assorted retro, there are already two movie and music threads up so I think that's a good place for that.
>>398 >movie and music threads yeah that's good glad i reminded you

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