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(19.77 KB 600x1080 FUKZ-BVXsAEbizT.png)
anon 06/07/2022 (Tue) 19:42:23 No. 478 [Reply]
Create /touhou/ perhaps /2hu/ or even /th/, right now

(299.36 KB 1280x1654 calen88_0304.jpg)
Spring Update + April Events ranchan Admin 03/24/2022 (Thu) 03:15:12 No. 203 [Reply] [Last]
Hello everyone! First off, I want to thank everyone who came to the second watch p/ar/ty, even if ended up being sort of a mess. Truth was I was super busy for a few weeks and planned on being free that Saturday for the stream, but had to leave after a while since I had other stuff to attend to. In the future there shouldn't be any more incidents like some of the videos having italian subs (didn't have time to check all of them). At the end of the day though it was pretty good, and I'd like to give special thanks to our good friends from heyuri for promoting the event on their site and being such good sports about it all. We'll be collaborating with them more in the future for sure. Now for the events planned for April (I have been taking it easy the past few days since i'm done flying around all over the place for the year, so hope the radio silence wasn't too bad) >Documentary watch p/ar/ty This will be on 4/2 and feature the videos from >>>/ar/877 (plus any other suggestions, always found this stuff real interesting) >Retro game night This will be on 4/16, where i'll startup a old FPS server (probably quake or ut99) and frag the night away. >Game Adaptation watch p/ar/ty This will be on 4/30 and feature the suggestions from >>>/ar/891 (plus any other suggestions) May will probably feature an event similar in concept to the 4chan cup, still working out the details on that one Now for some other events running through spring: >Mascot contest I'll put up a post about this in the next few days, but i'll be starting up a contest to design mascots, both for the site as a whole and each board. While we've used a few anime girls to represent this place, I feel it's important that this site has its own identity, and mascots are a big part of that (especially since our friends at heyuri have a nice one). This will probably run through the months of April and May, with the winners being decided by June 1st. >Fireside chats I was going to do one beforehand, but I'd like to do these pretty frequently to stay in touch with all you wapnons, so on these days I'll be on the IRC (probably at the usual watch p/ar/ty times)

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I don't have much interest in Chinese girl cartoons, but I'll chill around this site for a while, it's still good at the end of the day even if it's not something I'm super into. Also anything is a straight upgrade from Discord.
>>454 whoops, i don't pay much attention when i type sometimes... >>455 thanks for giving this a shot. the old anime focus was just launching point for this site, and ill add a more diverse set of boards soon enough. for now, you might enjoy the stuff in >>>/br/
(698.24 KB 1012x1132 lainriver.gif)
>>453 Saw the server rebrand when I got on today. Good on you for retiring the discord, I'll be checking in here.
>>453 If wapchan ends up introducing me to a group of good tf2 servers it'll somehow be even more of a blessing than it already was.
>>453 Retiring any discords affiliated with in-groups seems like a good move to ensure that things are more open on a website like this. I enjoy TF2 but haven't played much since 2012. I would consider joining for a game some time.

(1.11 MB 540x405 sango(4).gif)
Expansion of Lum 24/7 anon 04/17/2022 (Sun) 20:24:41 No. 379 [Reply]
dont get me wrong i love the 24/7 but how about a little expansion, how about adding IY either on top the UY stuff or as a seperate channel
>>379 I can make it more of a rumic shuffle kind of stream, though idk what people would want on that specifically
>>379 Update: I got a relay working between the lum 24/7 stream and IRC!
More rumiko is always nice, why not add her whole catalog?
What about Maison Ikkoku?
>>384 dont burn out chadmin

anon 06/06/2022 (Mon) 21:23:12 No. 466 [Reply]
I think the /votemenu commands on your TF2C server are broken at the moment. My friend also cannot use them.

jannies anon 01/15/2022 (Sat) 13:56:30 No. 33 [Reply]
even when this site is still quite slow and small, you should think about hiring some jannies; case in point the most recent /ar/ thread
8 posts omitted.
>>430 Where do these people even come from?
Say I wanted to become a janny - what rate of compensation might I expect to receive? Are you able to give me an indication of what salary one might earn, before tax?
(31.58 KB 443x443 rare.jpg)
>>457 the usual, of course - approximately zero dollars and zero cents an hour, along with the exclusive right to eat hot pockets. we may double it in the future!
(364.59 KB 960x720 yang0.jpg)
>>458 You mean to tell me that you expect a grown man to spend his time cleaning up posts on an anime forum for free? Gratis? Pro bono? You'll pay him nothing? What kind of man would work a job like that for free?
(404.66 KB 640x480 maris.png)
>>460 Someone who wants to keep this forum high quality. There isn't a ton of spam generally, it's more just that I'm not always around to clean it up myself. I don't make any money off this site at the moment

(15.67 KB 200x267 trixie_turnpike.gif)
anon 06/06/2022 (Mon) 14:41:28 No. 459 [Reply]
let's make wapchan mascots and art! i think we could use a version of trixie turnpike around here, anyone got serious paint skills?

Hosting an /a/ tournament anon 05/13/2022 (Fri) 22:25:34 No. 438 [Reply]
Hello, would this site possibly be willing to host an /a/ tournament? We're discussing it here https://boards.4chan.org/a/thread/237700739 but have concerns the jannies will ruin it.
>>438 id be willing to host, sounds fun.
>>439 Please run the tournament, OP of the thread was outed as a frogposting faggot
>OP of the thread was outed as a frogposting faggot lawl

(6.77 KB 1080x75 telnet.PNG)
BBS anon 05/04/2022 (Wed) 15:53:07 No. 433 [Reply]
How in the loving hell do I access the BBS? I've found a browser applet for it but I don't know what port to use. 23 doesn't work. what do?
Just write `telnet bbs.wapchan.org` in your terminal emulator.
>>434 The hell's a "full real name" anonfren?
>>433 The telnet link doesn't work sometimes and the browser version is actually broken since I never got the certificate to work over https, so manually executing the telnet command seems to work best >>435 Those are just the default new user values in Syncronet. I always figured people would put in dummy data, but I went in and disabled all of them besides the initial username/alias http://wiki.synchro.net/faq:misc#new_user_questions
Edited last time by ranchant on 05/04/2022 (Wed) 22:53:06.
>>436 ty fren, wapchan seems max comfy as I'm a big fan of retro mecha (and mecha in general) Too bad for the user, I'd actually like to make a permanent account on the BBS. Learn to post like it was the 90s all over again,

anon 04/30/2022 (Sat) 20:57:32 No. 427 [Reply]
Hey mod. When will Saucenao be integrated?
>>427 Now! (this was pretty easy to implement)
>>428 Appreciated dawg!

(384.11 KB 1024x576 zzz.gif)
anon 04/28/2022 (Thu) 20:58:06 No. 417 [Reply]
I wish things were a little less slow around here...
Talk about the site in other places to draw more people in
>>417 It'll be like that for a while I guess, even if this altchan does get a lot more users I do wonder if there will be a limit to what we can discuss if we keep it to a certain time period. Not saying we should change the dates by any means, but I do wonder if we'll basically see the exact same kind of conversations in around 2-3 years over the same shows? Enjoy wapchan while it's slow and positive anyhow, I doubt I've seen that many arguments or negativity in general beyond a few posts. Never know when it'll start to look more like a Pre-2000's thread on /a/.
>>420 I think it would be good for the board to branch out into other topics over time. This place has already proven itself to be a much comfier alternative to a lot of other boards out there, so discussing stuff that isn't specifically retro or anime related would be fine for me. I'm just happy to be able to come to a cozy chunk of the web and have a good time.
>>420 You could encourage people to watch more shows. I figure people willing to branch out to altchans would be willing to try other shows they otherwise wouldn't have come across.

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