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102.78 KB 960x1224 Gaddis2.jpg
GADDIS APPRECIATION anon 05/29/2023 (Mon) 03:52:17 No. 122
There's this point in his novel J.R. where Bast brings J.R. to an opera and after asks J.R. what he felt, and J.R. is entirely unresponsive to the emotional impact Bast thought it was supposed to have. Bast blasts J.R. and scrutinizes him for ruining everything. "—I asked you what you heard! that's all, I … —What like it lifted me out of mysel… —Not what I said no you! what you heard! —What was I suppose to hear! —You weren't! you weren't supposed to hear anything that's what I'm … —Then how come you made me lis… —To make you hear! to make you, to make you feel to try to … —Okay okay! I mean what I heard first there's all this high music right? So then this here lady starts singing up yours up yours so then this man starts singing up mine, then there's some words so she starts singing up mine up mine so he starts singing up yours so then they go back and forth like that up mine up yours up mine up yours that's what I heard! I mean you want me to hear it again? —No! —See I knew you'd… —Never want you to hear it again I never want to hear it again myself! you, everything you ruin everything you touch!" They go on like this for a minute until J.R. says, "—Boy after all I did for you… —All you did there's nothing you haven't done for me nothing wherever I go I, that junk pocket radio there was one station with decent music the only station left on the radio anywhere it came on one night noises screaming pounding noise brought to you in this new popular format by the J R Family of Companies bringing America its full share of of holy shit! —No but … —No but nothing! that was you too wasn't it? even that it was your idea wasn't it? —Okay what's so … —Okay nothing it's the whole thing! the whole rotten thing it's a perfect example even you can understand it! the one station that played music great music left in the whole loud cheap pounding stupidity of radio you find it and make it cheap and stupid like all the rest if you could, if there was one flower out here in this mud and weeds and broken toilet seats you'd find it and step on it." I love how Gaddis entirely satirizes the need for corporate plasticity in art here, it's amazing and a testament to how good of a writer he is.
Real. Shout outJR the boy hustler.
>>122 best thread on wap.
>>122 What do you think of the current state of art, anon? Is art too corporate?
Art has always been corporate, it's entire function is that of the bourgeois need of an avant garde to walk into and, "appreciate." Ooooh! Look at these lines! Drawn, scaffolded, plastered everywhere! It's all for the giftshop walk at the end of the gallery, the fashion of it. It's their private, intelligent Disney world and we all fall for it.
>>348 ah yes because corporations hired the cavemen to go ooga booga in their caves
Clearly you chew on rocks. Man's propensity towards art doesn't invalidate what I said you blood clot.
unga bunga me eat rock but at least me no berry picker
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>>351 >berry picker post ooga ooga sir me eat funny polka dot flowers actually