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i luv lum

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(242.89 KB 434x441 spunk.png)
(691.13 KB 508x898 38 - hxny5dB.png)
lumfren 01/22/2023 (Sun) 23:41:45 No. 336
I love my wife Ran-chan!
>>336 based
>>336 Literal semen demon.
>>336 Ran is very ugly.
>>339 WRONG
(2.39 MB 848x1102 acid.png)
>>336 But can she pass the Acid Test?
(1.12 MB 2091x3019 ZjGojb5.jpg)
(1.17 MB 2096x3023 YjXKrZe.jpg)
(606.26 KB 604x637 1626887634342.png)
>>336 this is now a "I disliked Ran" thread Ran is lammmmeee. (pic related)
(3.15 MB 1074x1032 1649941421022.png)
I ship Ran x Lum.
>>375 Ran is fine, she just has BPD >>376 Why?
(1.38 MB 2374x3503 97020138_p0.jpg)
>>377 >Why? To free Ataru up for Shinobu.
Why even ship characters in the first place if their marriage doesn't ensure a stable interplanetary alliance between sentient species?
>>378 Ataru is for Lum, sorry. >>379 Correct, imagine all the cool technology earth scientists get cause of the Ataru/Lum marriage
(83.70 KB 391x496 starmaker.jpg)
>>379 >>380 Lum seems to me like the type of person that would ruin humanity with intergalactic decadence. Ataru and Lum's marriage wouldn't bring anything of value to Earth. Even within the anime, Lum and Ataru create chaos within both worlds. It would not work out at all. It's better if those two get blasted into space.
>>381 But Lum is an oni princess, imagine all the cute oni girls following her example and coming to earth to marry earthlings
>>382 Sorry bro, but I just don't think that'll ever happen.
(715.21 KB 960x720 p8i1fjy.png)
>>381 Agreed. Lum only brings disaster to everyone around her; Ataru was already in a stable relationship before she selfishly ruined everything. Jettison her into space, let Ataru marry his true love and watch as events on Earth stabilize again.
>>384 Woah! Keep your desk on the floor you Shinobu goon, that shit will never materialize within the two. These two do NOT make a stabile relationship. Shinobu would 100% kill and put Ataru's body in a barrel and set him afloat in the Sea of Japan if she had the chance.
>>383 Let me dream
>>386 How about I let you weep. jk, fantasize whatever you want bro.
>>387 I choose to dream of Lum
(103.62 KB 1242x865 1659646944689914.jpg)
>>385 As if Lum wouldn't shock Ataru to death by the time he reaches 30. No matter their differences Shinobu and Ataru would be able to smooth everything out and understand each other as two humans. Something a psycho space alien would never get.
If Lum is a princess then her father is the king right? So if Ataru and Lum marry each other wouldn't that make Ataru king consort of the planet Oniboshi? I suppose that the Earth would just be given as a gift to the Oniboshi royalty in exchange of the marriage. In conclusion, if Lum and Ataru marry each other the Earth is screwed.

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